Florida’s Unconstitutional Gun Control Legislation Only The Beginning

An Open Letter to Governor Rick Scott

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

March 9, 2018

Dear Governor Scott,

We are writing to you regarding the gun control legislation recently approved by both the Florida Senate and House.  In light of your immediate reactions to the Parkland shooting, it appears that you are fully prepared to approve this unconstitutional gun control bill.

We respectfully submit the following reasons why you should not sign this reactionary bill into law.

(1) Men and women can enlist, and have been previously drafted, into the U.S. Armed Forces at 18 years of age.  They are routinely given automatic M-16 rifles and other weapons in the defense of the United States of America.  How will you explain to these military recruits that they themselves cannot purchase a rifle, even though they are given an M-16 by the U.S. military?  Some of these brave soldiers will die serving their country…while holding onto a rifle that you will prevent them from acquiring.

KEY POINT: Not only will you as the Governor of Florida be profoundly violating their constitutional rights by signing the bill, you are denying
these young adults — who have served and sacrificed for this nation — their
God-given right to self-defense.

(2) This very same voting demographic is legally given the right to vote in all elections.  And, yet, the law you are considering takes away their right to purchase many types of firearms, not just automatic and semiautomatic.   They can cast a vote for the POTUS on down, but they cannot purchase most firearms!

We could stop right here as you surely see the confusion that such a highly misguided law will have on the younger portion of the electorate.  However, there are other much more poignant reasons not to sign this bill.  As follows:

(3) Hopefully you see how this stealth law was deceptively crafted by the Democrats under the misleading name: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act (MSDHSPSA).   This legislation is much more of a restrictive gun control law than it is a ‘public safety act’.  Had law enforcement and the school administration simply done their jobs, the mass casualty event may never have occurred.  Nevertheless, the DEMs deliberately wrote the bill so that you would have a very difficult time explaining why you might not sign it.

(4) What’s particularly concerning about the bill is the broad latitude given to law enforcement to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens.  This chilling element alone ought to put you on notice about the true intent of this law.  It represents the first step toward gun confiscation and disarmament of the American people.

(5) The right to defend oneself and one’s property is sacred and protected by the Second Amendment. Establishing a 3-day waiting period improperly deprives every individual, who seeks immediate protection from dire threats, from this very basic right.  There are countless non-violent convicts who have also had their right to possess a firearm unlawfully removed for their lifetime.

Lastly, we come to the most important part of this letter.  It’s well known throughout the Alt Media that the Parkland shooting was a classic false flag operation.  And there is a growing body of proof — both hard evidence and anecdotal — that supports this claim.  Which means that any legislation approved is actually a calculated outcome by those who have successfully manipulated the Florida state government.

It’s no accident of fate that a high school in Broward County was chosen for this intentionally shocking mass shooting.  In point of fact, this extremely liberal county was selected because of the ‘cooperative’ personnel who were painstakingly put into place over years in order to assist with the transparent coverup of this massacre.   The only logical conclusion, then, is that the Parkland shooting was carried out as a meticulously coordinated terrorist attack.  Your question ought to be: “Who ordered it and why now?”

Yes, we know this brutal reality may be too large to swallow.  However, until you consider all the established facts of this case, you really have no business whatsoever signing any piece of legislation that illicitly alters gun rights.  How can you, if the entire pretext for the MSDHSPSA was purposefully engineered in advance and scripted by the Democratic political machine and agents of Deep State?

In conservative circles around the USA, it’s clearly understood that this mass shooting was covertly planned well in advance by subversive forces funded by globalist George Soros.  He has used ultra-liberal NGOs throughout the nation for years to do his dirty work, especially those within the Democratic strongholds like Broward County.  Hence, the Parkland shooting must be examined closely for links to him and other anti-gun globalists.

Certainly, you and your advisors are aware by now that the Parkland mass casualty event unfolded according to a carefully constructed script between the Mainstream Media and the DNC.  The unbelievable “David Hogg video” was actually made before the shooting, not during it.  Likewise, his many TV appearances were totally rehearsed.  The transparently manufactured protests in front of the capital in Tallahassee were also set up by the same co-conspirators. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and several other gun-grabbing congressional Democrats have their fingerprints all over this psychological operation.

After all, why else would the Broward County Sheriff Department order their deputies to stand down while an active shooting was in progress?!  Obviously there is something seriously amiss with their whole story.  It must be further investigated by the Florida Attorney General’s Office to uncover the truth.  AG Pam Bondi has full jurisdiction over this criminal matter should she choose to exercise her investigative perogative and prosecutorial powers.

Your administration ought to know by now that the Democrats are desperate to pass new gun laws, especially in the great state of Florida.  According to the political calculus of the 2018 Florida Legislature, the DNC has determined that if gun control laws can be passed in such a Republican-dominated Senate and House, they can be similarly pushed through in every other RED state.

The blue states, of course, will be a cake walk for passing draconian gun laws just as we have all seen in places like Connecticut.  The latest Democratic strategy is to systematically criminalize gun possession sanctuary city by sanctuary city, and sanctuary state by sanctuary state.

The bottom line: If you haven’t figured out by now that you and your fellow GOP lawmakers have been profoundly deceived then all the more reason to take this request very, very seriously.

Governor Scott, we regret to inform you that if the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act is signed by you, the Coalition of Concerned Residents of Florida will do everything in our power to see that you are not elected to the U.S. Senate.


Coalition of Concerned Residents of Florida

P.S. Just who are we?  We are the voters who elected you twice from the Keys to Pensacola, from Naples to Jacksonville, from Palm Beach to Panama City.

Cc: Donald J. Trump, President of the United States
Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States
Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States
Carlos López-Cantera, Lieutenant Governor of Florida
Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida
Every Member of the Florida State Legislature
Sean Hannity, FOX News
Tucker Carlson, FOX News
Dana Loesch, Spokesperson for the National Rifle Association
Editor, Tallahassee Democrat
Editor, Miami Herald
Editor, St. Petersburg Times
Editor, Tampa Tribune
Editor, Orlando Sentinel
Editor, Palm Beach Post
Editor, Florida Times Union
Editor, Pensacola News Journal

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