“Bombshell NSA conversation caught on tape!”

Re-posted in its entirety with permission from NSA Watch.

   Putin, Jinping and Khamenei discuss Syrian false flag op

/////////////////////////////TOP SECRET/////////////////////////////

Date: September 6, 2013
Location: Moscow; Beijing; Tehran
Content: Discussion of USA response to the sarin gas attack in Syria as a false pretext to launch missile attacks

Transcript of conversation from tapped teleconference line (NSA transcription from September 3, 2013)
Three following heads of state were present on the call:
(1) Russian President Vladimir Putin
(2) Chinese President Xi Jinping
(3) Iranian Supreme Leadder Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Telephonic conversation began at 5:44 UTC


Mr.Putin opened up the conversation with a long introduction as follows:

“Comrades, the Americans are still determined to launch missile strikes on Syria based on fabricated evidence around the sarin gas attack. They themselves provided all the logistical support for those chemical weapons releases with the assistance of Israel and France. Being a former colony, France had all the coordinates established from previous covert operations. The MOSSAD also had several agents involved in the conveyance of the sarin gas from Saudi Arabia into Syria. The rebels were used unwittingly to carry out the actual attack, but had no idea of what was happening. How could they … would they want to die in the middle of the covert op? Of course, the Saudis also had their moneymen on the scene paying off whoever had to be paid for the sake of silence and compliance.

“We wonder just how stupid Obama and Kerry think we are. Do they really think we will allow them to turn Syria into another Libya? As if we will give up our only naval base in the Mediterranean at Tartus. Boy this kid doesn’t have too much between the ears, does he Xi?

“Anyway, what we have to do to prevent these amateurs from putting a match to the Mideast tinderbox is trick them into doing the right thing. Their internal politics and foreign affairs have degenerated into such a sordid, sad and self-serving process that anything or anybody can get chewed up and spit out without knowing what the hell happened. Therefore, I propose we move quickly to give these diplomatic children a way out. You know, they’re way too stupid to figure it out for themselves. That Kerry looks like he’s halfway between comatose and catatonic … you gotta see him up close in a face- to-face meeting. Kind of like a cross between Herman Munster and Frankenstein! Pretty darn scary when you can lie with such a straight face!!!

“As for Obama, we need to school him on how to address other heads of state. He seems to lack any knowledge of the written and unspoken protocols. We’re talking REAL wet behind the ears. Super duper neophyte calling me a “bored kid”. Wonder which lab he was developed in as most of those test tube politicians are given some serious training at very young ages. Boy, did they break the mold after he was hatched! What a proverbial piece of work.

“I’ve got much more to share, Comrades, some of which is top secret, but let’s hear from you both.

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Putin, Jinging and Khamenei discuss Syrian false flag op

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NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, State Dept.

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Dissemination confirmed: September 7, 2013

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