James B. Comey: Inside Man for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family?

July 5, 2016:  A day that will live in infamy

Hillary Clinton’s Conduct at State Has Forever Destroyed
America’s Trust in the U.S. Federal Government, Not That
There Was Much Remaining in the First Place


FBI Director James Comey

Both POTUS Obama and SOS Clinton conspired to set up a home server and private email account in order for her to effectively run a parallel government to covertly conduct their brand of gunboat diplomacy and promote disaster capitalism through naked warmongering, financial terrorism and economic sabotage.  Their NWO masters selected them to keep the perpetual war economy going in this way.

State of the Nation

The following exposé reveals some of the grim details of a massive, multi-decade conspiracy that President Woodrow Wilson warned the American people about.  The true back story of Emailgate, Servergate and Benghazigate can only be understood within the context of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family (BCCF).  Furthermore the BCCF can only be correctly understood within the context of the NWO cabal’s World Shadow Government (WSG).  What is particularly significant about Emailgate is how the many “Mafias” of the world are employed to do their dirty work.


FACTOID: The whole world has been divided into territories and sub-territories which are fastidiously administered by a local mafia.  Each territory also has its point-men who also operate within the local law enforcement apparatus to ensure that the real bad guys NEVER get caught.  If they are caught by a really good detective, the judiciary is likewise hardwired to ensure that the case is favorably disposed of in the quickest and quietest way.

History Lesson
The nation of Italy is very instructive where it concerns how the MAFIA was originally set up countrywide.  For instance, the Sicilian Mafia is known as the La Cosa Nostra; the Calabrian Mafia is known as the Ndranghetathe Neopolitan Mafia is known as the Camorra; the Sacra Corona Unita and Stidda are units of the Apulia Mafia, and the Basilischi or Basilicatan Mafia in Basilicata is sometimes called Italy’s Fifth Mafia.  Then there are the Mafia Capitale and Banda della Magliana of Rome, as well as the Mala del Brenta of Northern Italy.  It is very important to understand that their territories were not limited to Italy.  For example, the Sicilian Mafia  operates in “Italy, mostly Sicily; Quebec and Ontario in Canada; Victoria in Australia; United Kingdom and Germany in all Europe; Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in all Latin America; South Africa in Africa.”[1]
*M.A.F.I.A.“Mazzini autorizza furti, incendi e attentati.” (Italian for Mazzini authorizes thefts, fires and poisonings)

With this understanding the American Bush-Clinton Crime Family can be much better understood.  Not only does this crime family effectively own and operate the United States of America at a certain level of administration, they rule over many of the other criminal entities which perform tasks from within the U.S. Federal Government.  However, the BCCF is likewise ruled by other supranational entities far more powerful than either Clinton or Bush senior or Obama.  Since the face of any criminal organization is usually operating at a very low level of authority, the Bushes and Clintons and Obamas are really just low-level pawns who possess only perceived power, not real power to any substantial degree.

Nevertheless, as far as the masses are concerned, it always comes down to perceived power since it is the practical effect of projected power that always gets the job done.  In this regard both the Bush Dynasty and Clinton Dynasty are considered powerful political dynasties which can exert unrivaled influence (and force) within the US Government and, therefore, throughout American life.

“July 5, 2016: A day that will live in infamy”

Very, very few really understand the far-reaching ramifications of what happened yesterday at the FBI press conference conducted by James B. Comey.

FBI Director James B. Comey the nation’s chief  law enforcement officer, essentially eviscerated the rule of law.  He destroyed the US Constitution.  He violated various and sundry federal laws and state statues.

He accomplished this feat of constitutional destruction in a matter of a few minutes, and then walked away from the podium without so much as taking a single question.  Comey will go down in history as the man who put the final nail in the coffin of the American Republic.

However, James Brien Comey is merely the BCCF inside man who was appointed United States Deputy Attorney General by President George W. Bush.  He was then appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation by President Barack Obama.  There is no other position within the federal government and law enforcement that is more controlled by the WSG than the FBI Director.  Only the US Attorney General is more controlled for quite obvious reasons.  Hence, it is almost certain that Comey has been a BCCF inside man throughout his entire career, fastidiously groomed to do a job that only certain types of personalities (and bloodlines) can ever do.


