Obamagate Scandal 1000K the Watergate Coverup

And Obamagate has unfolded in broad daylight!

There has been a spate of articles recently rehashing all the bogus history regarding Watergate in an effort to remind the electorate that a Republican president was forced to ignominiously resign. This ‘bad’ old news is supposed to rub off on Romney so that Obama’s impossible re-election task is somehow made easier.

Even Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward trotted out the ‘new’ Electric Horseman pony on the stage of MSM fake journalism to corroborate a story that basically continues to hide a full blown coup d’etat against the American Republic. This commentary is not in any way meant to justify what Richard Nixon may have done wrong. It is only being presented for comparison’s sake so that the seriousness of Obamagate can be put into proper perspective.

For the record as well as for the uninitiated, Richard Nixon probably knew nothing about the amateur Watergate break-in that took down his presidency. When it blew up in the media, he certainly knew about it and then those who planned it without his knowledge drew him into a cover-up. A coup d’etat was essentially executed by those who betrayed him, who also happened to be very close to him (e.g. Henry Kissinger, Aleaxander Haig, et al.)

The big revelation about Deep Throat back in 2005 was a purposeful red herring. As if Mark Felt, the #2 man at the FBI had any insider information on the day-to-day developments in the Nixon White House of 1972. What a thoroughly ridiculous attempt to further bamboozle the American public with fake history. Was Felt in the loop of information. Maybe? Maybe not? Even if he was, he was obviously not the original source of information fed to Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward by the real Deep Throat.  

This begs the question: Who did betray Nixon? And more importantly, exactly why did they betray him so profoundly? Where JFK’s assassination was a physical murder, Nixon’s was a thoroughly engineered character assassination every bit as damaging to his legacy.

Let’s fast forward to 2008. What do we see but a candidate for president who has quite purposefully hid his entire past. Those who dig into Barack Obama’s background to ferret out the most basic details of his life are thwarted at every turn. His academic records are quarantined, his social security card is as suspect as is his draft card, his personal relationships are completely shrouded from view especially those with the white women that he preferred. Many wonder out loud if Michelle Obama was brought into the picture for purely political reasons. As a hard core Chicago attorney, she certainly possesses all the right attributes to be his handler.  

The most significant piece of Obama’s history which has been scrubbed from all the official records is his birth certificate. This little saga is where Obamagate makes Watergate look like a tea party. Not only did Obama fail to present the most basic qualifications to those who vetted him, to the press, to the Congress, to any court in the land that has entertained numerous law suits against him; when he was finally compelled to post an official-looking birth certificate, it turns out to be a completely fraudulent document.

Here is where we would like to ask the question:
When a constitutional lawyer and ex-Senator knowingly and willingly files a fraudulent and forged birth certificate on an official White House website in order to verify his qualification to run for the highest office in the land, is this more serious than a botched hotel burglary which was engineered to be exposed … and covered up.

Obamagate and Watergate are not even in the same universe.

What’s the point? The point is in the title of this essay. Obamagate and Watergate are not even in the same universe. So why is the mainstream media giving Obama such a pass concerning both a very personal and public matter that essentially constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors and therefore an unprecedented constitutional crisis. Nixon covers up a burglary he knew nothing about and is ruined by the press for all future generations. Obama files a fake birth certificate and the evidence is ignored and belittled, while his truthseeking critics are mocked and marginalized!

Are you beginning to see how the world works? Especially at the level of US presidential politics. Yes? No?
If not, then let’s take a closer look at Bill Clinton’s brush with scandal. The whole Monica Lewinsky affair was engineered only because Clinton did not comply with the dictates of his handlers. They knew his weaknesses as they know every president’s. What they didn’t expect was his headstrong attitude to go his own way every once in a while. This would not be tolerated; hence, Monica the daughter of an undercover Democratic operative was sent in to do the dirty work.

Again, what’s the point? They (the president’s handlers) learned from Clinton that all future presidents must be kept on a VERY short leash. George W. Bush’s leash was as short as we’ve ever seen it, until Obama entered the White House. Because of the unpredictability of our times and the profusion of information on the internet about the World Shadow Government, the real controllers of the Executive Branch of American government understood … knew … decided that insubordination could no longer be tolerated. How can Obama ever refuse to follow orders with a fraudulent birth certificate sitting on the World Wide Web?!

He is a captive of an agenda which has been foisted on him by those who financed his $700 million campaign in 2008. Those who are behind the financiers of his election want to make sure they receive what they paid for. With so much happening so quickly during this second decade of the New Millennium, there is less room for error, and even less leeway for outright incorrigibility. Hence, we have a President who is purposely put under threat of exposure every minute of every day of each year of his term in office.

Now we see why so many are deeply disappointed in the candidate who promised so much change.

How could he possibly bring anything but the more of the same. He has proven to be the ultimate maintainer of the status quo. In fact, the changer of nothing“they are being exiled to the waterless region in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” Now that’s a con man!

What is quite galling, as it is unbelievable, is that here we are in 2012 being conned once again. Manipulated polls, managed focus groups, coerced endorsements, massive amounts of bought and paid for false advertising, hacks and flack throughout the MSM writing pro Obama propaganda that is as implausible as it is ridiculous.

You name it, we’ve seen it this campaign season in a measure never seen before. It seems to signal the end of the political order, if for no other reason that most of US simply can’t take it anymore. Many have left the voter roles years ago, and many more will be gone for good between now and November. Now that’s taking back your power.

Think of the real change that might occur if no one showed up to vote for the lesser of the two evils … for the first time in election history! No voters, no vote. No poll, no politicians to break every campaign promise that was every made. No more Obamagates or Watergates.

State of the Nation 2012
July 10, 2012

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