Mainstream Media Demise Guaranteed After Decades Of Delivering Fake News

MSM Guilty of Countless Criminal Cover-ups

Volumes of Fake News Manufactured by the MSM to Support USA Warmongering for More Than a Century

Major Networks and Newspapers of Record have conspired to
cover up numerous
acts of high treason, war crimes, genocide,
and crimes against humanity

State of the Nation

Since the advent of the Internet, many Americans now know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) knew in advance about the ‘surprise attack’ on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on December 7, 1941–“a date which will live in infamy”.   Of course, the real reason for this is the infamous decision to allow the ‘surprise attack’ to occur by the Roosevelt Administration, when it could have been easily prevented.

The facts surrounding the case are such that the U.S. Government actually provoked the attack by shutting down the vital oil and gas shipping lanes to and from Japan.  By depriving the Japanese of fuel, the government warhawks were the first to commit an act of war.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) was well aware of this machination to trick the American people into militarily entering World War II.  Nevertheless, the MSM agreed to go along with the whole charade by working closely with FDR in deliberately deceiving the American people into war.

Similar deceits by the MSM also occurred in the triggering of World War I (sinking of the Lusitania), the escalation of the Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin incident) and instigating the Korean War (provoking the North Korean bombardment of the South).

The MSM quite readily went along with all of these warmongering initiatives stealthily keeping the truth from the American people while using yellow journalism to inflame the passions for war.  As a matter of historical fact, it has often been proven that the major media companies were in the loop of all of these real conspiracies to deceive the American people.

In every case, the direct involvement of the MSM was integral to the success of the various plots to cover-up the intrigues that were hatched to start all of the wars.  The major media outlets likewise published whatever false stories (now known as fake news) were necessary to maintain the war narrative.  In this way the public war sentiments were inevitably inflamed as the corporate war enterprises were unduly enriched.

The fake Arab Spring and the MSM

Now fast forward to 2011 and the Arab Spring.  This CIA-coordinated series of color revolutions was approved by President Obama and outlined in his Presidential Study Directive-11.  It was then carried out surreptitiously by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton working in concert with the C.I.A. and their ISIS proxies on the ground in the targeted Middle Eastern countries.

Presidential Study Directive-11: The Secret Scheme That Destroyed The Middle East Via The Arab Spring

One can only imagine the massive volumes of outright propaganda and naked falsehoods that were spewed by the MSM during what was essentially an extended CIA black op—the fake Arab Spring.  Not only did the MSM cover-up the Zio-Anglo-American creation of the ISIS terror network, the material support of the ISIL caliphate and the protection of the IS territories, they conspired with the Obama Administration to fabricate false pretexts for the apocalyptic Libyan and Syrian Wars.  Both of these unlawful acts of unprovoked aggression served to cause the largest forced exodus in modern history in the wake of planned genocides by the various terrorist organizations.

Just as deceitfully, the MSM colluded with the White House to cover-up America’s direct involvement with the Egyptian color revolution, as well as the ongoing Saudi-American war on Yemen.  The ever-present disaster in Palestine is always covered up by the MSM as was the attempted coup d’état in Turkey by the U.S.-commanded NATO operation run out of Incirlik Air Base.

Obama Administration and MSM joined at the hip

Never in American history has an administration enjoyed such a cozy and incestuous relationship with all of the major MSM outlets.  Even FOX News has given this Noble Peace Prize winning and warmongering president a pass on his various cataclysmic ventures throughout the Middle East.

This extremely destructive collaboration between Obama and the MSM was born out of the natural relationship that exists between the ultra-liberal and highly sympathetic media and the left-wing, progressive Obamabots.  This partnership has been characterized as a marriage made in hell by those who have surveyed the many battlegrounds across the planet.  Not only has the press permitted Obama to effectively function as the Drone Ranger, the MSM has supported his every war and military initiative.

It has even been pointed out by some investigative journalists that Obama’s main task was actually to set up a conducive environment for a hot phase World War III.  By deliberately re-starting the Cold War with Russia, he and Secretary of State Clinton were instrumental in implementing the cold phase of WW3 which caused extreme financial hardship and economic instability the world over.

