Deep State Out to Destroy Pizzagate Truth Movement

MSM Determined to Sabotage Alt Media Pizzagate Reporting

Why do some Alt Right websites go for the bait?

“Until the pedo-crime spree in Washington, D.C. is exposed and stopped,
US government corruption will continue unabated…even under Trump”

— D.C. Political Insider

State of the Nation

Vital Background Info: PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

There are an unknown number of alternative news platforms that have been erroneously circulating a story about Pizzagate coverage that looks like this:

That the whole Pizzagate narrative was an extremely elaborate hoax fabricated by the agents of Deep State to smear Alt Media with the “fake news” label.  That they executed this blackop to take down alternative news media that helped Trump get elected.

In other words, the countless Deep State co-conspirators of this deliberate plot conceived and intentionally disseminated a fictitious story about James Alefantis’ Comet Ping Pong Pizza parlor in an effort to suck in the entire Alt Right.  

That because there was no basement found at Comet Ping Pong, the whole Pizzagate story has been proven untrue and has therefore discredited every alternative news site that ran with it. Because they purportedly published the ‘fake news’, which they did not.  Btw, it’s the Alefantis-owned Buck’s Fishing & Camping which has the basement

This series of foolish explanations is about as ridiculous as it gets.

As if the Democratic side of the counterfeit coin would willingly participate in a scheme that would ultimately destroy — FOREVER — the reputations of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, John and Tony Podesta, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and many other political heavyweights on the Left who are closely associated with the Pizzagate pedophilia crime spree.

Not only that, but the many indisputable revelations which have been made by numerous Pizzagate investigations have also implicated the Bush Political Dynasty by virtue of the proven facts that both President Bushes were directly involved with Pedogate.  Even the MSM has reported on the Franklin cover-up scandal and Jeff Gannon affair.

Bush Senior: The Franklin Coverup Scandal: The Child Sex Ring That Reached Bush/Reagan White House

W. Bush: Why did a gay male prostitute really visit the W. Bush White House over 200 times?

Just so we have this straight, some commentators are saying that Pizzagate was stealthily floated to bring down the Alt Media even though it actually took down 3 of the most powerful political dynasties in America–the Bush, the Clinton and the Obama crime families.  So, the World Shadow Government would purposefully destroy the three most powerful political brands in America to take down the Alt Right?!

We don’t think so.

As if the MSM-created “fake news” meme wasn’t fabricated in the first place as a means of controlling the whole Pizzagate narrative, so highly radioactive and downright dangerous had it become.  The following graphic is as telling as it gets.

Google Analytics Graphic Proves How The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy Was Implemented To Short-Circuit Pizzagate Scandal

Not only does it reveal how TPTB saw Pizzagate coming, it illustrates how they desperately tried to head it off at the pass. Remember the MSM “fake news” debacle that saw the fraudulently launched PropOrNot initiative?

Washington Post, PropOrNot Demolished For “McCarthyite Hogwash”

Whoever started (C.I.A. obviously), and especially perpetuated, this absurd Alt Media-driven chain letter is totally clueless (except the C.I.A.) to the many grim realities concerning the very real and ongoing Pizzagate crime spree.  An exceedingly organized child sex crime spree, incidentally, which continues to this very day.  In the meantime, Pedogate, which is way bigger by an order of who really knows how much, goes on unimpeded around the globe—24/7.

The critical point here is that Pizzagate is so serious and so HUGE that anyone who denies its reality is immediately suspect.  If they function in the alternative media, they are either a paid shill, CIA operative, FBI COINTELPRO, a very bad reporter, an incompetent investigator, a really incompetent researcher, or a secret collaborator with the MSM echo chamber or worse…as in much worse like a Pizzagate and/or Pedogate perp!

MSM-Coordinated Campaign to Destroy the Pizzagate Truth Movement

All anyone has to do is look at the many initiatives that every single major MSM news outlet has taken over the past couple of weeks.  They have literally gone ballistic with so much transparently “fake news” regarding Pizzagate.

Starting with the fake news story about the Comet Ping Pong shooter (who was really just a crisis actor), the MSM went into overdrive to again spread far and wide that utterly bizarre and fallacious narrative.  The guy –Edgar Welch — was a total joke whose entire family is so deep into the Pizzagate conspiracy that it defies reason that they even chose him to conduct the false flag psyop.

MSM Publishes More Fake News Re: Comet Pizza Shooter

Then the same MSM organs of propaganda piled on the David Seaman hit piece–a story which was particularly extraordinary for its mean-spirited vitriol and groundless gossip. No one has ever seen such an over-the-top piece designed to ‘kill’ a Pizzagate messenger as the article that follows:

Major Hit Piece by The Daily Beast on Pizzagate Investigative Journalist — MSM Stifles Pedogate Truth With a Vengeance

Lastly, there was last week’s big Pizzagate story of the month — WHICH EVERY MAJOR MSM NEWS SITE CARRIED — about Infowars Alex Jones’ epic apology. By all objective accounts, Jones’ apology was about as fake as the “fake news” produced daily by the MSM.


