2016 Election Cycle: Year Of The Election Boycott

Second American Revolution

Treasonous POTUS, SCOTUS & Congress Must All Be Removed

A National Ballot Boycott Will Short-circuit
the Electoral Process Followed by a Necessary
Collapse of the U.S. Federal Government

Imagine for a moment if the 2016 elections didn’t take place in November … … … because no one showed up.

Just imagine what would happen if no one showed up to vote in any of the national ballots.

The U.S. Federal Government would no longer be a legitimate representative of the American people.

For the naysayers, it’s especially critical to understand that choosing NOT to vote is exercising you right to vote to the fullest.  Anyone who insists that it is your duty to vote is quite deluded.  They are also irrational.  They simply do not understand that NOT VOTING is fully exercising one’s right to vote.  Obviously it is a vote against all candidates because they are either highly inferior, bought and paid for, treasonous or all three.  By not voting, the passive non-voter is expressing his or her disapproval for all the candidates.

Whenever anyone consciously chooses not to vote, that decision essentially constitutes their vote.  It represents a deliberate non-vote for any and all of the candidates on the ballot. When the right to not vote is exercised in this manner, it is usually because none of them measure up to a minimum standard of fitness to hold public office.

Voting Creates Karma:  Much more bad than good

Whether one is aware of it or not, exercising your right to vote does create karma.

People always wonder why whole cities or entire nations suffer a particular fate.  They used to ask why Bangladesh was repeatedly assaulted by typhoons and cyclones.  Why would a whole country have to suffer so much?

Likewise, many often inquire about the folks in Tornado Alley receiving one tornado after another.  Or, the good people living in Hurricane Alley on the Gulf of Mexico when that coastline was being assaulted year after year by mega-storms.

Only When The Voters Refuse To Vote For The Lesser of The Two Evils Will Good Candidates Emerge 

When you vote for a winning candidate, you proportionately take on some the karma (both good and bad) associated with their term in office. 

Whether good or bad, that political karma sticks to each and every voter to varying degrees until it is appropriately exhausted.

Highly mysterious are the ways of karma!

However, suffice to say, that the more energy one gives to their chosen candidate, the more he or she is responsible for their actions and inactions should they be elected. Likewise, the more support — both monetary and service — that one provides to an elected official, the more he or she will receive the fruits of that public service, whether that service be primarily righteous or corrupt.

Karma always accrues according to the degree of right and wrong actions performed.  The two sides of the “karma ledger” accumulate infallibly.  The more selfless the behavior, the more good karma; the more selfish the conduct, the more bad karma.  Hence, when an elected official performs many good or bad actions, they create karma for themselves as well as for those who helped put them in their position.

What’s the point?

Does anyone EVER want to — even partially — take on the karma associated with a malevolent politician?      Well … do you?

Every time an elected official uses the power of their position in such a manner that causes great harm and injury to others — ANYWHERE — everyone who assisted that leader assumes their fair share of responsibility.

Every single thing that any elected government representative does while holding office will be accounted for.  The more they betray their constituents, the more those leaders will be held accountable, as will those citizens who put them into office.  Therefore, there’s an extremely important dynamic of this collective responsibility which is always operative. As follows:

Let’s say you were grossly deceived by a politician who won his election and then went on to become a veritable terror throughout this term in office.  You name, he did it. Consequently, many people were profoundly injured, and even brutally killed, due to the officeholder’s actions and inactions.

Then, upon the next election for the same position, the incumbent is re-elected despite the horrible experience which every voter witnessed firsthand or by way of reputable media accounts.  Clearly the karma accumulation process has changed in that those folks responsible for re-electing a known tyrant and/or warmonger, criminal psychopath or sociopath bear much more direct responsibility for the death and destruction perpetrated in their names.  Especially when such carnage was only possible because of the many votes which put the perpetrator into office, will this type of karma really stick to the supporters.

Why do voters act this way time and again?

Self interest!  They are promised something by the candidate which somehow justifies their voting for a real scoundrel and rapscallion.  As long as they are not being offended by the malevolent leadership, they care not what happens to others.  You know, as long as they get theirs, they’re happy.  Whatever “theirs” is, and whatever “happy” is, of course.

Short-circuit the electoral process and the political system will collapse

These are just a few of the serious justifications for implementing a very serious election boycott during the 2016 Presidential election cycle.  When the electoral process is effectively short-circuited, the limited voting result produces ‘elected officials’ who are quite  illegitimate, both in the eyes of the electorate as well as the world-at-large.

Final Point: We the People have had NO real involvement in choosing the candidates during any campaign season.  Ergo, our vote for the lesser of the two evils, during each and every election cycle, only guarantees the USA’s race to the bottom of the current planetary civilization.

Is that what we want?

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January 22, 2016


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