Can the Global Financial and Economic Collapse be Mitigated, or Averted Altogether?

This is the biggest question on everyone’s mind.

Also: Why Trump? Why Now?

State of the Nation

Donald and Melania Trump dancing to “My Way” at the inaugural ball.

Remember when Donald Trump danced his first dance at the Inaugural Ball?

What song did he and Melania dance to?  ‘My Way‘.

He danced this dance right after issuing what was essentially a declaration of war against the financial and political elites of the world.

“Trump Issues Earth-Shattering Ultimatum! Elites Don’t
Know What To Do! War Of The Titans Looms Large!”

Back Story

For those who want the short story as to why Donald Trump was chosen to lead the nation out of the monumental mess that was created by the international banking crime syndicate, please consult the following crucial article—it’s all there.

TRUMP: The NWO Cabal’s Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy

If you read the preceding article, you will notice that there is no reference to Donald Trump’s understanding of who he really works for.  Whether he is cognizant of any handlers in the room, if there are handlers, is not addressed.  Likewise, whether he knows that he — ultimately — answers to the banking “Masters of the Universe” is not addressed.

However, make no mistake about it, the folks that he has assembled to help usher the United States of America through the greatest challenges of the century were chosen for VERY good reason.  Just like he was chosen.

Who, then, really chose The Donald to lead the USA at this critical juncture in American history?

Answer: You know who.

But why was Trump specifically chosen?

Because what is about to play out in living color, during prime time — EVERYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH — is so HUGE that the star players had to be ready to perform their roles.  And Trump has been preparing to play his very special part his whole life.

Trump is a bankruptcy expert.  He’s a specialist in this area of expertise which will come in very handy for what the United States is about to face.  That is quite obvious to anyone who has studied the economic and financial landscape of the USA.

For the uninitiated, there is only one way out of the current predicament for the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS).  Because the central banks of the world, like the Federal Reserve System, were set up as an international banking crime syndicate, the banksters have made off with all the loot.  In so doing, nations large and small, rich and poor are now crushed by their sovereign debt loads.  Likewise, the people of most nations are even more burdened by mortgage loan debt, credit card debt, school loan debt, and other forms of personal debt.  Similarly, Corporate America and cities have their overwhelming share of corporate bond debt and municipal bond debt, respectively.

Both in the USA and the EU, the policies of ZIRP* and NIRP*, respectively, have literally destroyed the economic systems and financial architecture—irreparably.  Therefore, there must be a major reset throughout the GE&FS.

*ZIRP = Zero interest-rate policy; NIRP = Negative interest rate policy

Many thought the final collapse of the GE&FS might come during the Shemitah year of 2015, or at the end of the Super Shemitah year in 2016 as these major events have occurred with utter predictability in the past.[1]  However, the world was in no way prepared for such an eventuality.  Obama was so ill-equipped to deal with anything but the golf course, as were his clueless underlings.  Merkel, Hollande, Renzi, Cameron and Trudeau were likewise put into power to exacerbate the economic plight of the world, as they all did and still do.

Hence, what has happened is that the Higher Power has benevolently conspired with the people of good will in America and the world-at large, to ensure a more orderly collapse also known as a reset. Executing such an unprecedented reset (and unparalleled rehab) will take the presence of a true master.  Such a one who truly operates outside of the central banking box and political sphere, but who is surrounded by financial engineers and economic technicians, is in the best position to marshal the nation through this very formidable yet inevitable process of controlled demolition.

There is no other way out.

For the newcomers, the sheer depth and breadth of the institutional defects and systemic problems is such that only an orderly default will suffice until it is completed.  That’s why President Trump was so very determined to become POTUS.  There was no one else in sight to do this incomparable job.  There’s no one even in the same room with Trump. Which is why everyone’s screaming at him; they know that he has a job to do that will wreck and ruin their little worlds, no matter how rich and powerful they may be.

There’s an old saying: “Whoever has the biggest balls is the boss.”

No one would want to get near this controlled demolition (CD) except a New York City builder who has seen his share of CDs and who also has deep personal and business experience with bankruptcies.  Trump knew that, if left to their own devices, the NWO cabal was prepared to have Hillary Clinton oversee what would be the Second Great Depression with extremely catastrophic results.

Trump also knew that, as a bona fide change agent, he would face the endless criticism and calumny every agent of change experiences. However, the prescribed destruction phase of such a necessary transformation would surely go way beyond the U.S. government, banking sector, political arena, mainstream media, etc. all the way to the very foundation of the Deep State.  Which meant that Trump was going up against the entire System in a classic David and Goliath fight to the finish.

The C.I.A. And Deep State Conspiracy Finally Exposed

That’s why Trump won—he’s got the biggest cajones in the jungle.  He has to in order to undertake what is surely the greatest challenge of his life and ever confronted by the U.S. Federal Government.   In this exceedingly difficult role Trump is being beckoned toward a serious proactive approach that will take the form of a controlled demolition of the Federal Reserve, the TBTF banks, the entire Investment Banking Industry, among many other key components of the GE&FS.  He is essentially taking on the financial and political “Masters of the Universe”.

Ron Paul was absolutely right when he recently said that Trump was doing his level best to alleviate the pain to the American people as they face this upcoming crisis.  Therefore, the people need to cut him some serious slack as he ventures forth into territory where no man or country has ever gone before.

