SUPER SHEMITAH Begins In Earnest With August Stock Market Crash

DJIA Plummets 885 Points In Two Days, Biggest Decline Since Crash Of 2008

Mainstream Media AWOL
As Stock Market Crashes 

Stocks declined 354 points on Thursday and 531 on Friday for a total of 885 — a 5.1% DJIA decrease in just 2 days
Then the DJIA dropped another 588 points on the folllowing Monday (8/24) and 231 points on Tuesday (8/25) bringing the 4 day losses to 1678 points — a nearly 10% nose-dive

State of the Nation

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Super Shemitah Has Begun And There’s No Stopping It


Protect your money and assets now!

We’ll say it again: if you haven’t already moved your money, especially cash money for liquidity purposes into the safest institutions you can find, then do it asap. Local credits unions may be safe and secure depending on their management.

As for stocks and bonds, mutual funds and municipal bond funds, you had better know exactly what you’re doing from this point forward. Regarding options and puts, commodity and currency trading, derivative and carbon trading, only a very broad and deep trading knowledge base, as well as super-sharp skill set and wealth of trading experience will enable anyone to navigate around the shoals of the Super Shemitah.

Bottom Line

If you want to preserve your principal and lose nothing, this is the time to rearrange your finances so as to protect ALL of your assets.  The entire estate ought to be put in such a condition that it is safeguarded from anything and everything that comes down the pike.  That includes a stock market or bond crash, a commodity or real estate collapse.  Then there is a derivative explosion and debt implosion, each of which can occur during the upcoming Super Shemitah year that officially begins on September 23rd.

Exactly what is the Super Shemitah.  So far it is everything the world has been experiencing over the past year, in preparation for the main events that will occur during the Jubilee after Yom Kippur.  The Super Shemitah actually began with the beginning of the Shemitah year on September 25th of 2014.  And it will intensify — GREATLY — during the upcoming Biblical Shemitah Jubilee this September and October.  Because this is the 70th Jubilee, this one and only 70th is known as the Super Shemitah.  Yes, this one is going to be very BIG indeed; hence, it is called the incomparable Super Shemitah!




Stock market are crashing EVERYWHERE, not just the USA.
And the MSM is quite deliberately out to lunch so as not to take the calls.

When the markets — all of them around the globe — are crashing simultaneously, that can  mean only one thing.  That there is s dire need for a systemwide correction, as in major overhaul of the worldwide gambling casino.  In fact the entire Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) will require massive intervention during the upcoming Crash and Burn phase.  Of course, the GE&FS has already been receiving constant intervention in the form of Quantitative Easing life support from the FED since 2008.  Hence, there is not really much more that can be done at this extremely critical stage of GE&FS disintegration, except to alleviate the financial pain and economic suffering whenever possible.

Folks, this is gonna be the ride of your life, and it will take everyone over unknown terrain and unexplored territory.  There is simply no precedent for a Super Shemitah (SS) in a somewhat technologically developed modern society that is highly secularized and spiritually challenged. The new lay of the land is such that there will be daunting obstacles at every turn, some of which will be as formidable as they are overwhelming.

The real point here is that the MSM (Mainstream Media) will ignore the real facts in all of their reporting.  Journalists are not here to help since the MSM was created, and is only in business, to support the status quo.  The MSM works directly for a plutocratic oligarchy of the relatively few 1%.  TPTB have carefully chosen this privileged minority over centuries of cherrypicking from the 13 families and other elites.  In this way they have ensured that their plan for a controlled demolition of the GE&FS will take place in a manner that no one even knows its taking place … until it’s effectively over.

The caveat here is to not get absorbed by the endless distraction manufactured by the MSM.  They are literally hardwired to produce one diversion after another throughout the whole Super Shemitah period.  Therefore, it would be wise to seek out trustworthy sources within the alternative news media (ANM).  While there is much material that is disseminated throughout the ANM which must be first carefully considered, the truth is there for those are able to correctly discern.


For those who are uninitiated in the phenomenon of the Shemitah, the “Recommended Reading” list which appears below is a good place to start.  The many essays and articles are as informative as any body of work regarding the Shemitah on the internet.

State of the Nation
September 22, 2015

Author’s Note

The Shemitah manifests in many and diverse ways.  For instance the war in the Ukraine is a Shemitah event, as were the recent apocalyptic explosions in the Chinese port city of Tianjin China.  The Greek debt and monetary crises are Shemitah-related, as is the slow-motion collapse of the European Union.  Hence, even though many associate the Shemitah year with HUGE economic and financial happenings, it actually affects every sphere of life.

In short nothing remains untouched by the transformative power and tremendous influences of the Super Shemitah.  After all we are talking about modern-day biblical events of epic proportions.

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