Why Highly Flawed ‘Minority’ Leaders Are Always Chosen To Greatly Advance The NWO Agenda

Women and minorities are routinely selected for 3 key positions in the US Gov’t

SOTN Editor’s Note:
There is a well-established pattern in both the election and appointment of key officials of the U.S. Federal Government, particularly since the false flag terror attacks of 9/11. This quite purposeful and calculated pattern concerns the strategic placement of selected minority figures in the most powerful political positions in America.  These individuals have all been carefully prepared to take the reins of leadership at critical points of U.S. history.  They are chosen primarily because of their willingness to follow whatever orders are given to them by their true NWO masters.

Just who is it that fits this deliberate pattern to the “T”?

The most egregious cases of this Minority Report are as follows:

Barack Hussein Obama — POTUS

The Obamanation: How One President Irreparably Destroyed The USA

Hillary Rodham Clinton — Secretary of State

HILLARY CLINTON: A Non-Stop, One Woman Crime Spree

Condoleezza “Condi”  Rice — Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice, Charged with War Crimes at Rutgers

Colin Luther Powell — Secretary of State

Colin Powell Lied to the UN: Following Orders Is No Excuse

Alberto Rodriguez Gonzales — Attorney General

Gonzales confirmed: war criminal to head US Justice Department

Janet Wood Reno — Attorney General

Janet Reno Was Responsible For The Branch Davidian Waco Massacre

Madeleine Korbel Albright — Secretary of State

There’s a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Madeleine Albright

Each of these individuals was specifically chosen to put a ‘minority’ face (smiley, disarming and naive) for the world-at-large to see.  In so doing heinous acts were perpetrated under their leadership which constitutes both flagrant war crimes and blatant crimes against humanity.  Each link under each name above clearly spells out the serial criminality which was fastidiously planned and permitted to occur during their respective terms.

Harvard Madness

Now we come to a lesser known individual who was also chosen because of her willingness to be used to foist corrupt and immoral decisions upon her organization.  Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust just signed an official letter which legitimizes a draconian policy being carried out with unusual fervor on the most prestigious college campus in the nation.  Truly, Faust (Drew Gilpin) must have made a pact with the devil himself in order to have agreed to the imposition of such a devilish scheme upon the Harvard student body.

Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend. He is a scholar who is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. The Faust legend has been the basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic, and musical works that have reinterpreted it through the ages. “Faust” and the adjective “Faustian” imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a delimited term.
(Source: Faust)

That a president of Harvard would spearhead such a despicable plot is as shocking as it is unbelievable.  Imposing institutional depravity on impressionable students in a manner that is both patently unconstitutional and obviously immoral must be dealt decisively. This woman ought to be ignominiously fired and barred from higher education for life.  All of her ultra-liberal co-conspirators should also be removed from their positions of academic power and political influence … post haste!

State of the Nation
May 7 2016

Author’s Note

The photos shown above also indict all the usual suspects — the Zionist NEOCON white guys — in the very same conspiracy to destroy the American Republic.  With that said, there is no intentional discrimination in this piece; just another critical perspective on how TPTB cynically use the pre-selected minority leaders to ‘blackwash’ the evil deeds of the never-ending NWO agenda.

Editor’s Note

The critical point here is that the NWO cabal is very good at identifying political animals who are the perfect YES-men and Yes-women, and who essentially have no conscience. Their inordinate desire to attain high positions of power and influence is always very strong, as is the self-perception that they have become very successful as in they have really arrived.  All of the white guys pictured above also fall squarely into this pathological psychological profile.  They apparently have no qualms about perpetrating any wrongdoings or illicit behavior in the service of  a extremely perverse agenda.  All of them are carefully concealed psychopathic and criminally insane war criminals.

*   *   *

N.B. Why has SOTN taken to posting the middle name of each of the perps listed above? The following excerpt from What’s In a Middle Name? well explains this new policy as these United States of America begins to apprehend and arrest, convict and sentence, imprison and execute those who have committed so many heinous crimes against humanity.

