TRUMP Is Coming Under A LOT Of Fire—A Time for Extreme Vigilance

The MSM and Intelligence Agencies
Conspicuously Gang Up On
Trump and Alt Media
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Something very concerning is going in America.

The various rogue alphabet soup intelligence agencies have made common cause with the Mainstream Media (MSM) like never before.


The MSM news reports have been replete with instances of fake news and false alerts directed at President-elect Donald J. Trump, as well as at the alternative news media (Alt Media).

Make no mistake about it: the NWO ruling elites are very afraid of the outcomes should the Trump Movement continue to gain steam.  In fact, the elites all face very serious existential threats regardless of a Trump presidency.  The Trump Movement is quite significantly way BIGGER than just The Donald.  And TPTB know it in their bones.

This dire situation cannot be allowed to persist as far as the TPTB are concerned.  Not only is their multi-century scheme for total world domination in great jeopardy, so is the exposure of their entire global conspiracy network… the one that maintains the current World Shadow Government and much larger Global Control Matrix.

PIZZAGATE and ‘Fake News’

Nothing poses a greater danger to the ruling elites that the daily revelations which now occur regarding PIZZAGATE.  To be sure, this is the granddaddy of all pedo-scandals, and there are literally thousands of them (Pedogates) scattered around the globe over many decades.

Mainstream Media Goes Global In Attempting To Kill PIZZAGATE Story

Because the PIZZAGATE pedo-scandal revolves around the Bush-Clinton Crime Family, the Beltway power structure and Hollywood, TPTB are literally shaking in their boots. Every day brings one act of sheer desperation after another as they try to shut down PIZZAGATE however they can.

Pedophile Media in Full Damage-Control Mode

Witness the exceedingly reckless and transparently false ‘Fake News’ meme being aggressively hawked by MSM journalism worldwide.  ‘Fake News’ is now mentioned so frequently that it’s clear that this planetary scheme is about immediately shutting down Alt Media before it’s gets too big of an audience. As far as TPTB are concerned, there is way too much truth being disseminated by Alt Media for their safety and well-being.  Which is absolutely true…the historical truth is swiftly coming after them, as it sets the masses free.

Google Graphic Update: PIZZAGATE Easily Outraces ‘Fake News’

The ruling elites have used pedo-scandals to lock down governments and other institutions around the world for centuries.  However, TPTB also participate in their own satanic child sacrifice rituals for a variety of reasons.  Hence, they are all knee-deep in crime sprees against the children (and babies) of the world.  This is why they acted so aggressively against the initiatives to expose the Planned Parenthood abortion factory and fetal organ-harvesting scandal.

Planned Parenthood Dissects Organs And Tissues From Living Aborted Fetuses

Trump and Inauguration Day

The bottom line here is that something is brewing between now and Inauguration Day. The very fact that Donald Trump has taken so much heat from the MSM, Obama Administration, Clinton Campaign, DNC, Republican Party, Eurozone, London press, China, Hollywood, as well as countless insults from across the political spectrum — even after he was elected — shows how much they really fear him and his popular movement.

Therefore, it’s critical to not be blind-sided by a 2016 or 2017 9/11-type event or quiet D.C. coup. The criminally insane cabal of psychopaths, who are running for cover from PIZZAGATE, are so desperate that they will do anything possible to hang onto power while Obama is still POTUS— A N Y T H I N G ! ! !

In an effort to rain on Trump’s parade, the MSM and CIA have already floated the warning that ISIS has planned a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C.—on Inauguration Day!

ISIS declares Trump inauguration day ‘BLOODY FRIDAY’

Can you imagine them ever doing that to Obama, while they were awarding him his totally fake Nobel Peace Prize around Inauguration Day in 2009?

State of the Nation
December 12, 2016

N.B. SOTN strongly feels that the following SOS ought to be taken seriously until We the People are out of the woods.


Closing down of communications mentioned above

by Jim Stone

No, I will not say how I know or what communications. Let it suffice to say the opposition is being neutralized. REASON, I ASSUME: Because they do not want people to be able to resist a takedown of Trump on false charges. I am beginning to once again think Trump is going to be blocked from the presidency.

WHY would they block Trump? Because they are going to be held accountable for too many crimes if he is not stopped. And they still have the levers of power. Like any gang, they are going to try to destroy any attempt to bring them to justice. I did not think they would actually be this audacious but it looks like they are going for it. THE SHUT DOWN OF COMMUNICATIONS PROVES IT. The CIA spewing openly debunkable lies, and then giving the lies full enforcement power PROVES IT.

I have a hunch the ONLY thing that is truly working now is the message window, and know that ALL communications for the good side are under serious assault. The elite are preventing connections to stifle their attempt to take the nation by fraud and force. I know this is real 100 percent. This does not affect me directly because my communications are always screwed anyway. I won’t say how I know it is happening to others because I do not want that avenue of gaining insight cut off.

HEADS UP FOLKS: I HAVE A BATTLE PLAN READY TO GO. IT IS NOT TIME TO POST IT YET, BUT IF THEY EVEN CREEP 1 STEP FURTHER THAN THEY HAVE TOWARDS DESTROYING TRUMP, I’M GOING TO LET IT OUT AND IT ABSOLUTELY WILL FORM THE BASIS FOR TAKING THE NATION SUCCESSFULLY BACK. It is the only plan that fully addresses the problem of rogue intelligence agencies, and it will neuter them. Just wait, and keep your eyes on this site for it to go up. They will not succeed in taking the nation by force if people follow the plan, and NO ONE will need to sacrifice their life to make it work.

I have lost all compunctions against doing what is right. I know for certain, from the root of my existence that ALL the anti violence campaigns were run against the people as a psyop to make it mentally impossible for people to take action as needed. The only action that will work is violent action. The cops simply cannot take a gang out without a gunfight, and the American people are up against the worst gang in world history. I have a formula that will WIN, GUARANTEED.

Squeamish? GET OVER IT. Hey, there’s a great movie out there that describes our situation against these pigs PERFECTLY, and it is Angry Birds. WATCH THAT MOVIE. it says it ALL. That movie showed with perfection that when you are dealing with pigs, anger and violence is the ONLY ANSWER. It showed the deception the pigs use PERFECTLY. Hey, JUST PARTY AND IGNORE EVERYTHING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. And OH, IF YOU DISCOVER THE PLOT AND ACT AGAINST IT, YOU ARE RETURNING KINDNESS AND HOSPITALITY WITH AGGRESSION. That’s how a PIG THINKS, and THAT is what we are up against. I cannot believe anyone actually let that movie out, because it so clearly shows so well what we are up against in a very succinct and precise way.

We had better not be a bunch of “happy birds” if they do anything to successfully stop Trump, doing so is going to leave us in final ruin and GET OUR CHILDREN DESTROYED. Expect to be called “violent” and “angry” and “aggressive” and whatever other trigger term the elite have planted in you, and be ready to expel that programming with the reply : BULLSHIT : every time they hit a trigger term. Do not shut down, GO OUT AND KICK ASS.

I am waiting to spring the plan, if people follow it WE WILL WIN.


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