The FIX is in for the Biggest Sucker’s Rally of all Time

September Begins With A

DOW JONES Industrial Average gets off to a very rough start for September… as expected. is the Go-To site for up-to-the-minute market developments

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State of the Nation

September’s Super Shemitah
Will Not Be Denied

When the DJIA establishes a pattern of 200, 300, 400 and 500 one day point losses over a month’s time, something is very wrong.  The volatility bespeaks of a dwindling lack of confidence in the longest running confidence game of the modern era.  That the stock markets have lasted this long is truly a feat of fiscal smoke and mirrors, financial sleight of hand, monetary legerdemain and economic hocus-pocus.

Nevertheless, this (see chart below) is not a good way to start the month of September. However, it is totally expected from what the world now knows about the rapidly unfolding Super Shemitah.  This type of extreme market volatility will only increase as the month progresses retrogresses.  Watch closely and observe the fluctuations by the day — there is a purposeful pattern to the timing.

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If the reader learns nothing else form this article, may it be that the markets — ALL OF THEM — are setting up “the Greatest Sucker’s Rally of all Time”.  Stocks and bonds, currencies and commodities, real estate and insurance/annuities, derivatives and carbon trades are each being set up in their own ways.  The 2007 real estate market collapse and 2008 stock market collapse are good examples of what to expect with variations, of course, so as not to alert too many suckers in 2015.

The entire realm of economic and financial talking heads has been practicing for generations for this very moment.  They are well practiced in the arts of deception and deceit, as well as the sciences of duplicity and double-dealing.  Hence, whenever these money talkers are on the tube, and their lips are moving, they are lying … dissembling … bamboozling, etc.

Economists, by and large, are educated and trained to misrepresent the economic reality.  Financial analysts are schooled to do the same with the financial realities.  Stock brokers and investment counselors, hedge fund managers and private equity specialists all have way too much skin in the game to be objective.  They are all pitchmen — 24/7 — and often betray their clients when the chips are down.

STOCK MARKET: Biggest Gambling Casino of all Time

Speaking of chips, that is exactly what the markets have become — a global betting parlor. Glorified gambling is all that is ever done on Wall Street nowadays.  The only difference between between the “Street” and Las Vegas or Atlantic City is the distance to travel to the casinos. We’re talking about a global enterprise that has evolved into the biggest gambling casino of all time.

It ought to be highly instructive that while Atlantic City has since been destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, Las Vegas has been relentlessly ravaged by the real estate market collapse since 2007.  The ensuing 7 year recession has taken a great toll on the fortunes of the gambling industry.  Perhaps the gamblers — and the Street — will take notice that, while the house always wins, what can be won when there’s no house left?

That’s exactly where the markets are at.  Which is exactly why what remains of the house is very busy fabricating “the Greatest Sucker’s Rally of all Time.

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The Super Shemitah Reigns Supreme during September and October

There’s only one way to deal with the upcoming sucker’s rally — watch it … from afar, don’t play it. It is the ultimate no-win situation. Therefore, anyone who gets involved from this point forward deserves whatever they get … or don’t get.

For those who are uninitiated in the Shemitah phenomenon, the effects of this particular 7 year cycle will overwhelmingly dictate what occurs throughout the planetary civilization henceforth.  Yes, the Shemitah, and especially the Super Shemitah, is that influential in the affairs of men.  Particularly those mundane affairs concerning the financial and economic, fiscal and monetary are ruled by the multifarious powers associated with the Shemitah.

Because the Shemitah year ends on September 13th and the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee begins on September 23rd, the potential for HUGE happenings has never been so great. In reality, the Shemitah only occurs to correct for the massive amount of excessive gambling and abusive forms of betting which have infected every sphere of life.  Nothing, literally, is now untouched by the casinos and the bookies.  The gambling addiction has tainted everything from college football in the USA to wheat harvests in Argentina, from the price of Russian caviar to the number of shipping containers offloaded daily on the West Coast.

When there is no facet of society that can claim freedom from the pervasive and profound corruption of Wall Street, it is clearly time for a major change.  That is the explicit purpose of the Super Shemitah. The following articles and essays explain the many aspects of the Shemitah in great detail. Since this phenomenon will exert so much influence on the immediate future of the USA, as well as the rest of the Anglo-American Axis, understanding the nature and the timing of the Shemitah is an existential imperative.

The “Recommended Reading” below is provided for that purpose. Cherrypicking the posts until a basic understanding of the Super Shemitah is reached is highly advised for those who have over $1,000,000 under broker management.

State of the Nation
September 1, 2015


The BIGGEST Sucker’s Rally of the Millennium

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