Staged Timetable of Events Proves Trump is Being Manipulated by You Know Who

State of the Nation

Just look at what has happened in the life of President Donald Trump over the past few weeks.

You know the old saying: When it rains, it pours.

Stormy Daniels

The Stormy Daniels affair is being trumpeted by the mainstream media without pause.

The MSM network talking heads have been told to milk the story like there’s no tomorrow.

By the looks of Stormy Daniels’ public profile, it appears there’s going to be a LOT of milking done until Trump acquiesces to the [SECRET] demands.

Stormy Daniels does appear to be a classic honeytrap whose story would be used as leverage at a time when it would be the most compelling. See: ‘Stormy Daniels’ Psyop: Why now and who’s behind it?

This latest Stormy Daniels episode blew by just before Israel’s stated eagerness to see the U.S. military invade Iran…after they attack Syria.

Karen McDougal

The month of March also saw former Playboy model Karen McDougal trotted across the front pages.

Another alleged affair — this time between Trump and McDougal — was thrust into prime time by those who control the mainstream media (MSM).

The entire publicity stunt had the feel of a soap opera.  McDougal even apologized to Melania Trump via various media platforms.  Talk about staged!

There’s something very wrong with this picture.

It appears that Trump’s handlers are colluding with his enemies in an attempt to coerce him into taking specific actions…like attacking Syria.

John Bolton

Everyone knew that when Neocon warmonger John Bolton was appointed National Security Advisor, Trump had totally given up control of his foreign policy.

“Bolton appointment proves that Trump is being blackmailed!”

The presence of another hardcore Zionist, as well as architect of the Iraq War, could only mean one thing— W A R !

Bolton has never seen a defenseless Middle Eastern country that wasn’t worth invading…for Israel.

Truly, this is one personnel disaster that is guaranteed to have grave consequences.

Actually, it already has: the Douma chemical attack was carried out by the Zio-Anglo-American intelligence communities as a pretext to invade Syria.

The timing of Bolton’s appointment could not be more suspicious.

The attack was staged just two days before his official start date on Monday.

Of course, it was then John Bolton who encouraged Trump to cancel his long-scheduled trip to South America. John Bolton Urged Trump to Cancel Trip Abroad

2018 Douma chemical attack

On April 7 an alleged chemical attack took place in a rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta.

The authorities cannot even say if this attack was staged or real.

Nevertheless, even before any evidence was presented, all of the usual suspects blame Syria, as well as Russia and Iran by association.

The United States, France and Israel take the lead in condemning the alleged attacks, with Israel launching unprovoked airstrikes on an airbase in Homs, Syria.

The critical point here is that this staged chemical assault is meant to trigger an American attack on Syria.

It’s was also conducted to justify the presence of American troops on Syrian soil, where they have no right being.  They are unlawful occupants and foreign invaders.

Only Israel benefits from this unprovoked war of aggression waged by the American-formed coalition of NATO militaries.

Trump Tower

Quite suspiciously, a raging 4-alarm fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower on April 7.

Fires like this rarely happen in Manhattan.

And along with this fire occurred a lot of [DELIBERATE] smoke damage, which is often quite difficult to remedy.

Not a good advertisement for Trump real estate; even worse for a POTUS already under siege.

This [ARSON] fire event occurred just before Israel attacked Syria on April 8th.

Michael Cohen

Next up, Trump’s personal attorney had his home and business raided by the FBI on April 9th.

Special Counsel Mueller’s direct involvement in the investigation has been confirmed.

Why did this happen just 2 days after the Douma chemical attack in Syria?

Going after the personal attorney of a POTUS is a rare happening.

Clearly, TPTB are attempting to coerce Trump into taking certain presidential initiatives.

Does Israel want the president to attack Syria this April?

USS Donald Cook

Next we are told that the USS Donald Cook, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy, has traveled to the eastern Mediterranean not far from the coast of Syria.

Russia is furious with this provocative development because standard naval conventions were ignored.

The USS Donald Cook sailed to within 100 km of the Russian naval port at Tartus, Syria.

Russian warplanes have already buzzed the destroyer four times on April 10th as a warning.

Is this how the Military-Industrial Complex is telling The Donald that, as Commander-in-Chief, he must show up for the Syrian War just as the USS Donald Cook has?  Even if he opposes it?

Tom Bossert

Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert just resigned today–April 10th.

Bossert was a voice of reason within Trump’s inner circle.

He was well known for stating the following position:

“For too long the United States of America has been taken advantage of their responsibility to provide security for the entire world… putting their resources and their treasure and their boys and girls on the line… American troops aren’t going to fix the six or seven different ongoing conflicts and wars going on in the Middle East or in Syria at this stage.”[1]

It’s quite unlikely that Israel was happy with Tom’s well articulated understanding of Trump’s own philosophy.

No wonder Bossert was forced out by Neocon Zionist warmonger John Bolton who just started as Trump’s National Security Advisor this Monday.


The preceding timetable represents only a skeleton of the most significant public events that have transpired over the past month for President Trump.

Were one to flesh out this skeleton with the many covert operations undertaken to unduly influence the POTUS, much more would come to light about this ongoing and subversive plot.

It’s now quite apparent that the president is being coerced to make decisions and/or take actions specifically on behalf of Israel.

Whether this coercion is taking the form of old-fashioned blackmail, threats against his person, family and property, or outright bribery can only be conjectured.

However, the preceding sequence of events indicates that there are powerful forces attempting to force the hand of the POTUS.

Should he bend to their will, his presidency will be undermined considerably.  And his credibility will be effectively destroyed.

Politicians can no longer run on a peace platform… … …and then go on prosecute more “unprovoked wars of aggression”.  We the People will no longer stand for it.

The POTUS had better take heed of this profound shift in the mood of the American people toward leaders who betray them.

State of the Nation
April 10, 2018


[1] Battle Axe Bolton firing the best people remaining


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