Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party: House Of Crime and Corruption

Unparalleled DNC-MSM Collusion Rife
With Criminal Schemes and Political Plots

WIKILEAKS Emails: Clinton’s Democratic Party Corrupt To The Core

The 2016 Clinton Campaign is by far the most corrupt and criminal in U.S. History

State of the Nation

Why is the 2016 presidential campaign season like no other?

Because the perfect storm of forces and events was allowed to gather and unfold respectively without impediment.

The ultra-liberal media has always been a perfect fit with the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party.  In 8 years of Obama, the nation has witnessed a very dangerous partnership emerge between the Obamabots of liberal progressivism fame and the degenerate mainstream media (MSM), and now with the hyper-liberal Clintonistas. The MSM has never been so fanatically enraptured with a president of any party like they have been with Obama, their political messiah.

Eric Trump Interview: Talks About Wikileaks Email Release, Media Bias Against Trump

Given the context of this ever-deepening collaboration, along comes Hillary Clinton who promises her prospective presidency will be just like the Obama Administration, only on steroids. How could the thoroughly corrupt and degenerate MSM not fall in love with that possibility? Especially in light of all the political benefits and social advantages, financial gains and economic opportunities which have accrued on their side under Obama, will the Democrats not give up their power easily.

When such powerful institutional entities like the DNC, MSM and Clinton Crime Syndicate are thicker than thieves, it will practically require a deus-ex-machina event to take them all down.  Even a fearless Donald Trump has had a very difficult time avoiding a “crash and burn” flameout while the DNC-MSM juggernaut roles across the land.  What mortal man could withstand the constant personal assaults and professional barbs of such an out-of-control tag team?!

The point here being is that there has NEVER been a more advantageous time for the Democratic Party and Mainstream Media to conspire to take over the country by dint of sheer political force and media prowess.  In Comrade Candidate Clinton do they see the perfect opportunity to further their gains like never before.  The gross official misconduct and unprecedented wrongdoings of AG Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James B. Comey stand as testimony to this ongoing criminal conspiracy.

Wikileaks Revelations

The continual stream of email leaks from Wikileaks has laid bare so many of the improper relationships that have evolved during the utterly lawless Obama Administration, as well as with the Clinton Campaign.  With each batch of emails released, it becomes clear just how incestuous and corrupt the DNC-MSM alliance has become.  They each act with impunity since the U.S. law enforcement apparatus has been transformed into a political arm of the liberal establishment, as well as the White House.

FBI and DOJ In Turmoil Over Comey’s Betrayal, Lynch’s Cover-up

What is quite shocking about the thousands upon thousands of Wikileaks emails is the level of cheating that goes on in the Democratic camp.  Of course, when Queen Bee Hillary Clinton so recklessly deletes over 30,000 emails that have been subpoenaed by Congress, criminal activity seems to part of the Democrat culture.  Let’s face it, when all your friends and close acquaintances own and operate the criminal justice system via the defense lawyers and corporate attorneys, judges and district attorneys, what is there to fear?

The following headlines appeared at the Drudge Report on Tuesday, October 11th and reflect the central narrative of this post.  If you want to click on any of the headlines, the live links can be found here: Drudge Report Headlines — Clinton Corruption — October 11, 2016


The Permissive Society Morphs Into Sodom and Gomorrah

The ultimate goal of this ongoing political conspiracy and social engineering experiment is to transform what was once a God-fearing nation into a godless Sodom and Gomorrah. With the tyrannical and lawless President Obama as their cultural demigod, TPTB have been remarkably successful in carrying out this mission. However, the cabal knows that there are things that only Hillary Clinton can accomplish to put the capstone on their thoroughly corrupt pyramid of earthy power.  Hence, their extraordinary endeavor to shoehorn her — by any means possible — into the presidency

One of their primary tools used to achieve such extraordinary results is the weapon of political correctness.  This is where the MSM has come into play essentially vilifying anyone one who is deemed to be politically incorrect, as they elevate those who adhere strictly to this new ‘golden rule’.  Political correctness of this nature has been employed in particular by the largest social network utilities such as Facebook and Twitter.  Break the rules in those corporations and your career is over … for good.  Or you’re blogs are censored for life.

