Liberal History Professor — Robert S. McElvaine — Literally Goes Mad On FOX News

Tucker Starts Foaming At The Mouth When He Slams Professor! So Brutal It’s Funny! CIA And FBI Disagree On Hacking!

By Project Clarity

Professor says there Is substantial Evidence That Russia Stole The Election! Tucker says “proof It”! I have been covering this Russian hacker thing for 4 months. Assange made it very clear that the info he got was not from the Russians. Judge Napolitano says it came from the NSA and FBI. I’ve done several videos on that, but with the December 19 Electors vote only 6 days away the Democrats have pulled out all the stops. I would not be surprised if a false flag event is staged to stop the vote. Hillary, Obama, and Pelosi are inventing issues on the fly! It is do or die! Pray that whoever is watching over Trump will get him through the next 45 days.

Clapper says that there was no proof that Russia was the hacker! The CIA says Russia did it, the FBI says they didn’t! Clapper is suppose to report to Congress on the discrepancy on Friday.

The liberal media, Obama, and Pelosi are all hypocrites!

On a side note, it is interesting to see which one of Trump’s kids is moving to DC and not going to be involved in running his business. Can you say President Ivanka?!!!! Four years from now she becomes the first female President. How sweet would that be! Trump has a huge ego and it wouldn’t surprise me that he is already thinking that far out!!!


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