Trump Was Chosen To Implement The Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy

The Donald is the TRUMP Card
of the International Banking Cartel


There is no other way out for the bankrupt U.S. Corporation except an “Orderly Default”?

State of the Nation

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With the appointment of a former Goldman Sach’s top executive to the Trump Campaign, who also worked for Soros Fund Management, it should be clear that Goldman & Company is getting set for the inevitable. After all, Donald Trump is a well-known bankruptcy artist. He has at least four (maybe 5) under his belt and therefore plenty of practice for the BIG ONE. The “Biggest One of All Time” is of course the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation, Inc. which everyone now knows is effectively bankrupt because of the Federal Reserve practice of relentless Quantitative Easing (also known as money printing out of thin air).

Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

Now that Trump has also secured the endorsements of Sheldon Adelson (Gambling Magnate of the World) and Carl Icahn (Corporate Raider without peer), as well as the likes of Chris Christie and Rick Scott, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, clearly something quite momentous is occurring under the radar.

All of those names are very significant.  Each one provides a HUGE endorsement for The Donald.  More importantly, every individual represents a very important piece of the 1% electorate.  Hence, something extremely critical has taken place behind the political scenes which is reflecting a sea change toward The Donald.  That something is the growing acceptance that he is an established bankruptcy expert par excellence … .. … and what America needs desperately is an orderly default… and fast!

Trump has done this before and can do the bankruptcy routine blindfolded, handcuffed while straightjacketed.  Yes, he is the Houdini of bankruptcies and quite world famous for them.  Who else has become richer with each successive business bankruptcy than Trump?!  The Donald has been practicing for this gig his whole professional life. And, “YES”, he knows it.  In fact it is the only way possible for him to stand by his campaign promise to : “Make America Great Again”.  There is really no other way!

There you have it—the scoop of the millennium.


Yes, this whole preplanned bankruptcy thing is a major controlled demolition in the works … exactly like 2008.  Here’s what that really looked like but never appeared in the MSM.

 The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008

Here is another reality check on 2007, 2008 and beyond that you will not read anywhere else—Why?  Because it’s too brutally honest.

The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism

Even the Mainstream Media is floating the USA bankruptcy narrative as follows:


State of the Nation
May 7, 2016

Author’s Note

For those folks who followed the Shemitah happenings of 2015, 2016 has been identified as the Super Shemitah.  It simply does not get any bigger than the Super Shemitah, especially where it concerns the predicted economic Armageddon which inevitably occurs after the financial Apocalypse.  And there is no stopping it because we have hit mathematical certainty across all the markets —stocks and bonds, currencies and commodities, real estate and insurance, derivatives and carbon.

There are very good reasons why:  Trump tells Janet Yellen: “You’re Fired!”

Editor’s Note

It’s crucial to note when discussing the U.S. national debt to understand that the total amount of indebtedness has absolutely nothing to do with the American people.  We the People did not sign for that outrageous debt, nor are we obligated to pay it back.  It is the bankster’s debt and theirs alone to pay back.  They incurred it for their own self-serving reasons and will be forced to bear the consequences of the default, be it orderly or disorganized.  Hence, if and when The Donald takes the nation through a formal bankruptcy, he knows that it is the U.S. Corporation that is forever going bankrupt, not the American Republic.


Former Goldman Sachs Elite Becomes Trump’s Financial Chairman

Sheldon Adelson Says He Will Support Donald Trump

TRUMP: The NWO Cabal’s Nuclear Option—To Declare U.S. Bankruptcy | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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