Trump, Sanders and 9/11

Santa Rosa, CA
February 15, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Donald Trump’s willingness to talk about 9/11 is another embarrassment
for the followers of Bernie Sanders.

Trump Says George W. Bush Lied About Iraq’s WMDs

Whereas many on the left hate The Donald, he is going after Jeb
and the Bush clan in ways the far more timid Bernie—or any other
Democrat including Hillary—refuses to do.

Many on the left believe 9/11 was a false flag event that provided
a pretext for the Neocon plan to implement the PNAC agenda for
Pax Americana and US global hegemony. Yet they fail to applaud
Trump’s courage or criticize Sanders’s hesitancy on this key issue.

As I have recently written, there is much to be concerned about
the Sanders’ candidacy:

And now this from Ron Paul regarding Bernie’s role in sabotaging the
effort to Audit the Fed:

With stories like this continuing to surface, pretty soon it may be Sanders
himself who is feeling the Burn!

Will a President Trump release the 28 redacted pages of the Senate
Intelligence Report and open a new investigation of 9/11? Perhaps.

What is interesting is that Sanders could resolve his 9/11 problem by accepting
the suggestion of former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel and read the report
into the Congressional Record for all to see. That action would be protected
by the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution.

Such a bold move, reminiscent of how Daniel Ellsberg helped end the Viet
Nam War by delivering the Pentagon Papers to Gravel for him to enter into
the Congressional Record, would cure Sanders of his timidity problem and
send a clear message to the powers that be that he is serious about holding
bad guys accountable.

I eagerly await for him or Trump or Rand Paul or anyone to elevate the
conversation by challenging the official narrative to help us understand what
really happened on that fateful day.

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