ZOG Rules: Trump Proves His Administration Is A Zionist Occupied Government

The Millennium Report

TMR Editor’s Note:

What else needs to said when a single photo says it all.

Trump just tore up the Iran deal for no good reason.

The JCPOA was trashed only because Israel demanded it.

Really, doesn’t the above photo tell the back story in glowing color?

Trump has always been more loyal to Israel than he is to the United States.

“Sad.”  Very sad indeed!

Broken promises galore

President Donald Trump has succeeded in breaking virtually every campaign promise he made during the 2016 election cycle.

The one promise he did keep was to cancel the Iran nuclear deal. See: Trump Pulls Out of Iran Deal – U.S. Determined to Become a Rogue State

Of all the promises, this was the one that was made to Israel, not to the American people.  The truth is that breaking the agreement with Iran had nothing to do with the deal itself. US pressure on Iran has nothing to do with nuclear deal

There was never any legitimate reason to void the internationally approved JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).

Trump was merely taking advantage of the anti-Obama fervor in order to get rid of the Iran deal for Bibi Netanyahu.

The fact of the matter is that Netanyahu supported Candidate Trump like no other head of state because he knew that The Donald would nuke the agreement.   Which Trump has now done.

Not only has he nuked it, Trump is putting into place new sanctions against an innocent nation that simply refuses to allow a Rothschild-run central bank on the premises. Tehran to be hit with old, new sanctions as US quits Iran nuke deal

Has Trump kept any other campaign promise to the American people?  Here’s an accounting that appeared under the heading: The Trump Reality Check.

The Spending Bill was a HUGE political disaster for Trump.

He lost many fiscal conservatives right there. They’re all gone—with his own signature.

The National Debt has also ballooned under Trump.

It’s now well over $21,000,000,000,000!

US Govt will borrow over $1 trillion in 2018.

Trillion Budget Deficits are returning according to the CBO.

Trade Deficits are also hitting a 10 year monthly high.

The ‘successful’ Tax Bill was mainly a giveaway to the corporations.

The rich and powerful will only get richer from that Democrat-approved legislation.

Obamacare has not been repealed even with Republican majorities in both chambers.

The Border Wall remains as elusive today as it was when Trump first promised it.

The Democrats will simply not allow a wall, and they certainly won’t allocate funds.

The DACA debate remains just that—a debate.

There’s been no real movement.

The Liberals are far too organized to permit any meaningful alteration to Obama’s DACA policies.

As for federal Immigration Policy, every Trump executive order has been thwarted.

He knows the liberal courts will overturn every EO, especially the immigration orders.

Even those orders that go unchallenged, they will not be enforced.

Next, there is President Trump’s Gun Control, and the right to bear arms.

Yes, he’s already foisting his own version on the nation.

Trump has directed AG Sessions to craft a new federal policy that is restrictive.

The right to purchase bump stocks is on the table.

So is the age when allowed to buy assault weapons.

So are other serious gun control measures that have not yet been put out by the POTUS.

Foreign Policy

If there is one major area where Trump is extremely weak in, it’s his foreign policy.

His Mideast policies are a total disaster.  An unmitigated disaster!

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem fulfilled a promise to Israel.

His roller coaster ride with Russia inspires NO confidence.

Neither does his love-hate relationship with China.

Nor did his theatrics regarding North Korea’s rocket man.

The North and South Korea reconciliation has been a Chinese-Russian initiative.

Kicking off global trade wars doesn’t help either.   They lead to world wars.

Trump has all but abandoned his campaign promises to MAGA…

Particularly by pursuing a perpetual war foreign policy like past presidents.

The preceding list only delineates his major promises that were used to build his base.

What makes this list of broken promises particularly meaningful is that his total lack of success has occurred with majorities in both the House and the Senate.  How does that happen … … … except by purposeful design?!

Again, the only promise President Trump successfully acted on is the one he made to the government of Israel, and especially to the ruling party of Prime Minister Netanyahu—the Likud Party.

Israel was so overjoyed that within the hour of Trump making the official announcement to pull out of the Iran deal, Netanyahu ordered yet another unlawful attack on Syria. See: Israel Launches Air Strike On Iran Base Near Damascus

Promise to drain the swamp

Not only has Trump not drained the swamp, he fired anyone who could assist with such a daunting task.  Then he appointed some of the worst swamp creatures found anywhere outside or inside the Beltway.

Every one of Trump’s financial and economic advisors was previously a Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley alumnus.  The appointees who did not come from these Wall Street bankster firms were hired away from the Military Industrial Complex.

The critical point here is that Trump really got elected because of his promise to “Lock her up!”.  Not only is Hillary and the rest of her crime family not locked up, she’s galavanting around the globe playing Deep State emissary.  The rest of the Pedogate-controlled warmongers are busy orchestrating their next Middle East conflagration.

Truly, it now appears that the U.S. Intelligence Community is having a field day carrying out false flag attacks and other black operations at will.  Trump doesn’t even investigate them, much less prosecute them (e.g. Whatever happened with the patriot slaughter in Vegas?).  Likewise, the Shadow Government seems firmly in control of the White House as not even George Soros has been apprehended for his myriad crimes against humanity.

As for the traitors at the DOJ and criminals at the FBI, they seem to be immune from prosecution in spite of countless acts of sedition.  So are many other agents of Deep State domiciled at the CIA, DIA and NSA.  As for the State Department, that will likely go the same way it did under Obama and become a nest of Russophobes.  That’s right, diplomats and other high-ranking administration officials itching to start World War III under a POTUS who promised peace.  As follows:

• US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley exposes herself as Israel Firster and warmonger

• Neocon Zionist John Bolton appointed National Security Advisor

• Neocon warhawk Mike Pompeo appointed Secretary of State

• Torture advocate Gina Haspel appointed CIA Director
(Source: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Dollar Collapse, Market Crash & World War 3)

KEY POINT: Trump must have repeated a thousand times his promise to end the wars, make peace and stop spending so much on military invasions and occupations.  However, he has done just the opposite.  The sovereign nations of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ukraine have suffered the most from Trump’s war-making.

Then there was Trump’s disastrous appointment of Jeff Sessions to the crucial AG post. The more time that goes by whereby Sessions fails to fulfill his most basic responsibilities, the more it appears to be a deliberate strategy to leave the swamp undrained.  Otherwise, how could Trump have appointed such an ill-equipped, fearful and obvious co-conspirator to the critical position of Attorney General?

Was this whole thing really set up in advance so as to guarantee a pass for ALL of the Deep State perps?  We already know that Jeff Sessions was on the Senior Executive Service payroll as far back as 1988. Look who’s on the SES payroll. Mr. SES himself.


The United States of America has a Zionist Occupied Government firmly in place for the umpteenth time.

No good can come of it.  Recent history has shown that these ZOG takeovers ensure that only the Greater Israel project is advanced—-by American blood and treasure.

If the U.S. citizenry does not soon take back their country, the American Republic will find itself in serious jeopardy like never before.

The Millennium Report
May 8, 2016


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