The ‘Respectable’ Irish Mafia

Every nation has its mafia, not just Italy.  As previously mentioned, the Sicilian Mafia or Cosa Nostra is world famous, as is the Jewish Mafia or Cahilla.  So, too, is the Russian Mafia, as are the Columbian and Mexican drug cartels. What is much less well known is that there are criminal gangs that operate under the veil of legitimacy because they occupy key positions of power and influence throughout government and society-at-large.
Special Note:
The Roman Catholic Church has experienced a global pedophilia scandal over the past 60 years which was essentially run by Irish Catholic prelates.  In fact, throughout the USA, the vast majority of Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops were Americans of Irish Catholic descent.  Many of them were the highest ranking clergyman in the USA such as Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, Bishop Thomas O’Brien of Phoenix, Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, Bishop John B. McCormack of Manchester, Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York.  The critical point here is that there is a quite profound fatal character flaw among this selected group of Vatican agents which permits the gross abuse of power and misuse of authority.*  Many of these Irish Catholic leaders were protected by their Irish Catholic peers within the local District Attorney offices and other law enforcement agencies. The pedophilia sexual abuses were reported and known for decades by the concerned cities and counties and yet the law enforcement agencies of the respective jurisdictions rarely responded to the dire needs of the sexually abused children. This was often a case of Irish Catholic lawmen fiercely protecting Irish Catholic clergymen.  The real face of the clandestine Irish Mafia, then, is the clergy and the lawmen who protected them for decades.  What’s the point? Director Comey fits this pattern to the “T”. He protects the rich and powerful, and goes after the vulnerable like Martha Stewart.

*It is very well known in certain privileged circles throughout various American school systems, which were staffed by Irish Christian brothers and monks, that there was a multi-generational weakness for alcohol.  Because so many of these religious school teachers and administrators ultimately became alcoholics, they could be very easily controlled.  This was the beginning of the worldwide pedophilia scandal that has plagued the Roman Catholic Church in every nation where they did their work.  The essential point here is that the more liberal the use of alcohol, the higher the incidence of pedophilia.  The two always occur in tandem with each other.  Once these addictions become serious enough, those involved are quite vulnerable to blackmail and bribes, as well as other coercive tactics performed to compel certain types of official misconduct.

James B. Comey fits the profile perfectly of a law enforcement man who is in bed with the enemy. It cannot be said with certainty that he is a traitorous FBI Director as yet. For there is another strain of the same bloodline who has delivered to the American people some of the greatest heroes in U.S. history.  John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan (a fierce enemy of George H.W. Bush) are just a few.  In each of these cases, these Irish-American heroes had to feign an allegiance to the enemy within in order to do their essential good work.

The critical point here is that there is an outside chance that Comey is playing a game (as a double agent possibly).  And that his clearcut violation of law and breaking of his oath are both a part of that game.  Many who are of Irish descent are famous as being extremely good actors as the Golden Age of Hollywood produced a plethora of consummate Irish-American actors and actresses.  They are great story tellers.  Therefore, We the People can only wait and see what Comey’s next move is … … … for or against the interests of the American Republic.

Is this why Comey didn’t make an FBI criminal referral to Justice?

Because of the urgency of this situation, if he does not act soon — very soon — then it makes no difference. His decision not to prosecute Clinton may very well serve to be her ticket into the White House. This will be immediately disastrous for the USA and the world community of nations because she is a warmonger without peer and without a conscience.  She was chosen and trained over many years to advance the perpetual war economy agenda of the NWO ruling elites.  She has always been a key point-person in this regard as her catastrophic term at State graphically demonstrated.  The ongoing regional conflagration  in the Middle East — sometimes known as Armageddon —  is her grotesque handiwork.  Of course, it is also the handiwork of the entire Bush-Clinton Crime Family.


