Global Economic And Financial System On The Verge Of Total Collapse

Reign Of The Almighty Dollar Is Over

State of the Nation

Relatively few are aware of the tectonic shifts which are now occurring daily throughout the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS). For instance a fortnight ago the two co-presidents of Deutsche Bank, the largest in the world, were forced to resign their positions at the Frankfurt, Germany mega-bank.  A substantial and injurious exposure to toxic derivatives has been speculated as the reason for their surprising dismissal.

The Vatican has taken exceptional measures with regard to its bank because of decades of corruption and abuse at the Institute for the Works of Religion (aka Vatican Bank).  Just a few week ago the “Vatican bank agreed to open its books to US tax authorities“.  Pope Francis has even declared an “Extraordinary Jubilee Year for the Church” to begin on December 8th of 2015.  Calling it a “Holy Year of Mercy”, which many understand to be an urging toward debt forgiveness, the Pope’s initiative is unprecedented in the modern era.

The list of economic earthquakes and financial volcanoes which have occurred since the Crash of 2008 is now endless.  And, the pace and profundity of events is quickening.  It’s becoming clear to those in the know that the entire GE&FS is under enormous pressure.  The banking and investment brokerage industries are especially operating under tremendous duress.  The many and diverse stresses only intensify by the week.

So, what’s really happening here? In just a sentence an astute observer might say that:

“The snake of predatory capitalism is literally eating itself.”

Screen-Shot-2013-04-11-at-5.47.52-PMMore accurately, this snake has already eaten its tail and much of its body; it is now making its way for its own head.  This is precisely why the markets have been so frenzied and volatile.  It’s also why the USA and UK coordinated a coup d’état in Kiev and started a civil war in the eastern Ukraine.  Ditto that for Syria, Libya, and Iraq.

However, when the snake begins to eat its own head, it sets things up for a literal War of the Titans.  There is no place on Planet Earth that will be spared being used as some kind of battlefield.  Even Iceland was bankrupted after the ’08 crash just as Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal were financially decimated.  They practically shuddered the banks in Cyprus before engineering an illegal haircut (aka outright theft) for the account holders.

When nations large and small are aggressively repatriating their gold from London, Paris and New York City, you know something very BIG is about to happen.  Particularly after the Chinese issued an SOS about receiving gold bars which were actually counterfeit tungsten did the USA decide to pivot toward the East.  The South China Seas are now the site of ever-intensifying confrontations between the Washington and Beijing.

The War Between East And West Is Centered On Russia

It is within the Russian sphere of influence that this Great Game is being played out with  great consequence.  Not only has the Ukraine been bankrupted and their gold stolen by the West, their industrial base of the southeastern Donbass region has been turned into a war zone.  Poland and the Baltic nations have likewise been dragged into this multi-century conflict on the side of the Anglo-American Axis (AAA).

What exactly is the reason for so much manufactured strife and conflict? Why is there so much provocative warmongering and resource theft on Russia’s borders.  Why has the whole Middle East been transformed into a Hollywood set for ARMAGEDDON?

First, all of this bellicose behavior is being acted out by the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and their NATO allies.  This is because the core nations of the Anglo-American Axis stand to suffer the most during the upcoming economic and financial collapse.  Of course, the heart of the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) would be the U.S and U.K.  Both nations are in big trouble, as in very BIG trouble.

The USA and UK have been remarkably successful at hiding their profoundly serious economic problems and financial improprieties from their respective citizenries.  They both quite cynically use the ‘fearsome’ Russian bear as a distraction from their manufactured domestic troubles and diversion from their exploitative foreign invasions.  Their strategy includes not only stealing all the wealth they can from the ex-Soviet republics and satellite nations within the former communist bloc, they also want unfettered access to Russia’s natural resources as well.

As one would expect, such an ongoing enterprise (this Great Game first began in 1813) is not without serious consequences and cannot end well for anybody.  Which is why President Vladimir Putin of Russia has coalesced the BRICS nations around a real new world order; one that is quite different than the current AAA-sponsored NWO that steals everything in sight.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.57.17 AM

World Looks To The BRICS Alliance
For Global Leadership

Vladimir Putin Draws The Red Line:
Anglo-American Imperialism Will No Longer Be Tolerated

President Putin demonstrates once again how Russia is determined to be on the right side of history.  He has repeatedly spelled out Russia’s positions regarding a number of critical geopolitical, economic and military issues which the Western media has all but ignored, when they’re not deriding them.  In all of his pronouncements, Putin makes one thing perfectly clear:  Russia will not be toyed with.  The Anglo-American Axis* will no longer run roughshod over the Russian steppes or the people of the Motherland.

