New Formula For Political Success: V + TG=Infinity!

Novato, CA
April 12, 2016

by Ritchie Gemini

Einstein would be proud!

A researcher in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has discovered a new mathematical
formula for political success.

Derived from Scheck’s Theory that V= t(trump) + s(sanders), the new theory blends in
the TG factor (for Tulsi Gabbard) and gets election results that add up to………infinity!

That’s right: for those of you who are already familiar with Rich Scheck’s theory that
Jesse Ventura is the true populist in this election cycle, an important addition has been
added by this mysterious social scientist from the Wolverine State who has enormous
respect for the young Hawaiian Congresswoman and Iraq War veteran, Tulsi Gabbard.

The math is quite simple. Whereas Scheck states that V=t + s, Mr. Michigan says that V + TG=Infinity!

Respect for Gabbard is totally justified based on her record of bravery in the military and in the political arena where she has spoken truth to power against the Military Industrial Complex. She also challenged the leadership of her party by defying the pandering of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others who favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Sure she’s currently backing Sanders because Hillary is a hawk. But it is Gabbard who
speaks about the evils of war in ways Bernie never does:

The “infinity factor” becomes clearer when one looks closely at the persona of this
lovely lady from the outer reaches of the United States. Since the country is more than
ready for the “right” woman to be president, Gabbard surely qualifies by virtue of her age
(the constitutional minimum of 35), her leadership qualities, her courage and her
willingness to speak truth to power in the key area of foreign policy.

This exchange alone with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer should make every decent and knowledgeable voter eager to pull the lever for her should she agree to run as Ventura’s vice presidential nominee on a potential third-party ticket.

Rumor has it that the shy academic who came up with this equation has NOT been
influenced by the fact that Gabbard would generally be considered a “beauty” by
conventional standards………….. but this writer suspects that he is.

In any case, we now have a formula for success in this new realm of political
mathematics: V (Ventura) + TG (Tulsi Gabbard)=Infinity (or the sky is possibly the
limit at the polling booths this November!)

In the already amazing 2016 presidential election cycle, this new infusion of a scientific
perspective is bound to trigger even greater interest in the months ahead!

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