CenturyLink Wants To Eliminate All Landlines

From Katie Singer
katie@katiesinger.com via aweber.com 

Century Link would like to eliminate landlines. On July 14, 2016, the FCC paved the way for the “sunset” of landlines at the federal level. Now, states must enact similar rules. Once these rules pass, only cellular phones and voice over Internet protocols (VOIPs) such as Magic Jack and Skype, will be available.

          The FCC has requested Comments about Century Link’s request. Comments are due Wednesday, November 30. Here are directions for submitting a Comment to the FCC: http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/comments-fcc-centurylink/

          Please also send your concerns to your state legislators.

          My Comment will state that

          a) We need landlines for emergency preparedness, since mobile phones and VOIPs do not work during power outages (unless you’ve got industrial strength battery backup).

          b) We need landlines because the second anyone goes wireless, they risk interception. Hacking already endangers individuals, schools, banks, the health insurance industry, other businesses and governments. The cost of maintaining software to guard against hacking rises exponentially at a time when budgets are being slashed. 

          c) We need landlines because the National Inst. of Health’s National Toxicology Program study, released on May 25, 2016, definitively shows that 2G cell phone radiation causes malignant brain and heart tumors and damages DNA. Pregnant women, children, people with medical implants and the infirm deserve the choice of using a corded landline telephone. The FCC and state legislators have fiduciary responsibilities to protect this choice.


A bill to “sunset” landlines in California, proposed earlier this year, did not pass because legislators received a flood of phone calls and in-person lobbying from common citizens.  For more info, visit www.saveladlines.com.

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