*The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries.  So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.  The World Shadow Government is a secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.
(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’)

Meanwhile the Anglo-American Axis has shown itself to be not only an incorrigible warmonger, its many misguided geopolitical moves demonstrate that it can no longer be trusted in any way.  It appears that Putin’s Russia, Jinping’s China and Modi’s India really get that, as do all the nations associated with the BRICS alliance.  More importantly, the BRICS economic union is now acting in concert to remove itself from the AAA financial plantation that has utilized the petrodollar as the de facto global reserve currency.

Because of this single development, the world as we knew it has changed — profoundly and fundamentally changed.  Quite unfortunately, the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) has failed to disseminate many of the historic developments which have slowly but surely ended the reign of the Almighty Dollar.  For this and other reasons, the American people have been deprived of crucial information.  This quickly evolving worldwide scenario is not too unlike the Titanic’s first and final voyage.  In fact, the Federal Reserve (the FED) has been doing nothing more than “rearranging the deck chairs” on the USS Titanic for many years now.

Federal Reserve Building

Federal Reserve Building

The FED Is Dead

The FED has been frantically printing US Federal Reserve Notes since the markets crashed  on 2008.  This aptly named initiative became known as Quantitative Easing.  Whenever a highly mysterious financial rehabilitation process is desperately needed to maintain nothing less than national solvency, it is mystified with a mystical name like Quantitative Easing.  However, when such a dangerous, last-ditch measure is utilized over several years — all to no avail — there can only be one outcome.

While the continuing recovery of the US economy is trumpeted from every MSM platform, there is an entirely different reality which must be acknowledged.  Although the international status of the U.S. dollar appears to be the same as always, it is not.  The profusion of Federal Reserve Notes propping up many national economies around the world can no longer be sustained.  Particularly in light of losing its prominent position as the world’s reserve currency, the once Almighty Dollar has been mortally wounded.

In view of this emerging reality, the FED is now effectively dead.  Yes, the FED is dead!  Therefore, it is high time for the American people to treat it to an appropriate burial.  The failure to do so will seal the fate of the nation and the vast number of enterprises found within her borders.

Just in case you didn’t get it, this specific nationwide endeavor is as necessary as it is non-negotiable.  More to the point, abolishing the Federal Reserve System is the very crux of any possible recovery of the U.S. economy.  The only recovery is one that creates real jobs, not the fake ones routinely reported by Obama’s MSM.

Unless the current incarnation of the Federal Reserve is replaced by a fully functioning Treasury Department, the USA will go the way of every fallen empire.  Nothing represents the excesses of decaying empires like worthless fiat currency.  Particularly when a given currency has no backing, is it fully dependent upon those who have faith in it.

For instance, when the rest of the world no longer conducts its business with US dollars, the true value of the once Almighty Dollar will reflect that corresponding collapse in confidence.  The printing presses at the FED will then be shut down.

What are the other major developments pushing the whole system into collapse?

The following list of examples of systemic breakdown portrays the true state of the Global Economic And Financial System (GE&FS).  For the uninitiated it’s important to understand that each one of these indicators is enough to wreak havoc.  Therefore, when they are all considered in the aggregate, there can be only one conclusion:


  • US Treasury Bond market volume is down markedly to dangerous levels
  • US FED is the principal buyer, lapping up all paper sold
  • US FED soaks up Indirect Exchange in the $billions for foreign asset purchases
  • US FED uses fake money to cover hidden derivative losses in the $trillions
  • US FED balance sheet has turned toxic, with cancerous growth everywhere
  • REPO market dried up, stuck in reverse
  • Dollar Swap market dried up, stuck in reverse
  • Negative interest rates at big banks, stuck in reverse
  • Yields are hyper-sensitive with no stability, due to diminished liquidity
  • Money market funds are a wasteland with no returns given
  • Hidden Petrodollar damage from dismantled derivatives
  • Strain to the primary bond dealers (surprised, but not all dead yet)
  • Strain to pension funds and insurance companies, stuck in mud
  • The US FED is exploiting secondary nations to export QE, a global lashing.
    (Source: U.S. FED Exported QE Travesty: Meet The BLICS Nations)

The very last item above ought to be quite disconcerting for anyone who knows the real story about QE (Quantitative Easing).  When nations like Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands and Switzerland (BLICS) and are used to relieve the monetary strain currently overwhelming the entire GE&FS, the end cannot be far.


