Psyop Against Covington High Students: The whole thing was a set-up from the start—here’s the back story

Anatomy of the Black Operation Executed Against the Covington High Students at the National Mall

Okay, here’s back story that you’ll never see on the MSM

State of the Nation

The Intro

First, it’s crucial to understand that every single pro-life and anti-abortion group in the country knows well that they are in the most dangerous business in the land.

Because of this stark reality, they all know better than to venture off in foreign places to conduct a rally, a march, or a protest.  Whenever they do, they are always advised to proceed with extreme caution.

In other words, these street smart groups are grimly aware that they will be under assault — from one direction or another — as soon as they begin their pro-life activity.

With this critical knowledge, it ought to be easy to figure out what really happened on the National Mall this week to the Catholic High School students.

The Context

First, the Native American rally happening right down the way at the very same time was planned to coincide with the Covington High Right to Life rally.  They were scheduled at that time by their handlers in order to conduct the psyop that everyone watched on their screens.

The Black Hebrew Israelites were also purposefully positioned in the same place as the Covington students.  A review of the original video clearly indicates that they are trained cultural marxists whose only mission was to offend and provoke the students.  The hateful and vitriolic insults hurled at the teenagers — FOR NO REASON — were scripted to have maximum triggering impact.  They didn’t hit their mark, however.

What follows are 3 screenshots from an article posted at CNN about the foul language and insults slung at the students by the Black Hebrew Israelites.[1]  True to form, CNN has already removed the most incriminating video footage that contained the reprehensible behavior of the Black Hebrews toward the students.

Quite wisely, the Catholic students just stood there and took it.  They didn’t even flinch.  They chanted their heads off but they did nothing wrong whatsoever.

Fortunately, all they were doing was chanting and all the other things that kids do at a rally like this; but none of them were provoked in any way.

Enter student Nicholas Sandmann.  Whether he was trained in advance, or he intuitively stepped up to the plate, he was used by the Higher Power to interpose himself in such a manner so that things stayed under good control.

By quite strategically facing off with the proven fraud — Native America Nathan Phillips — Nicholas absorbed all the negative energy that was being thrown at them.  He also prevented Phillips from continuing on with his covert scheme to incite a riot.

By respectfully standing there with steely resolve, Nicholas helped everyone present avoid a moment of being inflamed or infuriated at the invective being sent their way by the Black Hebrew Israelites—again, FOR NO REASON.

The Psyop

This entire episode was carefully planned out by those who will do anything to thwart Right to Life groups from exercising the right to rally or whatever.

Cultural marxists, in fact, choreographed every piece of this staged black operation ultimately designed to falsely accuse a bunch of teenagers of hate crimes.  That was there real goal that never got accomplished.

The Black Hebrew Israelites ought to be arrested immediately for disrupting the peace.  Their egregious behavior was nothing short of criminal.

Nathan Phillips ought to be investigated for his role in attempting to incite a riot.  His dubious history clearly demonstrates a character who will do just about anything for attention.   Well, he got it alright!

The Conspiracy

It’s now clearer by the day that this psyop was actually a wide-ranging conspiracy coordinated between the mainstream media and pro abortion organizations.  The highly pro-abortion celebrity society was clued into the whole affair as a means of piling on the poor kids FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.

Exactly who was involved within local law enforcement and National Mall security remains to be seen, but it’s very likely they all were so as to react favorably to the abortion lovers had things exploded.  Had events really gotten out of control, surely there would have been a whole slew of crisis actors showing up just in time to throw fuel on the fire.

Clearly, the simultaneous castigation of the students by every major organ in the CIA’s Mockingbird Media indicates close collaboration.  The immediate and perfect timing — before anyone could even evaluate the relevant videos — was so overwhelming that it’s evident a very dark force was behind this transparent charade.

In fact, so compelling was their utterly fake news reporting on this matter that they had even traditional supporters of the Right to Life movement questioning the actions of the students.  Even the high school president expressed chagrin with his truly righteous students.

The Miracle

Right is right.  And the Right to Life movement knows that.  These courageous high school students, only by the grace of God, were able to avert what might have been a catastrophe for themselves and their noble cause.

The real miracle that occurred is that many of the primary organs of the Mainstream Media knew they got caught with their pants down.  All of them then went into hyper-damage control and retracted their patently fake news stories regarding what they said happened on the mall.

One after another the corporate media has recognized the extreme liability they faced.  By fomenting a violent national witch hunt against a group of innocent teens they risked the consequences should any of the kids be gunned down.

The Covington Catholic High School is actually now shut down because of all the death threats made against the boys.  This is simply unheard of.  And it only happened because the MSM literally instigated a violent backlash for something the talking heads conjured up themselves.

Now that news outlets everywhere have tried to walk back their original false reports, the major MSM platforms are now in overdrive attempting to further obfuscate the whole drama in an effort to dilute their direct responsibility.  The evidence in the public domain clearly demonstrates the profound culpability of the media throughout this sad chapter in American journalism.  Hence, they must be held accountable individually and collectively for their serious transgressions.

The MSM organs of nonstop propaganda and fake news have exposed themselves like never before with this failed psyop.  Now that the biggest fake news offenders have been found out, the deliberate process can be started to shut them all down and/or take them over.  They have repeatedly proven to be treacherous to the American people as they are treasonous to the Trump administration.

The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down And/Or Taken Over Post Haste

State of the Nation
January 23, 2019



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