World War 3 is about to Begin: 120 Countries Amassing Troops! (MEDIA BLACKOUT)

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Yes, the headline above may sound rather sensational … except that it’s true, grimly true. The recent ceasefire was only negotiated so that the NATO military bloc could move their armaments and personnel into the Levant theater of war.

There are numerous investigative reports on the Internet which have confirmed the content of the following video.  Clearly, the sides have been taken and the battlefield is being painstakingly set up by those military powers that have a substantive stake in the Middle East.  That would be a stake in oil and gas reserves especially, but also in strategic geopolitical territory.

The Anglo-American Axis and their ISIS, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda allies have flooded the Mideast region with their countless mercenary proxies and terrorist surrogates.  Likewise, the BRICS-allied nations have taken major initiatives to protect the sovereignty of Syria.  In so doing the Syrian landscape, airscape and surrounding seascape now look like the epic Mahabharata War that was waged on the legendary battleground of Kurukshetra in Indian.  Yes this conflict is that HUGE, and getting bigger by the day.

Quite interestingly, the Mahabharata War was an 18 days war which saw nuclear-type weapons used.  It was also was preceded by many decades of intense conflicts just like the Mideast has experienced for the past hundred years.  In the end there was nothing left but utter devastation, and a few victors who survived to tell of the actual war.  Truly, it was a war to end all wars of that era—the final end of the Bronze Age.

State of the Nation

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