Is Bernie Sanders Merely The Pied Piper of the New World Order?

Carlsbad, CA
March 31, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Bernie Sanders is making lots of promises he will not be able to keep!

His appeal to America’s youth is understandable considering the failure of our
current leaders as well as the nature of the expectations his policies create.

But, the historical record of socialism is dismal. And the dire financial condition
of the country will not support his ambitious plans.

Taxing Wall Street and the rich sounds good but is likely to destroy jobs while
providing only modest increases in revenue for the government.

And, by failing to be aggressive in challenging the Military-Industrial Complex
that supports America’s imperial foreign policy, Sanders implicitly embraces the
true agenda of the 1% that has done more to destroy this country than anything else.

Sanders needs to remind our youth that “War Is A Racket” as Smedley Butler
taught us years ago where the old profit from sending the young off to war to
kill and plunder on their behalf:

That is something Tulsi Gabbard understands deeply and should continually remind
the Vermont Senator whom she has endorsed for president.

The next generation of Americans is facing a disastrous future with weak national
leadership choices in 2016. Today’s young must insist that Bernie Sanders be more
than merely a pied-piper for the New World Order and promote a workable vision of
the future that they can support.

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