Not only was threatened legally (probably Podesta’s lawyers) and financially (Google Adsense & other advertising revenues) to offer such a badly rehearsed apology script for public consumption, his mea culpa was then quite strategically used to intimidate all the other large Alt Media news platforms, particularly those which needed to be threatened about their Pizzagate coverage.

If Pizzagate is so fictitious and was only a CIA psyop from the get-go, then why is the MSM so obsessed with it.  To shut down Alt Media?  It has turned ‘millions’ of America’s millennials into a massive network of investigative journalists, dark web researchers and private investigators who will never, EVER, let go of Pizzagate or Pedogate.

So exactly why would TPTB do that?  Why would the MSM even go near Pizzagate truth… unless they absolutely had to.

Answer: Because they had to control the story before it got out of hand.

Which brings us to the truth of the matter.

Why has Pizzagate really galvanized Alt Media?

#1 — Because the growing mother lode of circumstantial evidence regarding Pizzagate is as enormous as it is mind-blowing.  And the hard evidence is so incriminating that it cannot be ignored by people of conscience.

#2 — Because the irrefutable Pizzagate proof directly relating to powerful people such as James Alefantis and David Brock, John and Tony Podesta, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama is as staggering as it is damning.

#3 — Because the things that went on in places like Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Buck’s Fishing & Camping cannot be explained away or justified in any way to a reasonable person.  In fact, many Pizzagate analysts wondered if the Edgar Welch shooting drama was staged so that the crime scene could be scrubbed clean.

For these and other reasons, the USA (and the world-at-large) have seen a whole cottage industry of Pizzagate (and Pedogate) investigative journalism pop up practically overnight…out of nowhere.  It’s clear that the heightened intuition of everyday folks has kicked in like never before.  Everyone knows that the children of America nowadays can find themselves in grave danger at any time.  And, that the most vulnerable kids can be kidnapped anytime and never heard from again.

If the Pizzagate narrative was really false, it wouldn’t have produced such a visceral reaction among so many people around the world.  Falsehood simply doesn’t do that; truth does. Only the immediate abundance of substantive discovered facts could have had the effect of creating so many determined Pizzagate journalists, researchers and investigators so quickly. The plethora of circumstantial evidence, alone, is extremely compelling.

This is just one reason why the CIA-circulated story about Pizzagate being a deliberately planted fake news story is so stupid—VERY STUPID!

Alefantis is CIA.  Podesta is CIA.  The Clintons are CIA.  Obama is a card-carrying CIA creation as is his wife.  The whole Comet Ping Pong pedophile ring is a CIA black pedo-operation.  The entire psyop run out of this fake pizza parlor is just one rat’s nest of pedo-crime carried out to compromise D.C. politicos.  Whether the targeted politicians are bona fide pedophiles or not, they can be easily tainted with child sex crimes by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, like Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

Really, no victims?

The number one retort by the Internet trolls and paid shills who comment on the transparent Pizzagate criminal conspiracy is that “there are no victims”.

Of course, there are no victims who have stepped forward; they’re all dead or held in captivity.  How can dead children or imprisoned teenagers finger their murderers or jailers, respectively?  How can they call out their abusers and torturers while being restrained and/or assaulted in a basement dungeon?

Another obvious question for the naysayers is this: Why would a Pizzagate co-conspirator ever become the first whistleblower to call out a global pedo-crime syndicate…except to do so on pain of death?!

Just because the victimized children have not ID’ed the Pizzagate perps does not mean the Washington, D.C. political class is not full of them.  The pedophilia culture inside the Beltway has always leaned in that direction (Left), as power inevitably corrupts.  The longer those corrupt politicians sit in their seats of power, the greater the likelihood that they are forever compromised and/or directly involved in a very real Pizzagate scenario.

Because the C.I.A. uses pedophilia to control so many politicians, Mr. Alefantis was quite unbelievably identified as the “49th most powerful man in Washington, D.C.”  He is also on record for visiting the White House at least 5 times.  He has photos of himself with Tony Podesta, half of the super-lobbyist duo with brother John Podesta.  And he has a thank you letter signed by Hillary Clinton for the use of his restaurant for a Democratic event that raised some serious money.
(Source: PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal)

Proof of Pizzagate

What follows are just a few examples of very serious Pizzagate evidence that ought to send chills up the spine of any truth seeker or person of conscience.

“Still in torture chamber” — Why did John Podesta send an email starting with this statement?

