ALLEGED Austin Bomber: The Back Story Gets Stranger By The Hour


– Part II –

This map of Austin-area bombings contains various clues; see if you can spot them.

Now they want us to believe the Austin bomber was a homeschooled, conservative survivalist…

…who attended church and bible study, was against gay marriage, and hated the liberalization of Austin. 

Really, you can’t make this stuff up!

State of the Nation

The following comment about the alleged Austin bomber — Mark Anthony Conditt — was posted under a recent article at

Mark Antony

It’s quite telling that the original “Mark Anthony” was aggressively pursued by the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus until his death by alleged suicide.  Mark Antony, so said the Roman General Agrippa, was alleged to have ignominiously committed suicide as Roman legions sent by Octavian to Egypt closed in on him.  In other words, not only would state-identified traitors be arbitrarily killed, the actual execution would be labelled a suicide so as to defame their character for all time.

Known as the First Reich, the Roman Empire is often compared to the United States of America, sometimes known as the “Fourth Reich“.  Just like Austin, Texas is perceived by Washington, D.C. as a threat to the supremacy of the U.S. Federal Government, Alexandria, Egypt — the capital of the last Pharaonic Dynasty — was viewed with great suspicion by Rome.

Hence, anyone who challenges the autocratic authority of Washington (aka as the new Rome), like Mark Antony opposed the legitimacy of the Roman emperor, will be summarily suicided.  Both Antony and Cleopatra allied to contest the primacy of Octavian because Julius Caesar has a son by the Egyptian Pharaoh, who was the only legitimate heir to the throne; his name was Caesarion.  Therefore, both were ordered killed by Roman decree, as was Caesarion, but his successful escape to India (and then to a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Hemis, Ladakh) was arranged in advance.

Likewise, any state or nation-state that defies the tyrannical rule of the U.S. Federal Government like Texas does, will find itself under withering attack…just as Egypt was invaded and conquered by Rome.  That all of this happened in Austin during the time period surrounding Julius Caesar’s Ides of March is also very indicative of the true intentions of this highly organized conspiracy to terrorize Texas.

Were it true that Mark was the bomber, it’s clear from just this photo that he must have been systematically radicalized and assisted by his handlers to carry out such a sophisticated operation.  Any sole terrorist would have to be HUGELY supported by the rogue elements associated with Operation Gladio C

Mark Anthony Conditt

Are we to believe that the accused Austin bomber — Mark Anthony Conditt — was all set up to self-detonate an explosive device before he could be captured?  Sounds like another typical case of offing the patsy (or the CIA’s MKUltra mind-controlled pawn) so that the official narrative cannot be debated, or even questioned.

Are we supposed to believe that it took them 3 weeks to find the Austin bomber? Is he really just another FBI-selected patsy killed to quickly make the case go away?

This rapidly unfolding and utterly fantastical story, like so many others contrived by federal (FBI) and local (Austin Police Department) law enforcement agencies and pushed by the Mainstream Media (MSM), is simply too implausible.  The way that the concocted facts are already somehow verified (read: spun), and then fed (read force-fed) to an unsuspecting public is the classic MO of you know who.

It appeared from the very beginning of this deliberately engineered terror drama and transparent psyop that a patriot from the Right was being set up—BIG time.  What better way to turn the whole town of liberal Austin against the burgeoning Texas Patriot Movement.  This very same “divide and rule” strategy is one that was also used quite effectively by Rome.  It’s how the Roman Empire became the largest and most feared empire on Earth, as a matter of historical fact.

Whether the media-presented ‘facts’ about Conditt and his life are really true remains to be seen.  Nevertheless, the portrait that is being painted of him by the MSM is quite telling as to the true motivation(s) behind the series of bombings.  That his purported bombing spree lasted all of three weeks — in the capital city of the fiercely independent and powerful Lone Star State — truly strains credibility.

