Has the global geopolitical chessboard been set up for World War III?

La Costa, CA
August 25, 2015

Is WWIII Coming …
Or Has It Already Started?

by Rich Scheck

Gerald Celente often talks about the historical trend of currency wars leading to trade wars which are then followed by actual shooting wars.

There is much evidence to support the conclusion that 9/11/01 was the “New Pearl Harbor” and that we have been fighting WWIII for 14 years.

For those clinging to the belief that things have been getting better in recently and that the current era is one of relative peace, I beg to differ.

A colleague of mine has attempted “to rain sunshine on my doom and gloom parade” by accusing me of missing all the progress unfolding around the world. Perhaps he is correct in his assessment of the world situation.

But consider the following developments. In the present tense, with Syria shooting down an Israeli warplane; with tensions escalating between North and South Korea; with constant threats by the West to bomb Iran; with unending war in Syria between ISIS, Assad’s forces, the Kurds and other factions; with Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen; with Turkey bombing the Kurds; with unresolved fighting in Ukraine; with massive deaths throughout much of Africa; with huge immigration problems disrupting normal life in Europe; with harsh exchanges and sanctions between NATO and Russia; with the never-ending conflict between Israel and Palestine; and with the likely increase of real war emerging out of the trade and currency wars during these volatile economic times, I think my focus on war is understandable even though I desire peace.

On top of all that, the US—with its 800+ military bases spread across the globe—is planning to spend $1 Trillion on new nukes in the coming years.

Furthermore, Japan has decided to alter its Constitution to allow, for the first time since the end of WWII, the dispatch of its troops to fight overseas in foreign wars. McArthur must be turning over in his grave.

The tension between the Koreas has prompted the call for deployment of B-52 bombers and nuclear submarines to the region. Russia is rapidly moving to militarize the Arctic. The US will send 3,200 more soldiers to Peru by September 1st. Jordan is calling for a safe zone on its border with Syria and Joe Biden wants to split Iraq into 3 mini-states to accommodate the needs of the Kurds, Sunnis (ISIS?) and Shiites who reside there.

Many pundits accuse the US of pushing for war to cover up the impending economic collapse that we are starting to see with the dramatic movements in the stock markets. Others point to the moves by Russia and China as more than defensive preparations for possible war while demonizing Putin’s efforts to diffuse crises in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere as threats to the West.

Are the recent explosions in China and Japan more evidence that open conflict has already begun? I’m not sure. But I am sure that virtually everywhere one looks these days, actual war or large scale preparations for war are underway.

That includes the low earth orbit and outer space which have seen significant military activity despite much cooperation with International Space Station.

It feels like 1914 and 1939 combined with far too many trigger points for confrontation between the great powers. This is especially true in Ukraine where NATO and Russian forces continue their maneuvers and training exercises and in Syria, where the West is actively working with Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States to dislodge Assad and where Iran, Hezbollah and Russia are doing all they can to see that he remains in power.

Russia has finally taken things to the next level and formed a special Syrian-Russian Commission to defend Assad with advisers and troops as well as equipment in an escalation of the proxy war that could lead to direct interaction with Western forces.

All of this plus the still active fighting in Afghanistan and the unresolved issues between India and Pakistan that periodically heat up into open fighting.


When Dick Cheney spoke of “A Long War” many years ago, few envisioned the impasse and protracted wars that seem a fixture of our lives today. The ability of the media to diffuse awareness away from most of what is happening by using entertainment and manipulated news coverage to distract the public from the true extent of the problem is symbolic of what I call the Huxwellian World of 2015.

I submit to the reader that we are indeed already well into WWIII as the above examples indicate and that the likelihood is that this global conflict will soon expand into an unmistakable conflagration that will leave few articulating the progress of peace in the face of widespread and bloody escalations of fighting in most of the regions described.

Has WWIII already begun? I think the answer is clear and that answer is yes!

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