Mitch McConnell: Your Vote Doesn’t Count!

Windsor, CA
February 27, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Thank you Mitch McConnell for reminding everyone that
their votes don’t count!

Like George Carlin said years ago, if voting mattered,
“they” wouldn’t let you do it.

I wish I were as funny as the late, great comedian.
But there is nothing humorous about this:

McConnell is announcing to the entire world that he
is willing to subvert the democratic process and reject
the nomination of Donald Trump should the flamboyant
New York realtor capture enough delegates to earn
that position.

In other words, the Senate Majority leader is confirming everything that is true about how citizens feel about the RINOs and DINOs in Washington whom they have come to distrust so deeply.

The very reason Trump as well as his potential Democratic rival is so popular is that they represent the rejection by the electorate of the established leadership of both major parties.

For those of us who have long promoted the viability and
propriety of a new political party, this a wonderful moment
since both the existing parties are close to self-destruction.

Anyone witnessing the recent circus of Republican
hopefuls supposedly debating the issues of the day
were privy to the equivalent of a food fight by those
seeking to be entrusted with the nuclear football.

And with coin flips and super delegates posing a
threat to the legitimacy of the Democratic primary fight,
they, too, are seeing the revolt against the establishment
at risk of being thwarted by powerful insiders.

The present situation constitutes the continuation of
the long simmering rebellion first seen in 1992 with
the candidacy of Ross Perot who garnered an amazing
20% of the vote despite entering the race only 9 months
prior to election day and after having mysteriously dropped
out for 3 months before returning for the debates with
Clinton and Daddy Bush. Amazing!

Then we saw the Ron Paul Liberty Movement that was
stymied by establishment party rules when the Texas
Congressman chose to run as a Republican.

What we have now are two third parties vying to capture
the existing parties because it is so convoluted to begin
a new one. Trump is not a Republican: he is essentially
a Populist/Libertarian. And Bernie Sanders is a Socialist,
not a Democrat.

So the “Occupy Wall Street” Socialists are squaring off
against “The Tea Party Populists under cover of the
traditional party structures. Interesting but very divisive!

What we need today is a new party that unites these two
anti-establishment groups based on a shared, limited
agenda such as the proposed American Peace Party.

An excellent example of what APP would prevent is the wasteful
expenditure of a TRILLION DOLLARS of our precious tax money
on new nukes. That is an issue that could unite millions on the
left and right.


So, once again, a big thank you to Mitch McConnell for
graphically demonstrating the bankruptcy of our current
system and the urgent need for a replacement such as
The American Peace Party.

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