“Signature Science ( has the ability to trace any chemical used in any bombing within an hour.  Apparently, they train ALL the alphabet agencies in these forensic techniques… 17 days later we’re still asking who why where…???   Smells like deep state to me…”


Why Austin was specifically chosen to be terror bombed during this critical phase of the Purple Revolution is of utmost importance to understand.  There are several pieces to this false flag psyop puzzle which must be put into their proper place.  Only then will the complete picture emerge which looks something like this: AUSTIN BOMBINGSDeep State Carries Out False Flag Attacks To Terrorize Texas

There is simply no other state in the union that poses such as a formidable obstacle to the New World Order agenda.  If the globalists have one very large target in their sights, its Texas.  There are multiple fronts which have been opened by countless seditious agents of Deep State.  The Texas border remains the longest of these, although many of the raging battles continue to occur under the radar.  They don’t want those unrelenting drug wars to alarm the populace.

Texas state government not only enjoys a Republican Governor, Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor, the statehouse is redder than a Habanero pepper.  The Senate is 20 to 11 in favor of the GOP while the House is similarly lopsided 95 to 55.   The state legislature in Austin is also composed of the largest number of Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Conservatives and real Independents of any statehouse in the country.

All taken together, these determined and independent folks will not see Texas go down without a fight.  What the whole world has been witnessing for several years now is a series of firefights.  This war in the heart of Texas as well as on it borders and coastline will only intensify before it reaches its final conclusion.

The Patriot Movement, which has exploded since Trump first declared his candidacy, has concentrated itself all over the Lone Star State.  The Trumpsters and truthers, nationalists and populists, Christians and conservatives, military vets and militiamen, gunowners and hunters, loyalists and patriots have all sworn to defend the future Republic of Texas.  And they now dominantly own and operate on Texas terrain throughout the five corners and in between.

Parents & Roommates

The following two articles clearly reveal that Mark Conditt’s parent were shocked about their son’s alleged criminal behavior.  Parents like Mark’s this rarely get things so wrong about their son.  What they have expressed to the media indicates that there is a HUGE back story here.

How did Mark Conditt’s roommates have no clue about his alleged bombing?

Mark Conditt’s Parents Truly in Shock, Their Child Wouldn’t Do This

Then there are the roommates who had no clue about Mark’s ‘extracurricular’ activities.  How could they possibly not know about any of this?  Who can be so careful and cover their tracks so well for so long?  Three weeks is a very long time to get away with bombing the capital city of Texas.

How did Mark Conditt’s roommates have no clue about his alleged bombings?

Operation Gladio C

The Austin bombing campaign was a terrorist operation designed to accomplish numerous goals at once.  Branding a homeschooled, conservative survivalist who are opposed to gay marriage as a murderous whack job was just one objective of the real perps.  Now the Left will use this manufactured association to smear patriots across the nation and beyond.  This particular piece of the conspiratorial plot is crucial to comprehend, because it’s this Saul Alinsky-style mind control programing that is used to divide and conquer US.  Do you get it?!

There are many other significant reasons for this springtime terror bombing campaign which are delineated in the following exposé.  The “Austin serial bombings” (as labelled by Wikipedia) represent only a single Deep State black operation that is an integral part of an ongoing, multi-pronged strategy to subjugate Texas to the NWO agenda.  As follows:

Operation Gladio C
Menaces and Terrifies
the Lone Star State—Why

The Bottom Line:  Regardless of the time or the place, empires never tolerate rebellion.  Be it the Roman Empire, the British Empire or the current Anglo-American Empire, they always reacted with swift and brutal retribution to revolts of any kind.  Any and all attempts to undermine their sovereign authority were, and still are, met with tyrannical injustice as represented by the fasces.  The word fascist is derived from “fasces”, which is a “bound bundle of wooden rods wrapped around an axe” (See photographs below).

Photo of one of two fasces that appear on either side of the speaker’s podium in the main chamber of the US House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

Why this symbol of brutal oppression and uncompromising tyranny appears so prominently in the people’s House must be addressed by We the People.

Action Plan

What can We the People do to confront the Deep State tyranny?


Take back our power from those who have stolen it.

Stand in our own truth as it has been revealed by the righteous.

Speak that truth to power with great courage and in mighty unison.

Only then will the American Republic be restored to the rule of law and its former destiny.

State of the Nation
March 22, 2018


As always, the British spinmeisters spin the tales that dictate the MSM narrative on false flag psyops in the USA.

Photo Credit

Fasces photograph: The Real 800 Pound Gorilla That Rules The Realm

Deceased Austin ‘Serial Bomber’ Identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, Say Police

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