Tulsi Gabbard For President

Windsor, CA
October 31, 2015

by Rich Scheck

Move over Bernie and Hillary: here’s a Democrat who knows what
she’s talking about and has total credibility plus the courage to express
her views.

U.S. Congresswoman on Syria’s Sovereignty

Her name is Tulsi Gabbard and she’s the Congresswoman from Hawaii.
She is a combat veteran who served in Iraq and is now a member of
the House Armed Services Committee.

Please listen to what she is saying in this 8 minute interview with Wolf
Blitzed that follows. Every word she says is factually ground and filled with common
sense as well as backed up by her own experience and the experience
of our country in the Middle East over the last 25 years.


Unconstitutional insertions of U.S. forces without Congressional approval
in the name of humanitarian interventions and the right to protect are
not lawful and not effective!

Rather than the glib assertions of former Secretary of State Clinton that
Putin is the next Hitler, Assad must go, Gaddafi’s death should be an
occasion for rejoicing and other ridiculous propagandized claims in the
name of our failed foreign policy, here we have a woman who is centered,
grounded and understanding of when it is appropriate to put our troops
in harm’s way.

Rather than the hawkish utterings of a Carly Fiorina who has no idea what
she is talking about other than parroting her Neocon advisors and Republican
presidential rivals, we have a woman who went to war, knows what is involved,
who reached the rank of Major and now serves in the Congress as part of
the committee overseeing the military.

Rather than the virtual silence of a Bernie Sanders regarding the excesses
of our foreign policy other than his strange support for greater Saudi involvement
in the region’s wars, we have Tulsi Gabbard speaking truth to power to a
president in her own party, to all candidates seeking to replace Obama and to
the entire country.

Congresswoman Gabbard is saying enough of this madness, enough of not
following the Constitution and not acting in a way that serves the best interests
of our nation.

Hooray for Congresswoman Gabbard! Kudos to a female bold and honest
enough to step out and assert what countless millions of us have been hoping
to hear from our current leaders.

Is she the hope of the future for the Democratic party and the nation? Perhaps.
Right now she is virtually the only one in Congress I know of who is laying it down
clearly and powerfully for all to hear.

For those longing to have a woman sitting in the White House, here is an
excellent person to consider. For those who have given up hope that there is
a leader in Washington who can take us away from more wars, here is what
Hope looks like to me.

God’s speed, Tulsi Gabbard!

N. B.: I completely reject Blitzer’s exaggerated claims against Assad.  His remarks
attempting to blame the Syrian president for every death in his beleaguered nation
that has been attacked for nearly 5 years by Western-backed forces intending to
overthrow his legal government reflect the script given to him by the Pentagon and
the State Department rather than reality.

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