Obama’s Ukraine Fiasco Will Trigger US-EU Economic Ruin…

If the Western Powers continue this staged revolution by proxy and pretense                

The Ukraine Revolution was designed and manufactured in the capitals of the US, UK and other EU member states for at least three reasons: (i) as a means of distraction, (ii) as a fabricated opportunity to ‘save’ the EU from certain implosion and (iii) as a ruse to jump start the US out of its economic recession and the EU out of its financial depression.

However, these are not the primary reasons for such an international debacle instigated by the same suspects.  Were the truth generally known about the real state of affairs throughout the EU, and within the US economy, the true purposes behind the Kiev coup d’etat would become transparent.  In both cases, the situation is beyond dire.  And it was sheer desperation that motivated the primary instigators (US & EU) to implement such a reckless and flawed plan of attack against the sovereignty of the Ukraine.

The US house of cards is at a tipping point.  If and when it is exposed, it will take a lot of other nations with it.  Obama’s financial policy, willful neglect of the economy and a Perfect Storm of failed legislation (like Obamacare) have pushed the nation to the very brink.  His Administration’s focus, and waste of precious time and energy, on extraordinarily destructive social policies has likewise squandered the few opportunities to address the most pressing matters this country faces.  Matters so serious that they pose existential threats to the Republic.

On the other side of the pond, we have the EU that is literally a hairsbreadth away from total collapse.  And they know it.  Which is why they participated in the Ukraine coup d’état.  It was truly a last ditch effort to plunder yet another nation for their wealth in the hope that the Eurozone might be artificially propped up for another year or two.  If only the Ukrainian people knew what they don’t know.  They are being courted so aggressively by the EU only for their natural resource wealth, gold reserves, oil and gas conduits, missile deployment area against Russia, and strategic geopolitical location.


The EU has been transparent and audacious in its land grab of the Ukraine, yet the US accuses Russia of the same.

See how quickly the IMF has made loan offers to the Ukraine in the wake of the coup d’état in Kiev.  Their goal was not only to steal their gold post haste, but also to transform the Ukrainian people into the indentured servants that much of southern Europe has become.  Using fascist thugs, neo-Nazi criminals and other known terrorists were an essential part of their MO to effectuate the coup before anyone knew what was happening.

However, the very fact that both sides of the Atlantic signed up so quickly to condemn Russia for their own guilty actions is proof positive of their hidden agenda.  In this day and time of the internet, geopolitical crimes of this depth and breadth — committed in broad daylight — can only be kept secret for a few cyber-nanoseconds, yes?!  The rapid exchange of factual information, especially about color revolutions-in-progress, is now too efficient for state-sponsored crimes to go undetected.

Financial Ruin Right Around the Corner As Payback For US-EU Duplicity

It used to be the case that the the superpowers could get away with executing coup d’états, unprovoked military aggressions and other acts of war because of their overwhelming economic prowess and military might.  Forever invoking “Might makes right”, they have been able to roll across the planetary landscape like a juggernaut in times past.  That won’t work anymore because of the true state of the economies of the heretofore Western ‘Powers’.  To be clear, they are all on some sort of life support … and that includes Germany as well.

Moreover, their financial futures are inextricably linked to each others’, as well as to all the other nations of the world, like never before.  This known fact renders their current strategy of Russian Roulette a very dangerous game.  Given the EU dependence on Russia for energy supplies, a whole continent could be plunged into darkness — literally — by such imperialistic folly.

Likewise, the very tenuous US economy could be sent into a nosedive were Russia and China to collude in selling US Treasuries.  If Russia also stopped payment on all outstanding loans to the West and withdrew all cash from Western banks, there would be significant and unwanted financial blowback.  Worse would be a Russian initiative to completely terminate the use of the US dollar as the reserve currency that it’s been since Bretton Woods.  Being the largest exporter of oil and gas in the world, Russia could collapse the petrodollar faster than you can spell S O C H I!

Now, the Americans are not so ignorant, or arrogant, or both to believe that Russia is playing nice this time around.  Russia (and China) have watched the same Western Powers shock and awe, dupe and deceive, fake and forge their way through one illegal war after another.  This little skirmish in Crimea, however, is in Russia’s back yard.  It’s not going to play out the way US-EU had planned.  And they know it.  So, why did they stage this stunningly brash and foolhardy revolution in Russia’s back yard?

First and foremost, to loot the Ukraine, which they are doing 24/7 since the coup was completed.  Not just by foisting IMF loans on an already bankrupt country, but also by going after every Ukrainian asset that can be carried away by the bankters.  As an effectively bankrupt nation, the Ukraine can do very little to stop this preplanned pillaging and preordained plundering of their national wealth.

