EMERGENCY USA: Hillary Clinton Must Be Defeated

George Soros Will
Use President Clinton
To Start World War III

An Open Letter to Those Who Plan to Vote for Hillary

Dear Voter,

There’s an old adage in the spiritual philosophies of the East that goes like this.

“Even if the village idiot should call you a scoundrel,
it behooves a wise man to very seriously consider why
he might think so.”

With this understanding, we respectfully ask every American voter who plans on voting for Hillary R. Clinton for POTUS the following question.

How can you be so dangerously stupid?

Really …  H O W  C A N  Y O U  B E  S O  S T U P I D ? ! 

Before you stop reading this missive, you had better take just a moment and ask yourself what we might know that you do not.

First of all, please be aware, that our hearts go out to you.  Millions of Americans have been brainwashed by the mesmerizing mind-control programming that has been operative throughout the United States over many decades.  The mainstream media has perfected the art of deception and science of deceit.  In our world TV programming is viewed as the greatest weapon of mass deception ever.

Hence, you have a very good reason for being clueless about the true gravity of this election. The degree of misinformation, disinformation and false information dished out by the mainstream media is absolutely mind-boggling.  So mind-boggling that the vast majority of folks don’t even know what they don’t know, even though their ignorance is life-threatening in nature.


There is only one place to go at this point of the open letter.  We highly encourage you to read the following crucial article.  This short article covers a critical topic which is of great import to you, your family, your business, your future, the fate of your country and the destiny of the world.  If that is not a very good reason to stop and read then….

The World Wars Are Always Set Up And Prosecuted By Democratic Administrations

If you have read the preceding article and truly understand how grave a situation this nation is in, then you know what NOT TO DO.

That is, by far, the most important realization to make during this most consequential campaign season in U.S. history.

Now the question remains:  What exactly to do on election day?

Perhaps the following link will assist you in your decision process.

VIDEOWikileaks: George Soros To Be Shadow President Of USA

If you watched the video, then you know that there is only one alternative.

Of course, you can always choose not to vote so that you won’t get into trouble with your family and/or friends, coworkers and/or neighbors.

No matter what your final decision is, we think it’s of vital importance that you realize that a vote for Hillary R. Clinton IS A VOTE FOR WORLD WAR.  Her major corporate sponsors, wealthy donors and foreign policy advisors all want war for various reasons.  Of course, they won’t tell you that now. But then, election campaigns are usually reserved for making false promises which are NEVER fulfilled.  They never tell you what they really plan on doing.

Dear Voter, you have no idea how important it is to prevent Hillary Clinton from entering the Oval Office.  She is so dangerous that the world can go up in flames should she be permitted to steal this election.  And the more people WHO DO NOT VOTE FOR HER, the more difficult it will be for her to steal it.

Lastly, the article below is a MUST READ, should you still plan on voting for Hillary Clinton.  There is nothing in this link that is not already thoroughly documented on the Internet with hard evidence.

HILLARY CLINTON: The Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate in U.S. History

Be wise in your choice, magnanimous with you intention, and prudent with your vote.

Very sincerely,

Concerned Citizens of the USA

P.S. If you still have not made up your mind, each of the 3 attachments below ought to assist your efforts.


U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any public office in the United States

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party: House Of Crime and Corruption

Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?




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