The final point here is that if Comey is really just another member of the Irish Mafia, he must be removed from his position post haste.  The fate of the nation and future of the American people greatly depends on having a righteous chief law enforcement officer during this extremely crucial period of U.S. history. There can be no more tolerance of the Irish Mafia or any other Mafia, just as there can be no more accepting the war-making of the NWO neocon cabal.

Priests and Policemen: A Century-long Conspiracy of Ironclad Control

20th century America saw a societal dynamic surreptitiously and painstakingly develop which lies at the very core of a multi-decade conspiracy to control the U.S. citizenry.  This clandestine plot originated in the very bowels of the Vatican for it was their agents who systematically implemented a covert plan to completely take over the United States of America.  As previously alluded to, the Italian Mafia(s) was only one prong of this scheme; one of the other (institutional) prongs was the extremely purposeful use of the aforementioned Irish Mafia.

The last century is replete with instances in American life where the policeman who often walked the beat was an Irish American Catholic.  Likewise, the priest was very often an Irish American Catholic.  What is always left out of the mind-control programming in so many Hollywood movies depicting this societal norm is that those same Irish Catholics rose to the level of Bishop and Cardinal, District Attorney and Prosecutor.  Because this particular phenomenon was as pervasive as the Italian mafias that infiltrated EVERY major American city, another opportunity was created to overlay an additional layer of the ever-intensifying control matrix.

The Global Control Matrix (GCM) is now a commonly understood entity that exerts total command and control over every square inch of real estate on planet Earth.  Such a high degree of control could only be executed through the disciplined ‘work’ of the many agents of the GCM, especially the Jesuits.   All roads lead back to Rome where it concerns the administration of the GCM since the Vatican is truly the religious arm of the New World Order.  As such, the two primary vehicles by which it wields profound influence in the world is the through the clergy and the lawmen who protect them.  Remember that Western Civilization was built on the foundation of Roman law.

Roman law was essentially designed to accomplish one thing: maintaining the Roman Empire. Toward that end it was necessary for all the laws enacted by Rome to serve the Roman Emperor in the administration of his empire.  In this fashion the laws and their enforcement were specifically designed to first and foremost protect the Emperor, the Senate and his coterie of  agents and advisors. The ultimate objective, then, of Roman law was to use and exploit it for the explicit purpose of empire-building and maintenance. Both the British Empire and the American Empire have followed suit in this never-ending legal endeavor to control the entire planetary civilization.
(Source: How The Lawyers Destroyed American Society …
… And Corporate Attorneys Have Devastated The Civilization

The final point here is that it is Roman law that FBI Director Comey used to carry out this integral part of protecting the Emperor — President Obama — and his various advisors and Cabinet members — Secretary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton.  As a matter of historical fact, the emperors and their retinues are always above the law, except when there is a coup d’état in the works.  Then the law will be thrown at the deposed emperor just like Hillary Clinton tried to use it against President Richard Nixon during Watergate. She even attempted to unlawfully deprive him of legal counsel for which she was summarily fired.

Comey’s Legal explanation defied the Constitution and relevant Federal Statutes

In legal circles, Comey will long be remembered as the FBI Director who performed his responsibilities in the perfectly opposite manner as his job description requires.  His complete absence of logic and lack of human reason may qualify him for a thorough psychiatric exam when all is said and done.  That, of course, would take place after he is quickly bundled out of FBI headquarters and far removed from any meaningful position of power.

The various explanations that Comey gave during his press conference were so contradictory and unreasonable, inexplicable and absurd, that one wonders how he ever rose to the position of director.  His many comments went in totally opposite directions and reflected a man so conflicted that he shouldn’t have even been there.  Nevertheless, his real masters told him to be there and certainly gave him a script to read.  Furthermore, he may have been sending out code to the American people to tell US that his hands were literally tied or his family was threatened (he has five kids).

