George Clooney Outs Himself as an NWO Pitchman and Shill for the 1%

Why else did Clooney join the Council on Foreign Relations?
The actor has been practicing to be a Democratic “Ronald Reagan” since day one.


State of the Nation

Clooney Wants To Run For President So Bad
He’ll Do Just About Anything To Get In The Oval Office

George Clooney has been seriously developing his political skills of prevarication and dissembling, sophistry and double-talking. The following headline is just one of many examples which have occurred where George’s own words show him to be a man of prodigious political talents.  The display of sheer hypocrisy is truly stunning as it is for almost every politician of national stature.

George Clooney lambastes big money in politics after hosting $353k Clinton fundraisers

In just a short time since getting married, Clooney has been trying to impress upon the world that he believes that he really is presidential material.   He appears to cast himself as a Democratic version of Ronald Reagan.  His famous and beautiful wife has quite strategically taken on a number of very high profile legal cases in her law practice which only contributes to them both being seen as a power couple.

Carries water for all the right politicos no matter what they did

Not only was Clooney a dyed-in-the-wool Obamabot, he is also a hardcore Clintonista. In fact, good ole George is even a member of the notorious Council on Foreign Relations.[1]  It’s almost as though he has spent his whole career as an actor preparing for his greatest role— a future POTUS. The following photo-op with Obama makes him look even more presidential than the sitting president.

George Clooney: Foreign Affairs Buff

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.22.39 PM

Like so many politicians these days Clooney seems to be particularly confused about his faith and belief (or lack thereof) in God.  Washington D.C. is clearly a place where very few politicians believe in God and, if they do, they certainly don’t act like it.  In this regard he ought to fit right in should he ever be elected to high office.

Clooney was raised a strict Roman Catholic, but said in 2006 that he does not know if he believes in Heaven, or even God.[1]

One wonders whether George Clooney has harbored presidential aspirations all his life, or whether those aspirations have been carefully cultivated by his masters like so many other U.S. presidents.  It’s now obvious that, with the glaring exception of Donald Trump, no one ever just wants to be president when they grow up.  And even if they did, they would be trained and mentored from a young and tender age to at the very least pretend to be president.

Many world events have now demonstrated — repeatedly — that wherever there’s a staged crisis, the crisis actors are right on site acting out their assigned roles.  It’s also true for the political sphere of life.  Even though many have rightly called the American political class an incorrigible group of very bad actors, most politicians instinctively know that they must closely follow the script given to then by their true masters—their respective politcal parties, the big campaign donors and other clandestine overlords.  This is a hard fact of life in the political arena throughout the USA.

       George Clooney should stick to acting

Clearly Clooney has been directed throughout his time in Hollywood to embrace all the right causes and pursue all the politically correct missions.  His resume seems to be picture perfect for one with lofty political goals.  The Wikipedia screenshot below delineates all the tickets that he has painstakingly punched over several years now.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.43.44 PM

However, he appears to be blinded to the true job requirements in D.C.  Where acting may come easy to him, political acting is a whole different story.  His ardent backing and supportive comments of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy reveal that he is in way over his head … as well as quite ignorant of the facts.  As follows:

But the actor [George Clooney] said he is supporting Clinton because of his admiration of her work as Secretary of State[2]

Apparently, Clooney is unaware that Clinton was directly responsible for the disaster that Libya has become after she substantially contributed to the U.S. military invasion conducted by Obama.  (That’s what Benghazigate was all about.)  Does he know that Secretary of State Clinton uttered the following statement about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi after he was brutally killed by American proxies?

“We Came, We Saw, He Died”

(Source: Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes)

George is also clueless about Clinton’s role in the unlawful invasion of Syria to oust the democratically elected President Bashar al-Assad.  Perhaps Clooney ought to read the following back story in Syria of which Hillary is directly responsible for.  It is a sobering account that would make even an actor cry genuine tears.

The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus

Then there is the ongoing and unparalleled FBI investigation of a former Secretary of State (SOS). Can Clooney also be so unaware of the greatest SOS scandal in U.S. history variously known as Emailgate and Servergate?  Running what was effectively a parallel government out of her home in close collaboration with husband Bill’s non-profit Clinton Foundation is quite a serious matter that has yet to be revealed to the American people.

Perhaps George just prefers to look the other way concerning all of these scandals and fiascos, disasters and wrongdoings.  We know he has done the same regarding the two Obama terms.  Maybe he ought to read the following “Open Letter” that was sent to the president, who, by the way, never even presented a valid or legal birth certificate to the American people.

The Obamanation: How One President Irreparably Destroyed The USA


After reading that “Open Letter”, George ought to be well aware that the same could be written about him should his political aspirations be realized.

Surely George Clooney knows by now that he will be used by the very same dubious characters to promote the very same NWO agenda that Obama has pitched for almost 8 years.  In his future role as POTUS he would also be expected to maintain the same perpetual war economy that is the cornerstone of the New World Order.

Therefore, one really wonders why George is so determined to force-fit himself into a high political office which really does not fit him.  Neither his lifelong principles nor his genuine values are served in any way by assuming the office of the POTUS.  In fact, a stint as POTUS would irreparably ruin him for the rest of this lifetime.

Please wake up, George, before you advance your political plans to the point of no return.  Truly, you will be much happier in life making a lot of “B” movies.

State of the Nation
April 18, 2016

Editor’s Note

George Clooney is not one of them.  However, they are grooming him to be one of them.  They are doing what they always do—appealing to his ego so that he eventually abandons his true self, and everything he stands for.  He really does stand for a lot of good things, just like Ronald Reagan did.  Then all that’s left is the stealthily manicured image to be used by the NWO ruling cabal to create their One World Government.  What follows is a perfect example of how they have already been using the Clooney image.

Meet The Newest Enemy Of Your Financial Privacy: George Clooney


[1] George Clooney

[2] Hosting Clinton Fundraisers, Clooney Decries Political Cash


Amnesty International, George Clooney and the Bidding of Empire

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