Now We’re Talking, Bernie!

Novato, CA
May 21, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Will Bernie Sanders finally shut up folks like me who give him such
a hard time writing about how he could have won the presidency if
only he had run third party or had focused more on foreign policy or
criticized Hillary more vociferously, etc., etc?!?

I hope so! Even though that will prove me wrong in my analysis about
his campaign and the 2016 election, defeating Clinton is much more
desirable to me than having my ego stroked for being correct about
bad news.

We are getting very close to seeing the preordained Clinton vs. Bush
election of 2016 completely decimated. Trump easily dispatched Jeb in
the Republican primaries. Maybe, just maybe, Bernie can seal the deal
and take care of his part of that goal by defeating Hillary thus making all
those Washington political pundits look stupider than ever.

Relying on the momentum he has garnered from his string of victories
in recent primaries along with his undeniable popular support and the clear
dislike of Mrs. Clinton by a large percentage of Democratic voters, the
Vermont Senator is making her feel The Bern more than ever.

In his quest to get the Super Delegates to abandon Hillary and vote for him,
he wants to mobilize a large army of Berniacs to march on the Democratic
Convention in July.

Even without an indictment of the criminally vulnerable former Secretary of
State, it is getting less a matter of speculation and more a real possibility
that the Party bosses will ask her to bow out (play sick?) and go home.

If that happens then the political revolution that Sanders has been leading
can get bolder and start articulating policies that can induce Trump supporters
to give up on backing the boisterous billionaire and opt for the more humble
populist, Bernie Sanders.

This is the year in which anything is possible in politics. With perhaps a million
folks ready to send an unmistakable anti-establishment message to Debbie
Wasserman Schultz, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and Hillary herself, we might
be seeing the next step in the peaceful revolution many of us have longed for.

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