This is how major wars are always manufactured by the international bankers and sold to the public by the media.  And they are sure to use Democrat administrations to sell and set up the wars, just as Obama has done for 8 disastrous years.

The World Wars Are Always Set Up And Prosecuted By Democratic Administrations

It is the profound disruption of this clandestine agenda that galvanized the MSM to support such a highly defective presidential candidate as Hillary Clinton.  The baton was supposed to be handed to her so that she could officially start WW3.  SOS Clinton has already offended President Vladimir Putin considerably by her encouragement of mass protests (that were staged by the C.I.A. in Moscow) against the president in December 2011. This outright meddling in the Russian election process by a foreign power was greatly facilitated by the worldwide media giants.  The MSM has since made much of the animosity between the two leaders, so much so that practically everything is now blamed on the Russians.

The Trashing of Donald Trump

The harsh reality across the USA is that every major organ of the Mainstream Media (MSM) has made common cause with the political class to systematically deceive and mislead the American people.  This highly organized and purposeful conspiracy to defraud the electorate was on full display during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

The MSM and Intelligence Agencies Conspicuously Gang Up On Trump and Alt Media

In fact, the production of the patently false fake news about Donald Trump was so overwhelming that the MSM has forever lost what little credibility they had.  Likewise, the suppression of real news about Hillary Clinton was observed by nations around the world. Mrs. Clinton was also treated to an unparalleled amount of positive coverage, which was actually fake news at its absolute worst.


No presidential candidate in U.S. history has been the victim of so much MSM-generated fake news as Donald J. Trump.  And all the major MSM propaganda outlets continue their fake news onslaught to this very day.  It appears that they will not relent in their relentless assaults on Mr. Trump even after Inauguration Day.

What The Donald has done is thoroughly expose the major media platforms for what they truly are–fake news factories.  Their utter disdain for Trump compelled the MSM to cross all the normal boundaries of journalistic fact-finding and etiquette.  It was clear from the onset of the campaign that the real owners of the 6 major media corporations gave the editors strict orders to trash Trump at every opportunity.

The MSM dutifully followed these orders from on high, except that in their zeal they recklessly created many opportunities out of thin air.  In so doing they were successful in wrecking and ruining their reputations—irreparably.  The New York Times felt compelled to issue a humiliating mea culpa, perhaps the first of its kind from a major daily.  The Washington Post has likewise published so many false articles about Russia that it could only have come from way above the editors who would normally not be so foolish.

The good news is that President-elect Trump has efficiently revealed the MSM for what they are—the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.  They were also exposed time and again for their ridiculously close working relationship with the Clinton Campaign.  CNN is now known as the Clinton News Network—how crazy and convoluted is that?!

The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft


The bottom line here is that all of the major Mainstream Media news outlets would rather publish falsehood and slowly go out of business than print truth and reverse their downward spirals.  It’s true the MSM will literally avoid any semblance of truth-telling so addicted are they to propagating fake news, 24/4 over the past century.

Because of the rapid expansion of the Internet, the monopoly that the MSM has always enforced is disintegrating by the day.  The alternative news media are now slowly chipping away at the dominance the MSM once enjoyed.  More significantly, the people are waking up to the unrelenting deception and false reporting conducted by the MSM and their corporate sponsors.  With each day, thousands are leaving their MSM comfort zone and decisively moving to the Alt Media.

The great irony of their current deteriorating predicament is that the MSM created it. Once they saturated the World Wide Web with their fabricated ‘fake news’ meme, they set themselves up for their own exposure.  The Alt Media has been working triple time in setting the record straight about the decades of transparently fake news that the MSM has fabricated.  They have also clarified, with the volumes of facts that they have published about many historical events, what the MSM has either obfuscated or improperly covered up.

This, then, will be the real cause of the demise of the MSM.  That they actively participated in some of the most destructive cover-ups in American history.  For example, not only did the MSM owners and editors cover up the 9/11 truth, they directly collaborated with the true perpetrators who executed those false flag terror attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.  Not good … not good at all!

9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History

State of the Nation
December 18, 2016

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