The media has long been in the habit of referring to criminal wrongdoers by their first, middle and last names. Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy, and Caril Ann Fugate are some of the more familiar names. When a person has been arrested for allegedly murdering or abducting someone, his or her full name is announced in the press.
(Source: What’s In a Middle Name?)



Members of ‘unrecognized single-gender’ organizations to be penalized


Harvard University

Harvard University

Girls in fraternities and guys in sororities. And “gays” and lesbians in both. As well as transgenders. Together.

One might conclude that is Harvard’s ultimate objective after the ultra-progressive university on Friday announced the imposition of a politically correct blacklist of “single-sex” off-campus organizations.

A letter signed by Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust was posted online Friday by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education endorsing a strategy proposed by university official Rakesh Khurana. He proposes that any student who belongs to an “unrecognized single-gender social organization” will “not be eligible to hold leadership positions in recognized student organizations or athletic teams.”

Khurana contends it’s critical that Harvard students be in a community with multiple “genders, gender identity and sexual orientation.”

Violators also would be deprived of any “dean’s endorsement letters for those fellowships that require such endorsements.”

The education rights group FIRE described the PC policy as a “stunning attack on freedom of association.”

The blacklist of students will prevent them from “Rhodes and Marshall scholarships and [have them] banned from leadership of on-campus organizations or athletic teams,” the organization said.

It pointedly noted that the exclusion policy is being pursued in the name of fostering “inclusion.”

But the organizations are off-campus and not recognized or supported by the university, making the policy a vast control mechanism for students’ lives off campus.

“According to Dean Rakesh Khurana, who recommended the changes, such organizations have been independent from Harvard since 1984. They operate as off-campus entities and do not receive any recognition or benefit from the university,” the organization’s report said.

“Outrageously, Harvard has decided that 2016 is the right time to revive the blacklist,” said Robert Shibley, executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which fights for freedom of association on campus.

“This year’s undesirables are members of off-campus clubs that don’t match Harvard’s political preferences. In the 1950s, perhaps Communists would have been excluded. I had hoped that universities were past the point of asking people, ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a group we don’t like?’ Sadly, they are not.”

Harvey Silverglate, a Harvard Law alumnus and FIRE’s civil liberties lawyer, took up the criticism.

“Harvard’s decision simply demonstrates that it is willing to sacrifice students’ basic freedom of association to the whims of whoever occupies the administrative suites today,” he said.

“Who’s to say that Harvard’s leaders five years from now won’t decide that Catholics or Republicans should be blacklisted because they might not line up with Harvard’s preferred values?”

The organization said it was preparing a formal response to the school’s plans.

In the meantime, it suggested those concerned send comments to Harvard.

WND’s request to Faust for comment did not generate a response.

Her letter said: “We have been forcefully reminded that diversity is not equivalent to inclusion and belonging, and we have rededicated ourselves to achieving a campus where all members fully belong and thrive. For us to make progress on this shared endeavor, we must address deeply rooted gender attitudes, and the related issues of sexual misconduct.”

She said a “truly inclusive community requires that students have the opportunity to participate in the life of the campus free from exclusion on arbitrary grounds.”

“Although the fraternities, sororities, and final clubs are not formally recognized by the college, they play an unmistakable and growing role in student life, in many cases enacting forms of privilege and exclusion at odds with our deepest values.”

Faust said the university “must determine for itself the structure of activities that it funds or endorses (including through fellowship recommendations from the dean), or that otherwise occur under its auspices.”

The recommendation letter from Khurana said it was important that the school maintain restrictions on associations for its students, so that the results are “consonant with its core value of non-discrimination and of fostering a diverse community where students are educated through experiences with individuals of different genders, gender identity, sexual orientation, and racial and ethnic background.”

Memberships in blacklisted organizations will be used to determine what the university “funds, sponsors, endorses or otherwise operates under its name.”


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