His final determination quite curiously came after the mysterious meeting between his boss, Loretta Lynch, and Bill Clinton.  Quite conveniently, she presents the appearance of recusing herself from the decision process putting all the pressure on him to make the ‘right ‘ decision. This way the AG is free from criticism and Comey becomes the fall guy. Why he fell on his sword during prime time remains to be seen, as there is no good that will come out of it… unless he’s planning on executing a benevolent double-cross. Hopefully he is, because no one ever forgets a traitor, especially when they commit treason in broad daylight.

James B. Comey: High-Class Hit Man for the Illuminati?

One of the most inscrutable prosecutions of the 3rd millennium was the hard takedown of Martha Stewart.  At the time no one could offer a good explanation as to why it even occurred.  Here you have the banksters on Wall Street engaging in insider trading to the tune of billions of dollars on a daily basis and James Comey goes after an extremely hard-working and successful woman who really contributes something to the US economy.

Why would a prosecutor avoid the crimes sprees of hundreds of financial gangsters and economic hit men all over the New York City area and target Stewart who simply “avoided a loss of $45,673 by selling all 3,928 shares of her ImClone Systems stock”?[2]  Then he sends her to prison and imposes a $30,000 fine.  Who does Comey really work for and what won’t he do in the service of his true masters?

In contrast to the Martha Stewart fiasco, he makes up a ridiculous story about why he cannot prosecute Hillary Clinton for committing crimes against the people far more serious than what Martha Stewart ever did or could do.   The gross inconsistency here can only be reconciled by acknowledging that Comey does not work for the people, he works directly for the Shadow Government and their Illuminati overlords.  The real question remains as to whether he is on their side or really on our side.

Civil War II and the Coming Breakup of America_2

The Second American Revolution has begun

Truly, if ever there was a defining moment of the 2nd American Revolution, Tuesday, July 5th is it.  The visceral reaction to the utter travesty of justice which was commandeered by Comey was fraught with nonsensical explanations and transparent sophistry.  It looked like the FBI Director had become a full-time word merchant … when he’s not on retainer with the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.  Because of the apparent betrayal of the American people, which occurred with his decision not to prosecute Clinton, an extraordinary opportunity has emerged for the Second American Revolution to be galvanized into high gear.

The worst byproduct of Comey’s disastrous announcement is that the BCCF will feel more empowered than ever.  Hillary has been set up to be a victorious Democratic nominee running for President when she ought to be running away from law enforcement.  Instead of going to prison for a very long time for high treason, she may be going to the presidency for the next 8 years. Such a possibility is so repulsive to a great swath of the body politic that it will surely trigger a hot phase of the 2nd American Revolution.

There is perhaps no other event in the American political sphere that holds the catalytic energy to precipitate the necessary explosion of anger and protest toward the Bush-Clinton Crime Family and the two-party system.  They both now represent everything that is desperately wrong with the U.S. Federal Government, the dire state of American jurisprudence, and blatant lack of ethical law enforcement.  What Comey has done, then, whether by stealthy righteous design or deliberate malfeasance, is unleash the full force of half of the American people against the hidden powers who have systematically corrupted the government and society-at-large.

This rapidly evolving predicament will certainly come to a head between now and election day– November 8.  The forces of revolution are now so pervasive and intense that this situation has passed a point of no return.  Of course, revolutions of this nature can unfold in myriad ways.  The best way is for the American people to take back their country by way of a non-violent rebellion.  After all, the White House and Congress have been hijacked by an exceedingly dangerous cabal of criminally insane psychopaths and We the People must respond accordingly.  Hence, the people are obligated to arrest and imprison the miscreants as a prelude to trial by jury and appropriate sentencing.

This revolution will not be concluded until every last co-conspirator, working directly or indirectly with the BCCF, is apprehended and permanently removed from their elective and/or appointed offices.  The present circumstances are quite fraught with volatility and tumult.  Therefore, it’s incumbent upon every American patriot to only act with reasoned deliberation and good intention.  This devolving situation can quickly combust into a pretext for an Obama-declared martial law which might also guarantee him an extended term in office. 