Now here’s a screenshot documentary of James Alefantis’ Internet behavior, that of his associates and other Pizzagate circumstantial evidence.

#Pizzagate: Comet Pizza Owner James Alefantis’ Posted Hundreds of Suspicious Instagram Pictures Like These

Then there’s the confirmed location of the infamous kill room in Washington, D.C.

Pizzagate KILL ROOM LOCATED at the Pegasus Museum in D.C.

Let’s not forget host and bandleader Amanda Kleinman who is also known as “Majestic Ape” to her audiences at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

Pizzagate Evidence: Amanda Kleinman aka ‘Majestic Ape’ and her video “The Neutered Noel”

Lastly, there is this little gem which portrays just how ‘wholesome’ and ‘family oriented’ Comet Ping Pong is for the entire family, children and all.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Podestas, Pizza and Pedos

Special Note:
There is another exceedingly significant reason why Pizzagate was blown wide open which may seem to be at odds with the foregoing discussion; however, they are by no means mutually exclusive.  Once TPTB realized that Donald Trump would be elected POTUS (their choice, of course), they activated their plan B—the Purple Revolution.[1]  This Soros-funded color revolution has always been a major option for the NWO globalist cabal.  TPTB know that the USA must fall hard if the last stages of New World Order agenda are to be implemented.  Hence, Pizzagate was outed in a quite stealthy manner as a means of prodding the Left to show up for the Purple Revolution (PR).  What better way is there to coerce the many purple revolutionaries, and especially their leaders like the Obamas, the Clintons, and the Podestas, to show up in the nation’s capital at the appointed time.  Even Joe Biden and Tim Kaine, Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder have their important roles to play as recently seen.  And it’s Pizzagate that will make sure that no one tries to leave the stage prematurely.  The ruling cabal knows the natural inclination of most revolutionaries will be to squirm out of this very precarious PR predicament.  Most Americans are quite averse to revolutions in their own back yard and prefer to watch them from the comfort of their living room.  Nonetheless, the Purple Revolution must go on so that the hot phase of World War III can be started as a justification for the eventual formation of a totalitarian One World Government.  Which is also the reason for the unrelenting vilification of Russia and demonization of President Putin. What’s really behind all the fake anti-Russia hysteria?


Agents of Deep State have been employed to kill the global investigation of Pedogate and especially the reporting of Pizzagate in the United States.  The C.I.A. cannot permit its primary control mechanism for the ubiquitous Global Control Matrix to be exposed to the extent where it becomes ineffective.

Toward that end, the MSM has been enlisted to conduct a highly coordinated media campaign to undermine the Alt Media at every turn of Pizzagate events.  This global campaign has been ramped up exponentially over the past 2 weeks.  It will only intensify until all of the largest PropOrNot websites[2] that covered Pizzagate from a truthful perspective are intimidated into complete silence.

The bottom line here has already been expressed by the D.C. political insider quoted above:

“Until the pedo-crime spree in Washington, D.C. is exposed and stopped,
US government corruption will continue unabated…even under Trump”

And the following exposé proves that this will be the case.  Especially since Labor nominee Alex Acosta was just approved today by the Senate committee. PEDOGATE: Alex Acosta’s Nomination for Labor Secretary Must Be Rejected

Lastly, at the risk of sounding redundant, Pizzagate must be thoroughly investigated by law enforcement authorities asap.  The guilty leaders, in particular, must be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Likewise, Pedogate must be fully exposed so that the USA can lead the international charge against the pedo-perpetrators.  Anything short of this will guarantee that the world community of nations will sink further into chaos and war.

State of the Nation
March 30, 2017

Author’s Note

This month of March saw an alarming MSM story which desperately attempted to link the fictitious “Russian election hack” narrative with Pizzagate in order to falsely “indict” the Alt Right new websites which propelled Trump to victory.  As follows: Now this is quite scary! Democrats on a witch hunt due to own shortcomings.  Should the Congress take the country down this preposterous rabbit hole, there will be one alternative for We the People to take back our country.

Editor’s Note

There is a perpetual tendency on the part of the alternative news media to believe and disseminate any cynical statement put out there which makes them look so smart.  Many sites simply grab onto a totally false story so as not to look stupid because it appears to sound so cool and hip to understand.  In other words they fraudulently adopt an intellectually skeptical and cynical posture so as to look prescient to their audience.  In this way, many sites have unwittingly become echo-chambers for the C.I.A., and even the MSM.  And they don’t even know they’ve been used.  The other very important and relatively unknown reality here is that most of the Alt Media websites that start these fake media campaigns were set up by the C.I.A.

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[1]  BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America

[2] HINDSIGHT: Deep State Blackop Listed And Falsely Accused PropOrNot Websites For Multiple Reasons

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