Third Party Bernie!?!

Rohnert Park, CA
April 29, 2016

by Rich Scheck

It’s time for Bernie Sanders finally to do the right thing and run as a
third-party candidate for President!

As Dave Lindorff so clearly states in his recent essay, for Sanders to
now endorse Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee will constitute
a betrayal of the nearly 10 million people who have voted for him.

The 2016 election was destined to be the year for a new political party
to emerge out of the rubble and corruption of the two existing ones.

Instead of one unified force bridging the common ground between the
Tea Party right and the Occupy Wall Street left, we instead have two
insurgencies within each established party.

This merely reinforces the divide and conquer strategy that may well
prevent the long-overdue triumph of the disaffected who showed their
strength in 1992 with the Perot campaign.

Had Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders had the foresight—and humility—to see the value of merging their followers to achieve the peaceful political revolution they both tout, there would be reason for optimism right now.

Instead, the current situation is highly volatile and uncertain. Both conventions could see turmoil and collapse with splinter groups
revolting against Hillary and Donald.

If Sanders does opt to take the high road and say no to the profoundly corrupt Mrs. Clinton, then his many supporters will cheer with delight as Lindorff describes.

That decision will almost definitely put a halt to any plans of Jesse Ventura to run as a Libertarian. As an additional bonus, many Trump backers and Independents may also join his cause, especially if Sanders makes clear the connection between our country’s economic woes and our wars of aggression.

I have been highly critical of Sanders for failing to follow the example of previous White House aspirants such as Eugene Debs, Gene McCarthy and Mike Gravel who have stood up to the neo-liberal interventionists who dominate the Democratic Party and who offer slim difference from their neocon colleagues among Republicans.

Even his own security advisor has stated that he should have been more assertive against Hillary’s poor record as Secretary of State as well as her e-mail server scandal.

But that is then and this is now: Sanders has the possibility of forging a union between the disparate groups constituting the majority of the American electorate.

If he succeeds in doing so, he not only has the chance of making history; he has the opportunity to win the election and bring about
lasting change.


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