Danny Sheehan Joins 9/11 Truth Movement

Burlington, WA
September 11, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Here are my thoughts on 9/11……..on 9/11!

The day after the attacks in New York and Washington, D. C., I called
for the creation of an Independent Citizens Commission of Inquiry to
investigate the tragic events of 9/11/01.

I intuitively sensed right away that this was a false flag event designed
to provide a pretext for war to expand Pax Americana and establish a
New World Order.

In early March, 2002, I penned an essay entitled: “Time To Investigate”
that I shared with Bob Bowman in Florida. Bowman would eventually
become a strong advocate of 9/11 Truth and used it as a major issue
in his efforts to become president.

Over the years, I remained interested in the conversation and did my part
to promote a full exposition of what happened.

Skipping ahead to today—the day Hillary Clinton collapsed at Ground Zero
after attending a Memorial event—I discovered at around 10:00am from
Infowars of the big 9/11 Conference in NYC: www.justiceinfocus.org.

To my amazement, I saw Danny Sheehan as one of the keynote speakers and active participant in several panels of the event.

Sheehan had defamed me in 2003 during the presidential campaign of Dennis
Kucinich for my efforts along with the late Mike Ruppert and others to interject
9/11 as a key element of his campaign, especially as it applied to the illegal
invasion of Iraq.

Sheehan is a brilliant attorney and powerful advocate who has demonstrated
his courage countless times over the years taking on vested interests by
exposing government corruption.

So obviously I was not too pleased with his personal attack and was quickly able
to have a retraction issued by his colleague who had published the article.

During all this time, I do not recall a single instance in which Sheehan has come
out in favor of 9/11 Truth. Until I saw his named prominently attached to this
weekend’s Conference, I was not aware that he had any interest in the matter
much less was willing to champion the cause.

In fact, several months ago, he sent me a nasty e-mail challenging me for having
written anything positive about Donald Trump who had hinted during the primaries
that he was a 9/11 Truther. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=31376

I had also composed several articles encouraging Bernie Sanders to come out for
release of the 28 pages of the Senate Intelligence Report that had been kept secret
until recently. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=36745

That was something I had promoted for years. I am unaware if Sheehan had taken
a similar public position on that or any other matter related to 9/11 prior to today.

With Trump now retreating from his Truther role and embracing the “Arab terrorists
did it” position as a way of justifying more military spending, it will be interesting to
see how Sheehan and the rest of Truther community handles this issue in the
remaining weeks of the campaign.

Now that Congress has finally authorized release of the 28 pages and given the green
light for legal action against the Saudis regarding 9/11, there is room for some optimism.

BUT: these are desperate times with economic collapse and social unrest real possibilities
in the days ahead. That combined with the extreme vulnerability of the Clinton candidacy to charges of corruption concerning Saudi contributions to the Clinton Foundation and countless other scandals involving her e-mails, health and Benghazi, we are at an extremely delicate and precarious moment in our history.

What role, if any, the 9/11 Truth Movement (and Danny Sheehan) will play in helping our deeply wounded nation transcend the evils of America’s national security state and transform itself into a nobler version of its former self remains to be seen.

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