Confluence Of Negative Circumstances Grows By The Day 

The preceding discussion, quite incredibly, represents only the tip of the iceberg.  Here are some other major trigger points which are serving to collapse the GE&FS at any moment now.

I. Greece is now utterly bankrupt and an acknowledged failed nation-state.  Grexit, as it is known, appears to be the only hope for its survival.  If and when Greece does leave the European Union, the default and ensuing monetary collapse and financial breakdown will likely spread across the Eurozone.  The risk of contagion to other nations that are closely tied to Greece and/or the EU also runs quite high.

II. The European Union has never been so fragile and desperate on so many fronts.  Loan default exposure to a Grexit will severely impact French banking among other countries.  Germany, the one remaining economic engine that is still running in spite of the ill-advised sanctions against Russia, will find itself stuck on idle until Greek finances are disentangled from the EU.

III. The worst case scenario — a disorderly default by Greece — could not only bring down the EU, it could trigger a series of market crashes that would reverberate worldwide. The equity, bond, derivative, commodity, currency, real estate, and insurance markets would each take their respective hits.  The bigger the market bubble burst, the more damage globally.  In some cases national economies will sustain irreparable damage, as will the global economy.

IV. Should the above scenario unfold, confidence in the U.S. economy would further erode because of the current national debt level, which is upwards of $18,285,000,000,000.  The fictitious jobless recovery would also be halted by a repeat of the 2008 market crash and 2007 real estate collapse, both of which are likely to be much worse this time around.  However, the worst outcome of a U.S. default would be the subsequent sovereign debt default by many other vulnerable nations.[1]

V. The U.S. petrodollar, which has been the world’s reserve currency for decades, is especially vulnerable throughout this period of extraordinary market volatility and international armed conflicts.  Many nations are looking to remove this special status because of relentless meddling and systematic abuse inflicted by America on defenseless nations.  Russia, China and the other BRICS, as well as the BRICS-allied countries on every continent, are determined to terminate Anglo-American hegemony and war-mongering, once and for all.  They also know that a GE&FS collapse may be the only way to disarm the 800 pound American gorilla that “sits wherever it wants to“[2].

VI. Japan has the third largest economy in the world and is still lacking a durable resolution to Fukushima, the worst nuclear catastrophe of this millennium. Tokyo is a mere 144 miles from the Fukushima meltdown sites.  Many trade relationships with Japan have been quietly broken for fear of spreading radioactive contamination.  Their state finances have also been regularly raided by the West, even as they continue to attempt a ‘rebound’ from a relentless economic downturn that began in the 1990s.

VII. Crude Oil Price: When the price of oil drops from $115 per barrel (June 2014) to $42.85 (March 2015) in less than 9 months time, there is something very wrong with the oil commodity market.  Not only was the U.S. shale oil market collapsed overnight, Russia, Venezuela and other major oil producers suffered economic calamity.  The worldwide institutional arrangements concerning oil drilling and extraction, refining and transport are still experiencing unparalleled disruption.

VIII. Gold Price: It’s true, the price of gold has been gyrating like a jitterbug for quite some time and this pattern will only intensify.  That’s because GOLD is the only and ultimate financial barometer, despite the fact that the price has been artificially manipulated downward over many years.  The real problem, however, is with the supply of gold.  Very little gold stock that is held in trust is actually where it is supposed to be.  There is also an unknown amount of counterfeit gold floating around which only complicates the matter. When the various gold heists and fake good-mining stocks start to make it to the MSM front pages, you can be sure that many will wish that they followed the yellow BRICS road.  Russia, China and India, in particular, have been stockpiling real physical gold bars with great purpose.

IX. The New York Stock Exchange, along with all the major stock exchanges are now totally disconnected from reality.  The more bad economic news, the higher the stock market goes; the worse that the financials are looking, the more the DJIA goes through the roof.  When the most accurate technical data is properly analyzed, it points to one thing — that a HUGE market correction is coming this way … soon!  Because of the multi-year, out-of-control margin buying, the losses will be worse than 2008.  In view of the fact that several market bubbles now interpenetrate and overlap each other, the upcoming “crash and burn” will look like the Hindenburg on its final voyage.


