Why Was The Obvious Sandy Hook Hoax Really Staged!

Because of the Universal Mayan Meme
Associated with December 21, 2012


And To Neutralize the Transformative Energies Associated with the End of the Mayan Long Count Calendar

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Today is the 4th anniversary of Sandy Hook.

There are very specific reasons why the fake Sandy Hook School mass shooting was staged as an extremely obvious hoax … just 7 days before December 21st, 2012, the last day of the Mayan Long Count Calendar according to many experts and commentators.

When does the Mayan Long Count Calendar really end?

That day — 12/21/2012 — was viewed by hundreds of millions of people around the globe as a very special day indeed.  It represented many different things to many different peoples.  Above all, however, it represented a day of great hope for all of humankind.

No matter what the eventuality, December 21 of 2012 was awaited with eager anticipation as it was with felt trepidation.  Underneath it all, there was an extraordinary optimism that such a day served as a temporal line of demarcation between the old world full of negativity and a new world with a bright and positive future.

With so many souls scattered around the world standing in prayer and sitting in meditation for “a new heaven and new earth” to emerge from the ashes of the passing era, the collective expectations were never higher and bolder.  Many even postulated that the evolution of the human race would be accelerated as the ascension of Planet Earth was greatly facilitated.  Some spoke of the Age of Aquarius while others referred to it as the upcoming Golden Age or Satya Yuga in the East.

Sandy Hook

Then, before it could all unfold with great enthusiasm and shared excitement, Sandy Hook happened.

It was immediately viewed as the fake false flag shooting that it truly was. A total hoax through and through.

VIDEO: Sandy Hook GAME OVER: 100% HOAX

This blatant hoax was also executed by TPTB as a means to take away the guns and gut the Second Amendment.  In fact, Connecticut, where the Newtown elementary school is located, has already passed the most restrictive gun legislation in the nation.


Special Note:
There are specific reasons why the fake Sandy Hook shooting was staged in the state of Connecticut.  There are more global and national corporate headquarters located in CT than in any other state in the union. Fairfield County just may be the richest in the nation on a per capita basis when considering the total number of millionaires.  Many of these nouveau riche made their millions from highly predatory Wall Street firms, and they know that the folks on Main Street are on to them.  Hence, the draconian gun control legislation had been pushed as a precautionary measure.  Furthermore, the shadow leadership of the Government-Corporate Complex also used such a shocking massacre as a way of sending a HUGE message to Corporate America: that their children were not safe anywhere in the 50 states; so they had better shut up and obey—24/7.
(The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA)

Distraction, Diversion, Misdirection

However, the single biggest effect of Sandy Hook was the distraction from the main event of the third millennium—the perceived end of the 5125 year-long Mayan Long Count Calendar.

The ruling elites knew that they would have to stage an extremely horrific event to divert the attention of as many human beings as possible.  And so they did … with the fabricated ‘brutal killing’ of so many young and innocent school children.

It’s true that Sandy Hook was instrumental in misdirecting the attention spans of millions for months because of how emotionally charged the bogus event was set up to be. Such a deliberate misdirection was necessary if the ruling elites were to be successful in diffusing the very positive and transformative energies which have been streaming through our Solar System.


That Sandy Hook was staged on December 14th, exactly seven days prior to the 21st was no accident of fate.  As a matter of unknown fact, the whole psyop was meticulously orchestrated to draw your attention away from the unparalleled merging of positive energies from human hearts from across the planet.  This awesome and incomparable phenomenon had the power to change the whole world in a day and a night.

The repercussions of that day — December 21st, 2012 — are still being experienced the world over.  Those positive energies are ever-present as they reverberate throughout this entire plane of existence making their presence felt in myriad ways.  The awakening of human consciousness could not be thwarted as we now see during this highly consequential Year of the Red Fire Monkey.

The Earth-Shaking Year of the Red Fire Monkey Begins On February 8, 2016

Those who ordered the staging of that fraudulent attack at Sandy Hook are still operating at the highest echelons of the US government and beyond.  However, they are all being taken down — ever so slowly — just like the frog in the boiling water.  One day, very soon, they will all be removed from power as their control matrix self destructs. PIZZAGATE is only one piece of their certain destruction.

PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

There are many other significant reasons for the Sandy Hook black operation, which are well beyond the scope of this short retrospective analysis.  Each of them will be revealed at the proper time in the future, some of those revelations will also occur on the 12/21 Anniversary Day, just as this unprecedented disclosure is being made for the very first time today on 12/14—Sandy Hook Day.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
December 14, 2016

Editor’s Note

The reference listed below clearly lays out the likelihood that those who operate at the highest levels of command within the Global Control Matrix had a hand in choosing the end date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar (MLCC).  They did this for reasons related directly to occult astrology and esoteric calendars, cabalistic numerology and hermetic freemasonry.  Various researchers have offered alternative dates for the final end of the MLCC, some of which include 2016. Does the MAYAN CALENDAR Really end in 2016?

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