VENTURA = trump + sanders

Petaluma, CA
April 12, 2016

by Rich Scheck

A true populist is out there waiting to take back America!

His name is Jesse Ventura. He is an imperfect but colorful citizen of our
great country who embodies the full sense of outrage reflected in the
campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Like Trump, he is a showman but one who lacks The Donalds narcissism
and propensity to needlessly alienate countless groups of people.

Like Sanders, he is a man of the people. But unlike the Vermont Senator,
he is willing to step up boldly against the military-industrial complex to
challenge their imperial ways.

A brief review of Ventura’s recent short manifesto tells one all they need to
know about what kind of person and what kind of leader he is:

Ventura has hinted for months he is poised to run as an Independent or on
the Libertarian Party ticket. He says he is waiting for the public to become
completely exhausted by the shenanigans of the two major parties before
he announces his candidacy.

With all the coin flips, lying texts, Super delegate manipulations, convention
rule changes and now the disenfranchisement of a million Colorado voters,
that time may be drawing near.

We can be sure a President Ventura will not “go in search of monsters to
destroy” overseas. So his foreign policy will avoid the folly of endless wars
and interventions that have marked all the neocon dominated administrations
since the end of the Cold War.

Trump hints that he will constrain NATO and adopt such an approach. But
with him, little is certain especially considering his other war-like statements.

Sanders implies he is antiwar. Other than his one vote 13 years ago against
attacking Iraq, his record on this issue is weak.

Ventura will likely go after Wall Street and the banksters by prosecuting law-
breakers and tax-avoiders and strongly oppose trade deals like the TPP.

Unlike Sanders, the Socialist, Ventura will not make all kinds of promises that
the government cannot afford and is unlikely to keep.

Ventura is the true populist among the three. He is not a billionaire businessman
ready to exploit the disaffected masses or some ideologue appealing to the dreams
of the young or the fears of the old.

Is he perfect? NO! Compared to the remaining White House hopefuls, he will be
a breath of fresh air radiating honesty and authenticity while articulating the felt
needs of those disgusted by the political establishment.

Please read this again and see why the prospect of a Ventura presidency should
resonate far more with the American electorate than the bully Trump or the timid

Run, Jesse, Run: Vote Ventura in 2016!!

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