BREAKING: Obama’s Entire Staff PISSED After What Trump Just Did On Unexpected Visit

By Amber
Freedom Daily

Looks like when President-elect Donald Trump spoke of draining the swamp, he wasn’t just referring to DC. In effect, the Transition Team has just issued pink slips to hundreds of overpaid Obama staffers who serve as ambassadors and diplomats. They were given notice to have their letters of resignation to Trump by Inauguration Day… no exceptions. Of course, liberals were outraged over this, claiming that it is unprecedented. Except that Barack Obama did the exact same thing when he came into office. The only difference being is he gave leeway to the ambassadors and diplomats so their children could finish the school year. Trump is not doing that… it’s everyone out of the pool… now.

Trump is being all business about this and I don’t blame him. He wants to replace Obama’s sycophants as soon as possible so he can get things done and start cleaning up Obama’s mess. Liberals are claiming the posts could remain vacant for months since many have to be confirmed. That doesn’t bother Trump at all… there are temporary personnel to fill the gap. There is no grace period on this directive… deal with it.

It does break with presidential tradition, but again, I don’t think that bothers President-elect Trump in the slightest. Obama has been an obstructionist all the way, so Trump doing this is no surprise. Don’t feel sorry for these people. Most are huge donors of Obama and Clinton. Many are lifelong politicos.

From Truth Monitor:

Donald Trump dropped a bombshell on Barack Obama’s entire administration just before Christmas when he fired every U.S. ambassador appointed by the current president, effective Inauguration Day.

A report published by The New York Times on Thursday night revealed that the State Department sent out a notice on December 23 explaining to Obama’s ambassadors that they will all be out of the job as of January 20.

While liberals are up in arms about this, a senior Trump official said there was no ill will behind this move. Instead, it was simply meant to ensure that Obama’s political appointees leave their positions on schedule, just as thousands of other government employees must do. The official added that this directive should not have come as a surprise to the ambassadors.

Past administrations have often fired all of the previous president’s “political” ambassadors, as these people were typically major donors who were nominated by virtue of close ties with the president. Meanwhile, career diplomats are typically permitted to remain at their posts.

Not this time, however, as Trump is making it clear he wants to purge the entire government of anyone related to Obama.

For those who did not take the mandate seriously, their lives will be turned upside down and they will be faced with a choice… come home to the states or pay for a place etc. out of their own pocket. They should have anticipated this move and seen it coming. They won’t get much sympathy from the Trump administration.

“When you have people out there whose only reason for being an ambassador is their political connection to the outgoing president of a different party, it’s pretty logical to say they should leave,” said Mr. Neumann, a career Foreign Service officer who held ambassadorships in Algeria, Bahrain and Afghanistan. “But I don’t recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just, ‘Everybody out of the pool immediately.’”

Trump is shaking everything up nicely and putting people and politicians off balance. That’s good. Each of these people got a letter informing them of this the day after the election. Trump is treating this like a business and these people were just told, “You’re fired!” Good times.



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