X. The Derivative Market has been effectively unregulated and out-of-control since its inception.  The notional valuation of all outstanding derivatives has been estimated to be in the quadrillions of dollars.  These exotic byproducts of years of ‘creative’ financial engineering infect every other market, some to a great degree.  Therefore, when the derivative explosion does take place, it will take down the whole City of London-conceived and Wall Street-built house of cards not too unlike the Hindenburg shown above.

There is now “Mathematical Certainty” that the
Global Economic & Financial System will collapse

Just in case the uninitiated do not understand what “mathematical certainty” means, it goes like this.

The GE&FS has been built around numerous equations and formulae which are based on inherently flawed logic and false assumptions.  The existing system(s) was then constructed on this foundation of fanciful premises and fictitious expectations.  Likewise, the institutional arrangements conformed themselves to artificially support the very unstable GE&FS superstructure.

Similarly, the current financial process and procedure, as well as the various economic theories and models that maintain the GE&FS infrastructure, were simultaneously put into place as a means of compensating for all the anticipated ‘errors’ as well as fixing all the fraud.  Until recently, only a few knew that the whole charade was pulled off by a Wizard of Oz type character who was really good with smoke and mirrors.

Because the current GE&FS edifice was built with such risky financial engineering and shaky economic architecture, a massive degree of transparent manipulation was permitted to keep it from collapsing. However, the time has now come where there is mathematical certainty that the system will suffer a truly catastrophic and irreversible breakdown.

Surely, there comes a time when it takes so much time and energy, money and resources, personnel and management, tactics and strategy to maintain such a profoundly and fatally flawed system, that it is better to let it go and start over.  That time has arrived.  It is now simply a matter of EXECUTION.

As a matter of fact, the GE&FS will likely be taken down in a manner not to unlike the way that the same ruling cabal took down the Twin Towers on 9/11.  We’re talking about a highly controlled and perfectly timed demolition.  They used a similar blueprint in coordinating and carrying out the real estate market collapse of 2007 and stock market crash of 2008.  The following exposé well documents many aspects of the execution plan that was meticulously implemented during September and October of 2008.

The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008

new Jubilee chart8


The raw financial physics and true economic mathematics, which represent the current reality of the global marketplace, reflect a GE&FS undergoing an unprecedented systemwide disintegration.  Much of the slow motion breakdown has been occurring under the radar for many years; however, we are very near a tipping point.  Once that critical threshold is exceeded, one can only expect a free-fall collapse to proceed forthwith.

“Debt Default and Dollar Meltdown,
Derivative Explosion and Deflation Implosion
are Timed According to a Controlling Calendar”[3]

For those who want to know the timing of these eventualities, as indicated by the previous headline, the following essays are provided.  Further understanding of the relevant historical precedents (see previous graphic) and rapidly evolving 2015 context can also be found in the endnotes and references listed below.

2015: The Great Tribulation Of The 3rd Millennium Foreshadowed By The Shemitah Jubilee

The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Modern Era

SEPTEMBER, 2015: The ‘BIGGEST’ Month Of The Millennium

There is no question that the entire global marketplace is very close to seeing the memorable “motion picture chase scene through the Middle Eastern bazaar” in living color… and in real time.  Only instead of a Mideast principality, the shooting location will be NYC’s Wall Street and the City of London’s financial district, Brussels and Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Truly, The Greatest Show on Earth is about ready to start … and coming to a theatre very near you (read: your own city or county).  Therefore, it would be very wise to respond to this information in a way that ensures both the safety of your money and protection of your assets.

Unlike all previous market crashes and monetary meltdowns, global depressions and national recessions, the coming global collapse will quickly thrust the planetary civilization into unknown territory.  The exciting new terrain that humanity is about to venture over will be at once highly challenging and deeply transformative.  Hence, anyone possessing  the right knowledge and accurate information is able to make much more informed decisions for themselves and wiser choices for their families.

State of the Nation
July 1, 2015

Editor’s Note

Can the effects of the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee be mitigated or altered in any way?

Just by reading this exposé and similar essays, the field of possibilities has been favorably expanded and positively altered. By shining the light of awareness on any potential series of events, they can be transformed in a manner that produces the best outcome for all concerned.

Author’s Note

For those who are new to the whole business of fake ‘high’ finance and pseudo-economics, the following links will quickly bring you up to speed.


[1] The Great Global Debt Default Of 2015

[2] The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order




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