Between a rock and a hard place

The good news here is that the NWO cabal has never been in such a fix.  They are deeply wedged in between a rock and a hard place with virtually no wiggle room whatsoever. Now that the whole world knows that the BCCF and their Neocon co-conspirators perpetrated the false flag terror attacks on September 11, 2001, they really have no place to flee to. Whereas Adolf Hitler had Argentina to find safe haven post World War II, the current leaders of the Fourth Reich here in the USA have nowhere to go.

As for the Clinton Emailgate scandal, it’s very important to point out that TPTB had very few options there as well.  If they indicted Hillary, they risked the exposure of one of the largest criminal enterprises and nefarious conspiracies in US history.  By choosing not to indict for the obvious multiple and serious felonies Clinton committed, they have effectively triggered the 2nd American Revolution.  They truly are in a NO-WIN situation.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.49.01 AM


The entire global village is excitedly watching this all-American drama.  The people across the planet know that the outcome of the election and subsequent revolution will have HUGE impacts on the global economy and international order (or lack thereof). Consequently, it is imperative that the U.S. citizenry proceed with great caution.  When the USA sneezes, many other countries get the flu; others come down with pneumonia, or worse, they fall into acute respiratory failure.  That’s what happens when dropped bombs suck all the oxygen out of a building.

There can only be one good conclusion to this American political saga.  If the American people are to live free from the tyranny of the U.S. Federal Government, those who have turned the nation into a hardcore terrorist state must be removed from political life—yesterday. Every single day that they remain in positions of power or influence will see more havoc wreaked across the entire planetary civilization.  This same criminal cabal must be stripped of their financial wherewithal and other assets which allow then to affect society in so many profoundly negative ways.

The best way to eradicate this pernicious conspiracy to destroy the United States of America is to expose it.  Toward that end shining the light of awareness on the different components can be very effective at incapacitating the whole God-foresaken machine.  The use of the benevolent and trustworthy Irish image in both religious institutions and law enforcement was a very purposeful and cynical ploy.  Because the Irish are a universally loved and charming people some of them have been used unwittingly to advance the NWO agenda. Others such as Peter Sutherland, of course, have zealously offered their services toward the creation of a totalitarian One World Government.[4]  Most probably do not even know that they are being utilized to promote a culture of death and destruction. Perhaps this exposé will serve to awaken many who are being misused in this way.

State of the Nation
July 5, 2016

Editor’s Note

Whenever The New York Times raves about the “fierce independence” of a government investigator as they recently did in reference to James Comey, you know something is very wrong.  The NYT is notorious for setting up the public with absurd propaganda and false information about some of the most consequential events in American politics and beyond.  That’s actually what they do best—propagandize.  It is also how they have been routinely used to start wars of unprovoked aggression around the world over many decades.  Hence, the planting of all sorts of fictitious stories throughout the Emailgate scandal is next to nothing for them.  For this and other serious reasons SOTN strongly feels that there has been a:  Massive Betrayal of the American People: FIRE FBI Director James Brien Comey, Jr. — NOW ! ! !

Author’s Note

James Comey “received his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Chicago Law School.”[3]  It’s a well known fact that many of the Neocon politicians and bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists are schooled and mentored at the University of Chicago.  This fact does not bode well for the outcome of this saga as the folks who come through the UoChicago university system (which is a veritable hotbed of Neocon philosophers and politicos, strategists and tacticians) are completely mind-controlled to do whatever is asked of them, unquestioningly.

Another personal tidbit about Comey is that he is said to have a net worth of more than $11,000,000.[5]  Unless he married into big money, or inherited a lot from his parents, that a public service professional in law enforcement has amassed such a fortune is inconceivable.  If there is one line of inquiry well worth pursuing, “follow the money” is it!

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The following exposé is perhaps the only one on the Internet that reveals the true back story of Emailgate.  This essay puts together the various pieces of the puzzle, also known as Obama-Clinton-Bush criminal conspiracy, so that the much bigger picture is seen in living color and in great detail.

Why the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?


[1] Sicilian Mafia

[2] Martha Stewart

[3] James Comey


[5] James Comey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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