Ron Paul Says Trump Is Trying To Stop Global Collapse

We’re talking about a very controlled collapse of the whole fractional reserve banking system and Keynesian economic model.  Both are so fundamentally flawed that they became the bane of human existence.  Likewise, the entire corporate structure of the planetary civilization will become the object of Trump’s wrecking ball.  The present “Limited Liability” clause, which is baked in every corporate charter, needs to be removed before the corporatocracy destroys the entire planet.

Cui bono?  Who really gains and who really loses?

The bottom line here is that no matter how this situation is handled by Trump, those who abused the system stand to suffer the most.  While those who were abused the most have the most to gain.  For there will be an incomparable leveling of the playing field. This is why the vast majority of the wealthy elites are so up in arms.  They know that their whole world is about to change in the blink of an eye.

The good news is that populations everywhere will be liberated from the economic prisons and financial straightjackets that many are now in.  That especially includes those nations to the extent that they have been beholden to the neoliberal banksters.

Key Point: There is a very prescient financial and economic analyst on the Internet who has written that the great robber barons of old, banking elites, wealthy industrialists, business magnates, corporate CEOs and presidents, etc. really do have the most to lose in the coming reset.  That’s because they have all participated in the greatest economic transfer of real wealth in human history — gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, oil, gas, coal, timber, farm produce, etc. — from themselves and their corporate entities to We the People who have benefited handsomely from the many manufactured and agricultural products.

However, what do the elites have to show for their decades of industriousness but worthless dollars and empty bank account digits which can be wiped out with the push of a button.  They don’t even have stones … much less 2 real silver nickels to rub together.  That is, of course, unless they have been stockpiling gold and silver for the past 20 years.

Nevertheless, once the economy undergoes a comprehensive reset, who will buy so many of their products and services, especially those goods that are not depression or, at least, recession proof.  Were those financial “Masters of the Universe” really that shortsighted?

Special Note:
There is an extremely important back story to the election of Donald Trump that speaks directly to him being the perfect foil to the NWO globalist cabal.  Trump’s rise to the POTUS is not too unlike the sustained ascendancy of Russian President Vladimir Putin as explained in this important expose: Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR.  In fact, the innate desire of Trump to work closely with Putin in the interest of world peace is at the very root of both of their successful movements.  While the Neocons have tried desperately to take out Putin any way they can, they have now directed their destructive energies toward Trump.  However, the ruling cabal will NOT be able to dislodge either leader as both Trump and Putin are part of a much larger divine plan that cannot be thwarted.  There truly are great forces operating in the background which have kept Putin in power and guaranteed Trump’s victory.  Some call them The Great White Brotherhood; others call them the Acsended Masters.  As follows: THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages


There is no stopping the unavoidable.  National destinies are rarely if ever so altered.

The Global Economic & Financial System is in desperate need of a wrecking ball and President Trump happens to have one that works quite well.  Were Hillary Clinton or any other career criminal politician to have assumed the presidency, life in America and beyond would have been a bloody disaster in the wake of such inevitability.

Only by bringing the GE&FS down into its own footprint can a new system be constructed that truly serves We the People.  As it stands, the existing GE&FS catastrophe was only put into place as a population control mechanism.  It serves the ever-vaunted “Masters of the Universe” only, and not the people of the world.  It’s now time for The Donald to really gear up and put his wrecking ball into action.

State of the Nation
January 27, 2017

Author’s Note

There you have it: the immediate future of the world in one short blog.  However, if the reader really wants to know what is going on, the following 2 articles provide essential 2017 context and historical perspective.  More importantly, these exposés explain the major moves currently being played out on the rapidly changing global geopolitical chessboard.

Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted Part I

The Donald Cannot Make A Wrong Move, The Trump Movement Will Not Be Thwarted — Part II

Editor’s Note

President Trump is surely destined to be a transitional president.  Real change agents usually come and go with the speed and force of a wrecking ball.  That’s exactly what is urgently needed in this time and place.  Trump is preparing the USA, as well as the world community of nations, for the next phase of global transformation on a scale never seen before.  Hence, he really doesn’t care if you like him as he knows there is not a single politically correct thing that he is about to do.  Welcome to Trumpageddon!




ZIRP: The Most Destructive Weapon Of Financial Mass Destruction In Existence

NIRP: The End Of Europe And Beginning Of World War III


The apocalyptic scenario described below is where the NWO globalist cabal was taking the entire civilization.  With the leadership of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, this scheme to ultimately establish a One World Government has been short-circuited—PERMANENTLY.

Excerpt from: The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism

The global money matrix, worldwide financial architecture and planetary economic landscape most closely resemble the proverbial House of Cards in the form of a Pyramid-Ponzi scheme superstructure built on quicksand.  Therefore, any sober and sane inhabitant of Planet Earth would only want to be rid of it all.  And that’s exactly what the FOUR HORSEMEN aim to do.  Trample it all under, so that we may finally be rid of it all.

Why the FOUR HORSEMEN and just who, or what, are they?  The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse quite aptly resembles the forces that have already been “let loose upon the land”.  The consequences, and aftermath, of what will be left in their wake are listed below, and the challenges and adversities that will accompany each of them will last through this entire decade baring deus ex machina.





The hooves of these FOUR HORSEMEN will be felt in every corner of the globe, as each of them knows no boundaries and has been empowered to act with complete impunity.  They know neither rich nor poor, neither strong nor weak, neither clever nor dull.  The HORSEMEN will spare nothing, and no one, in their zeal to completely level a multi-millennia old system that has brought so much pain and suffering, wreck and ruin, trial and tribulation, to the masses of the world.  Every continent, nation, state and province, city and county, village and town will be profoundly affected and fundamentally altered … forever.
(Source: The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism)

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