Obama’s Fast and Furious “GunGate” Dwarfs Watergate

Fast and Furious Coverup Unraveling; Plot To Take Away Guns Exposed

That the Watergate burglary was about a two bit break-in that Richard Nixon never even knew about in advance is now common knowledge. That Obama’s Fast and Furious Program was a carefully coordinated government conspiracy to galvanize public opinion around gun control and to strip away the right of gun ownership is still relatively unknown.

Now that’s one heckuva conspiracy! An actual conspiracy that has the whole administration in a tizzy. Talk about raining on their parade — a criminal contempt of court against the US Attorney General is affirmed in the House on the same day that a blatantly unconstitutional ruling is made by the Supremes.

Talk about drama! Except that the real drama has yet to begin. Very few really understand the depth of the criminal conspiracy and complexity of the coverup which Fast and Furious has become. So big is this story that one political commentator recently wrote: THE BIGGEST SCANDAL IN U.S. HISTORY

Do you understand the far-reaching ramifications of a serious felony crime committed by the Attorney General of the United States of America? Ramifications which easily reach right into the Oval Office and will undoubtedly sink the Obama presidency.  

There are very serious reasons why Attorney General Eric Holder was willing risk a criminal contempt of Congress citation. He is involved in a criminal conspiracy so deep, that concerns a political cause so dear to the president and his handlers, that ….

House Finds Holder in Contempt Over Inquiry on Guns

Now ask yourself, why would Holder make such a fateful decision to carry water for this President, essentially sabotage his career in government … forever. What is so important to the Obama Administration that they would risk an executive branch-wide scandal with the potential to bring down the Democratic Party for decades to come.

Obama Administration coverup of Fast and Furious makes the Watergate coverup look like child’s play

The depth and breadth of any coverup is always a reflection of what is being hidden, and why it is so important to prevent its revelation. In the case of Watergate, we saw an amateur burglary that was purposefully sabotaged to obtain ???, and was then covered up to avoid embarrassing a sitting President running for re-election. Once Richard Nixon found out, he had his team go into full-time damage control to limit the political fallout. Well now that sounds very familiar, too!

Fast forward to 2012. We now have an Attorney General who basically oversaw a scheme to put American made guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels ostensibly to track the guns and trace them back to the various gangs. Of course, this plot quickly unraveled when Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol agent, was shot and killed by one of those traceable guns while in the hands of a Mexican.

See how the plot now continues to thicken. The screenplay will make All the President’s Men look like the thoroughly B movie that it was. When the actual story is revealed about Fast and Furious and the American People understand it as the government conspiracy that it truly is, there will be a palpable change in the mood of the body politic.

For gun-owning Americans, there is perhaps no greater right than the right to bear arms. Thomas Jefferson himself spoke of the need for an armed militia to guard the citizenry from its own government during times of tyranny. Sound familiar?

That time is clearly upon us as a nation, and there is no greater threat to individual freedoms than those draconian measures meted out by the US Federal Government over the past decade. This same government knows that there is only one thing which stands in the way of their total takeover by way of governmental tyranny. And that is lawful gun possession by millions of Americans. This sole fact of life in America is what has prevented its citizens from being stripped of all vestiges of freedom.

“Administration officials intentionally put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, so that when the guns taken from Mexican crime scenes turned out to be American guns, Democrats would have a reason to crack down on gun sellers in the United States.”

This quote from the previously referenced article lays bare the true intention of Obama’s Fast and Furious gun initiative. It is an intention that springs from the World Shadow Government which effectively controls the destiny of the USA. It is the same intention implanted in this Manchurian Candidate known as Barack Hussein Obama. So intent is he on achieving this goal, that his masters will steal the upcoming election for him so he can follow through on gutting the 2nd Amendment through executive orders. Just as he has been doing with illegal immigration.

Now is the time to make this illegitimate president pay the price for skirting the rule of law every every time it serves his agenda to do so. Not only through ensuring an election defeat, but also by prosecuting his many co-conspirators to the fullest extent of the law. Each one needs to be identified throughout all three branches of government and held accountable, just like the Democrats did during the Watergate era.

To conceive such a convoluted scheme in order to abrogate 2nd Amendment rights is as bad as it gets. To implement that scheme, and then have others take the fall when it is exposed as Holder is doing, is even worse. Then, to go to great lengths to cover up this terrible crime against the people using taxpayer dollars and federal employees on government time is truly the height of federal government tyranny. Which is exactly where the Obama Administration is today.

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June 30, 2012

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