Charlotte Protests Staged to Trigger Race Riots Nationwide

“Race Riots Incited To Overshadow Raging Class Warfare”, Soros-funded Protests Aid The Faltering Clinton Campaign


Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War

State of the Nation

“A full-blown race war is being incited to redirect the anger,
and channel the energies, from the ongoing class warfare
between the 1% and 99%”  SOTN

Charlotte, North Carolina is merely the latest attempt by the Obama Administration to incite a full-blown race war this Fall.  The election outcome is far too dire for the Democratic side of the American counterfeit coin to face.  They know that Hillary has already lost—BIG TIME!  And that she cannot regain her momentum.  Her rapidly failing health, endless political blunders, unrivaled baggage, unprecedented criminal record, and pathological lying constitute an albatross no one could overcome … and they know it.

VIDEO: SHOCKING: Uncensored Charlotte Riot Footage

Welcome to Plan B.

Yes, Obama & Company will not leave without a fight … as in a HUGE countrywide conflagration.  This was always their fallback plan.  Nothing scares and unsettles the American people like the specter of race riots throughout the nation’s major cities.  Quite stealthily the chaos and mayhem will permit the Democrats, who already completely control the electoral process and election machinery in those cities to fix the election in Hillary’s favor. All the Clintonistas need to do is rig the vote in those major metro areas in all the key swing states.  This is why they are literally turning each urban jungle into a war zone, so that they can in turn win those necessary battleground states.

“POLITICO has identified 11 states where the 2016 election will be won and lost: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.”
(Source: What are the swing states in 2016? )

It’s no accident of fate that Candidate Clinton just spent some quality time in Charlotte.  It was also noted that she was forced to cancel a fundraiser.  When does that ever happen? Then a Charlotte police officer — out of seemingly nowhere — shoots yet another black man without provocation and the whole city blows up.  How convenient?!  Yes, Clinton absolutely needs North Carolina if she is to win the election.

In fact there is no wiggle room for either candidate during the 2016 presidential election. The only difference between the two, however, is that Team Clinton will do anything within their power to steal the election.  They simply refuse to lose and will start race wars to snag a victory on November 8.  Therefore, instigating one manufactured crisis after another, which has always been the signature MO of the ruling cabal, is what they (Deep State agents within the political class, international banking cartel, military-industrial complex, national security state, etc.) know how to do best.

VIDEO: WATCH WHAT HAPPENS WHEN Society Breaks Down After A Crisis


Special Note:
SOTN fully acknowledges that the police in America are totally out of control; except, of course, in those instances when some of these shootings involve crisis actors which we know some do. Nevertheless, blacks in the inner cities have always been moving targets for reasons beyond the scope of this article. This reality, however, is being quite purposefully blown up in living color during the Summer of Rage as it will be further exacerbated during this “Autumn of Riots”.   There is no question that, when the killings by the police are real, they, too, are being engineered to produce multiple outcomes.  There are simply too many COLD-BLOODED MURDERS for these outright acts of police brutality not to be carefully orchestrated as black ops. Yes, the police departments across the USA are actually being mentored to do just that.  In fact there are numerous U.S. law enforcement agencies that are now routinely being trained in Israel, as they are being fastidiously programmed to implement the same barbaric tactics that the Israeli police use against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West bank.  This inhumane conduct is then exploited by the political party that is in office to maintain their power by exploiting the tensions and conflicts which now predominate throughout American society—particularly those which concern race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

Watch the location of every police shooting and protest between now and the election.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks observe exactly where each killing by a police officer(s) occurs. More importantly, check out where every protest jumps off, or race riot seems to spontaneously occur.  You can be sure there is a Soros-funded, Obama-coordinated effort behind each and every one of them.

VIDEO: Woman streams graphic video of boyfriend shot by police

This whole strategy perfectly reflects the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem — Reaction — Solution.  The Obama-Soros tag team has used these divisive schemes to divide and conquer the citizenry for the past 8 years.   Remember, Saul Alinsky, Obama’s inspiration as a community organizer in Chicago, utilized the same divide and rule tactics.  The tactically executed protests and riots, then, are always funded by the government social engineers and interfering globalists like George Soros.

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs 

There is another insidious piece to this plot to control the main cities of all the critical battleground states.  Any city (and state) that does not toe the line according to the dictates of the Clinton campaign can find themselves in a world of hurt.  The country has already seen what happened to those who ran afoul with the Obama Administration.  First there was Ferguson, then there was Baltimore, and most recently there was Dallas. (See reference articles posted below.)  Even the Dallas Morning News has since ran an stunning endorsement of Hillary Clinton, their first Democrat in 76 years!

So, the degree of sheer power and profound influence that the Democrats now wield with their Black Lives Matter riot machine is quite daunting and intimidating.  When cities like Charlotte can be transformed into a riot-torn war zone in a matter of hours, it’s clear what the local leaders must do to avoid such an eventuality.  Clearly, from now until November 8th, it’s either Hillary’s way … or the highway.  That’s how compelling an NWO cabal-selected candidate can be; and she’s not even in office.

Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary Clinton, backing first Democrat in 76 years



Here we are on September 22nd — the first day of Fall — facing a season of manufactured protests and engineered riots.  This is exactly how TPTB manufacture consent and distract the populace from their unending crime spree.  In both instances the real perps operating behind the scenes are actually engaged in a massive social engineering experiment.

Ultimately they plan on stripping Americans of their Second Amendment right to gun ownership, as well as their right to free speech and freedom of religious practice.  They actually have a whole laundry list of rights and liberties which they intend on taking away under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Soros-Linked ‘October Surprise That Will End Trump’: The Campaign To Register 8 Million ‘Global Citizens’ To Vote

What occurs between now and election day will more than likely be a continuous string and unrelenting spate of October Surprises.  They will come in many shapes and sizes, and will all be designed to distract the attention from the class war that has been occurring under the radar since 2008.  The wealthy elites know that their time is up.  They also know that the markets will soon crash under the weight of so much institutional fraud conducted over the entire history of the Wall Street gambling casino.

Hedge Fund Icon Leon Cooperman Does What They All Do To Get Rich—Insider Trading

The NWO cabal also knows that Main Street USA has finally woken up to the fleecing that they have taken unaware over decades… many decades!  Which is why they very fastidiously placed a pawn like Barack Hussein Obama into the POTUS position, as they intend(ed) to do with Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Incidentally, whenever all three names are used by the MSM, the individual is typically a serial mass murderer or something similar.

State of the Nation
September 22, 2016


POLICE MASSACRE: Another Obama/Soros Initiative to start a race war


Are the Baltimore riots being staged to distract the American people from the real cause of discontent?

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