“Still in torture chamber” — Why did John Podesta send an email starting with this statement? (2 Videos)

Podesta has some serious explaining to do about these leaked videos

SOTN Editor’s Note:
There are many WikiLeaks emails sent and received by John Podesta which have highly inappropriate and strange references that make no sense in a professional context. Hence, there is no question that his email language MUST contain code words for something else … and it is most likely “something” which required absolute secrecy.

The following excerpt is from a December 2016 article on the developing Pizzagate story. It refers to a January 2014 email sent by Podesta which contains one such “highly inappropriate and strange” statement about him being “Still in torture chamber”.  A screenshot of the relevant WikiLeaks email has been posted below as an attachment.

“Tony Podesta sent an e-mail to John Podesta referencing how he is still in a “torture chamber”.  The title of the e-mail “Last night was fun” seems to indicate that he had fun in the “torture chamber” last night. This is another very strange e-mail. Perhaps Tony could explain to FBI agents what this “torture chamber” reference is all about.”
(Source: Pizzagate Flashback: Podesta’s “Torture Chamber”)

Which brings this part of the investigation to the 2 videos below of what appears to be a man in a torture chamber terrorizing a young girl.  The man’s voice sounds an awful lot like John Podesta’s.  She also calls him “John” at one point.  The following link offers some very revealing voice analysis.

Comparison of John Podesta’s Voice with Voice in WorldCorp “Fatherhood” Child Abuse Leaked Video


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