The Obamanation: Clinton will take it to the next level

The political reality here is that Donald Trump is truly up against city hall.  When these two formidable powerhouses — the DNC and MSM — joined forces in an almost seamless fashion, the downside risks and obvious dangers to society began to soar.  Obama’s serial law-breaking and the subsequent national anarchy reflect these perils, as they are also symptoms of a disinterested body politic which relinquished its most basic civic duties.

The bottom line of this sordid tale (under Obama) and devolving saga (under a prospective Clinton presidency) is that civil society has suffered irreparable damage.  The many social changes and political shifts which have occurred under Obama have created an ultra-liberal state best known as the Obamanation. The gains that have been won by the now pervasive liberal progressivism will not be surrendered easily. The Left has worked hard, and waited far too long, to irreversibly consolidate those gains as evidenced by an overly permissive society and now promiscuous nation.

This warped understanding of “freedom” is perhaps the greatest obstacle toward reconciliation in America today.  The Democratic machine will not slow down or tone down its determination to mold the country into its vision of a post-modern Sodom and Gomorrah.  Nevertheless, there are far too many patriots and conservatives, Tea partiers and Libertarians, old-school Republicans and true Christians for the surreptitious implementation of the NWO agenda to continue under the current treasonous crop of leaders.

Yes, the far left wing of the Democratic Party has become a brutal Bolshevik movement that takes no prisoners.  The whole country witnessed the violence at Trump campaign events that they will do in order to get their way.  The Black Lives Matter movement is just one example that almost looks like a homegrown variant of ISIS.  This George Soros-funded quasi terror group demonstrates an unrivaled fierceness and determination to transform the USA into their own version of a Banana Republic.  This is the true legacy of Barack Hussein Obama—an Obamanation!  Consequently, there can only be one outcome.

2016 in the USA : A 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or Both

The Communist Plot

It was either going to be fascism under the rubric of the Republican Party or communism under the Democratic Party.  Because the Mainstream Media has always leaned to the hard left toward socialism and communism, it was only a matter of time that the Democrats won the day.  With the Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama, they not only won, the communist plot that Americans were warned about by the John Birch Society decades ago has manifested right on time and in glowing color—the Obamanation.

High Treason: The Real Elephant in the Room!

The next phase of this communist plot is the predictable drumbeat to World War III.  In fact Democratic Administrations have alway been used to embroil the USA in World War. The Wilson Administration ensured American involvement in World War I, just as the Roosevelt Administration set the stage and prosecuted World War II.  Both Democratic presidents were selected to perform this NWO service just as Barack Obama has set the stage for World War III, whereas Hillary Clinton (and husband Bill) have been chosen to prosecute it.

Hidden Conspiracy Behind the 3 World Wars

America has literally become the victim of its own homegrown communist plot with closet communists like George Soros funding the riots and protests necessary to foment dissent domestically, while he starts CIA-coordinated color revolutions and civil wars abroad.  In this way the Obama–Clinton tag team was used to destroy the nation from within while fabricating bellicose foreign entanglements.  Syria, Libya, and the Ukraine are just a few of their unlawful and unprovoked wars of aggression that have been started to trigger a hot phase of World War III.

WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS… Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!


No matter who wins on November 8th, the aftermath will get very ugly.  The Left will not let their standard-bearer Hillary Clinton lose, and the Clintonistas will do whatever it takes to win.  They will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill, to win this election.  Should they take the election in this manner; the Right will not sit idly by.  After 8 disastrous years of Obama, they simply will not tolerate another 4 years of the same societal destruction, especially under the heel of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

The 2016 presidential election is clearly a defining moment in world history, for it will mark the beginning of the Second American Revolution.  It is really a revolution of We the People against the U.S. Federal Government, the 1% (wealthy elites) and the NWO globalist forces that seek to impose their will.  They are stealthily using the Democratic Party as their Bolsheviks (e.g. BLM) and intend on transforming the USA into a USSA where the “A” stands for Amerika.

The current state of affairs throughout the United States is much more serious than the average citizen is aware of.  This nation is at a critical crossroads where either total takeover is now possible by the NWO ruling elites.  Or, the American Republic will secure complete independence from the international banking cartel which will then liberate the American people, once and for all.

State of the Nation
October 12, 2016

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