Thirdly, this staged revolution was perpetrated to divert attention from the very shaky economic conditions of all the nations that conspired.  After headlines begin to read like the one below, it’s not difficult to understand how scary and compelling Cold War rhetoric was in their effect on the various national populations of the world that were located at a potential ground zero.

Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash: Kremlin-backed journalist

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 8.42.23 AM

Whether the US-EU juggernaut plans to use the Ukraine aggression and counter-aggression pretext as a lead-up to a full blown World War 3 scenario remains to be seen.  Quite realistically, a world war is perhaps the only way the US and EU can save themselves from imminent economic collapse and financial cataclysm.  Because the world has been mired in such a deep economic depression for well over five years — the greatest since the Great Depression of the early 1930s — things are beginning to look very desperate.  The mainstream media has been successful at hiding this 2nd Great Depression since 2008, but can do so no longer.  Witness the movements to secede by Scotland and Venice as examples, as well as threats by Texas and Vermont, such is the desperation.

As the Anglo-American Axis goes, so goes the rest of Western Civilization

On the American front, there is always the plot afoot to involve the USA in as many wars as possible.  Such a strategy has been obviously effective at indebting the nation to obscene levels, thereby pushing interest payments on the national debt through the roof.  It has also stretched the capacity of the US military to breaking points not experienced since WWII.  There are many other serious consequences, such as the enormous social costs associated with GI suicide rates, not to mention the stresses on the Veterans Administration and many other government agencies.

Just like the fatally flawed Obamacare was engineered to accelerate the destruction of the USA, this war-in-the-making in Crimea was contrived to chew up more political capital and good will, treasure and blood, time and energy.  In so doing it will serve to distract the attention of every American citizen because of it’s obvious dangers and needless risks, should TPTB choose to escalate it.  Although it is clearly a misguided venture that will have terrible repercussions for all countries concerned, those who marshall the process forward from on high have a much BIGGER agenda which will  be taken up in our next article on this subject.  


The last thing that Europe (the people, that is) wants is another world war, especially on its eastern border similar to the last one.  They’ve been there, done that — 2x already!  So why are they participating in this fraudulent enterprise to rape the Ukraine of all its wealth.  The answer lies in the European Union and why it was created in the first place.

As both a political and economic union, the EU was conceived and designed to act as a very large, monolithic bloc and imposing force in the world.  Corralling all the member nations into one pen allows those who truly control it to direct many countries as their agenda dictates.  In this way, dissent from individual European countries is minimized, and unanimity is enforced through a complex and purposeful regime of economic and financial carrots and sticks.

Now you know why TPTB is doing everything to prevent the EU from falling apart, particularly by embarking on this ill-advised and madcap venture in the Ukraine.  It didn’t take much to bring it together, but the Eurozone can dissolve overnight … literally.  Because of the natural forces at work which encourage political sovereignty, economic freedom, financial autonomy and social homogeneity for each member nation, the European Union is now facing very grave and real threats to its very existence.  Because they are joined at the hip, so is the USA.

By attempting to forcibly annex the Ukraine, the EU and US perpetrators have unwittingly accelerated their own demise. Russia’s response has already shown that Crimea is a done deal. Likewise, the Eastern Ukraine will eventually revert back to the Russian umbrella of protection. Had the Western powers understood that they would eventually lose the economic powerhouse of all Ukrainian territory east of Kiev, perhaps they would have reconsidered such a shortsighted and harebrained geopolitical chess move. The Russians are far better at The Great Game than the likes of Obama, Kerry, Nuland et al.

It may very well be that the Anglo-American half-baked scheme will serve to greatly accelerate the transition away from the once “Almighty Petrodollar”. Russia, China and the rest of the BRICS nations are more determined than ever to break free from the “City of London” reservation once and for all. As are many other nations throughout the relentlessly oppressed, neo-liberalized world.

Michael Thomas
March 21, 2014

Author’s Note:

There have been several excellent articles published in the alternative news realm deconstructing the US-sponsored, EU-encouraged Ukraine revolution.  Each of them provides a different perspective which supports the over-arching thesis of this essay.  Some of them portray the indispensable part played by the complicit mainstream media, others reveal the quiet and critical role played by the Ukrainian oligarchs.  For anyone wishing to understand the actual dynamics of this Orange Revolution 2.0, please click on the titles below:

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West using Crimea to hide real intentions

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