Announcing the Formation of the American Peace Party

Rohnert Park, CA
February 25, 2016

by Rich Scheck

It is time for Peace! The United States has been involved in far too many wars in recent years. We have become an Empire designed to impose Pax Americana on an unwilling world and it is necessary that we stop.

Both of our political parties have accommodated themselves to the dictates of the Military Industrial Complex and the globalist agenda set on world hegemony.

A better approach is needed to save what is left of our once great country.

The American Peace Party (APP) will focus on transforming the United States back into a Constitutional Republic. APP’s platform will consist of a few planks:
1. End our participation in wars based on lies.
2. End the corrupt financial system based on government
deficits, crony capitalism and The Fed.
3. Stop spying on our citizens
4. Stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries
5. AND create a thriving economy based on sound money, the entrepreneurial spirit and respect for hard work.

Such a broad approach will have enormous appeal to the vast majority of decent, honest citizens tired of too big to jail banksters; disgusted by the machinations of covert operators who support foreign adventures and the funding of terrorists; unwilling to accept NSA intrusions on their privacy; stressed out by an over-zealous federal government that regulates the details of their lives while constraining their ability to conduct normal business activities; and all those who are currently in revolt against the Washington establishment as evidenced by the candidacies of Donald Trump (The Tea Party) and Bernie Sanders (Occupy Wall Street).

APP’s core will be the bulk of decent Americans who want to stop sending their kids to fight foreign wars based on lies and the greed of corrupt interests. These are the people who are constantly being short-changed by a government that takes our taxes to spend on an agenda designed to benefit a few rather than the vast majority of We The People/ordinary citizens of our country.

The APP will strive to maximize its commitment to openness, eschewing secrecy and foregoing the natural tendency of governments to intrude on the private lives of its citizenry.

The APP will do its best to find leaders infused with a deep spirituality from whatever source they adopted through individual choice and personal experience.

And the APP will seek peace through harmonious relations with other nations through commerce, cultural exchanges, reliance on existing and/or new international institutions and a strong reluctance to use any form of violence as a mechanism to
impose its will on others.

With peace as our goal, love in our hearts and a dedication to inspiring all humanity, the American Peace Party announces its formation starting on 6/1/16.

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