It’s Time For Bernie To Go For The Jugular!

Windsor, CA
May 3, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Sanders has positioned himself to win the Democratic nomination
by virtue of demonstrating that Hillary is a weak candidate.

His apparent victory in Indiana today underscores the limited appeal
of Clinton to traditional party voters.

Trump is correct for pointing out that her main attraction is her
gender. Hillary has enormous baggage including a poor record
as Secretary of State, an attitude of entitlement and a litany of
scandals that will haunt her into the White House if she can
somehow endure the onslaught of Trump’s attacks.

Although I have been highly critical of Sanders failure to go after
his rival for her e-mail problems and to virtually ignore the domain
of foreign policy that undermines the deteriorating economic
problems we face here at home, the time has come for him to
show he has what it takes to be President.

Sanders needs to show toughness and durability by going for the jugular against Mrs. Clinton and outlining to the remaining voters in California and elsewhere as well as to all the Super Delegates (SDs) that he should be their man against Trump.

If he can somehow keep winning and prevent Hillary from capturing enough delegates to take the nomination outright, he can make his case to the SDs that they should abandon Hillary and go for him.


It is a gutsy and high risk approach that will guarantee him the
wrath of the party elders who abhor rocking the boat. But there
is a revolution to be won and if Sanders wants to lead the charge,
he has to be willing to go all-in, pedal-to-the-metal and really tell
it like it is!

Only that way can Hillary truly feel the Bern and only that way can
Sanders hope to appeal to all the potential Trump voters who also
hate the establishment but need a viable alternative to Hillary before
they will reject the upstart billionaire.

The ball is now clearly in Bernie’s court especially since if he fails
as a Democrat, he retains his third-party option.

This remains the most interesting presidential election in decades.
With six months, two conventions, a general election and who knows
what else that might happen, we are a long way from deciding who
will be the next POTUS!


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