Some Possible Good News: Sunday’s Election In Lebanon!

Rohnert Park, CA
May 4, 2018

Some Possible Good News: Sunday’s Election In Lebanon!
by Rich Scheck

There is so much bad news these days that it is very easy to be pessimistic about the prospects for world peace!  Wars, scandals, economic instability, environmental concerns, immoral behavior by public officials and celebrities: all of these add to the picture of wide-spread decline.

Blame is easy to assign when so many have fallen short of what is expected of them after their bold pronouncements to become political leaders as we saw with Obama…….and now again with Trump.

As described in the article above, war now seems quite inevitable considering the posturing and line-drawing rhetoric of so many powerful forces aligning against each other on the Grand Chessboard.

We have been told that the “center cannot hold” and the “blood dimmed tide” will soon be loosed upon us because the “best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity!”

With so much turmoil in the “Holy Land” and elsewhere, perhaps we have reached the End Times and are facing the wrath of God for our sins. For many it does seem like The Huxwellian World of 2018:

Even if true, whatever collapse occurs and whatever wave of global disaster gets unleashed, something will eventually emerge from the ashes of Armageddon.

As outlined in an optimistic piece of reporting by Brett Redmayne-Titley, the coming election in Lebanon on Sunday may see a potentially positive turn of events that can be a model for future elections around the world.

It may represent only a baby step in the right direction. But if things unfold as described and integrity prevails over greed, the election may serve as a spark to something far nobler, perhaps including Democratic World Government; the creation of a Sustainable Planet as described by Agenda 21 along with the Papacy; and/or a resetting of the financial
architecture as foreseen by the One Belt/One Road vision plan for economic prosperity and peace (OBOR).

All of those possible scenarios would be far more desirable and empowering than the totalitarian, perpetual war for perpetual peace, version of reality that has dominated the landscape for most of the last hundred years.  Yes, The Huxwellian World of 2018 is upon us:

But will the Lebanese be able to transcend their differences enough to model collaborative behavior than can deliver us from petty squabbles that lead to debilitating wars?

That is a highly desirable result and we will know so enough if they can!

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