Open Letter To Gordon Davidson Regarding Hillary Clinton

San Rafael, CA
April 23, 2016

Dear Gordon:

I have followed the career of you and your lovely
wife, Corinne McLaughlin, for years and was in attendance last
night at your Earth Day talk at the Marin School.

Both you and the assembled group seem to be decent, well-meaning
folks. But your comments about Hillary Clinton still have me upset
more than 12 hours after the meeting ended.

To declare her as “the person most able to unify the country” is truly
beyond the pale. It misses the mark by a wide margin about this
divisive public figure and constitutes an outrage that I feel compelled
to address.

I invite you to study the “short” list of articles below and to reconsider
some of the things you said about her.

For you or Mrs. Clinton or anyone to believe that all the scandals she
has faced over the decades are a result of some “right-wing conspiracy”
or because she is a “woman” borders on the delusional.

To take comfort in the remark by Jill Abramson that the many charges
against her over the year constitute merely “political baggage” is to
indulge in a level of confirmation bias so extreme as to be irresponsible.

I am writing you in good faith because I share your deep concern
about the future of our country. You and your group seemed very
aware of the “cabal” of Neocons and globalists who have done so
much damage to our world.

Yet it is these same folks in the “cabal” who are eager to see Hillary
become president!

I could go on much longer and provide endless references including
the remarks of her boss during Watergate, Liberal Democrat, Jerry
Zeifman, who fired her! But I will spare you that.

Please take the time to review this material and discuss it openly.

Sincerely yours, Rich Scheck


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