More Obama-HSBC Collusion: Obama Picked FBI Director Comey from HSBC Executives

Larouche | PAC

Not only is the Attorney General of the United States, Lorretta Lynch, the US Attorney who gave drug money laundering bank, HSBC, a free pass with a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, but the head of the FBI, James Comey, was plucked by Obama from a plum job at HSBC, which Comey took in January, 2013, just after HSBC got the deferred prosecution deal. Comey’s job for HSBC was as a leading member of the bank’s “Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee,” formed immediately after HSBC settled with the federal government for laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for the deadly Mexican drug cartels.

Get it? The Attorney General of the US and the head of the US FBI are both part of the deal that let HSBC off the hook.

In addition, Stuart Levey, Obama’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for administering sanctions against terrorist supporters and closing off terrorist and criminal money laundering left the Obama administration to become HSBC’s Chief Legal Officer, a top position in the London headquarters along with the board of Directors.

As reported in the EIR article, “Obama Kills Again: The Case of HSBC,”reported on Feb. 22 by the British Daily Mail, could blow open the secret findings of the “Monitor,” Michael Cherkasky,

The Mail says that Cherkasky’s findings could “In the worse case scenario” cause HSBC “lose its banking license in the US.” The paper says that HSBC’s annual report released last week “revealed that an independent monitor installed by the US government had flagged up significant concerns” about measures that HSBC is supposed to take to “fight crime.” Cherkasky “also refused to sign off on its efforts to improve compliance,” with US federal law, the Mail said.


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