The Whole Liberal Blogosphere Piled on the Blameless Kids as if on Cue, It Was a Staged Psyop

Tucker Carlson Calls Out Famous Liberals Who Urged Doxing, Assault, & Murder Of Covington MAGA Kids

Tucker Carlson excoriated famous liberals and a few anti-Trump GOP who called for the harassment, assault and murder of a group of Kentucky high school students who were falsely accused of bigotry against a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, at a pro-life demonstration on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Based on an out-of-context “staredown” between student Nick Sandmann and Phillips, high-profile liberals across Twitter went on a blitzkrieg of fake news over the weekend – falsely claiming that the Covington High School group harassed Phillips while chanting “build the wall” – which never happened.

Once footage emerged of the entire incident, however, it became clear that the left had gotten it completely wrong; Phillips had approached the teens – many wearing MAGA hats, while a group of Black Israelites considered to be a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League hurled racial insults at the students.

After the truth emerged, famous liberals who were previously frothing at the mouth went on a mad scramble to delete their tweets full of hate, slander and disinformation. The internet never forgets, however, and neither does Tucker Carlson:


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