Don’t Vote For Either Donald Or Hillary!

Rohnert Park, CA
February 25, 2016

by Rich Scheck

The following article represents the paucity of thinking
among most contemporary political pundits:

The author presents a false choice and goes on to justify
his limited perspective by saying he would choose to vote
for Hillary Clinton because Trump is worse.

This “lesser of two evils” mentality is the reason we find
ourselves in our current mess.

Both parties are profoundly corrupt and no leader can
save them at this time. And the fact that they keep
generating such weak candidates to lead them in the
presidential election each year is only part of the reason
why they are pathetic.

The solution to the above dilemma is to eschew voting for either Hillary or Trump, i. e. avoid voting Republican or Democratic. Period! End of sentence! Done!

How about folks selecting the person and the party they truly want? I know: what a concept!?!

Most countries have many, many parties to pick from and survive despite—or because–of such an approach.

What is particularly discouraging about the author’s position is that it comes from an erstwhile conservative, someone who is supposed to believe in competition and business innovation.

Did it not somehow enter the guy’s brain to start his own
party? Is he really a conservative or just someone who
has a false consciousness that allows him to think that by
adopting the Republican label, he can skip the critical
thinking required to deal with complex problems?

Whatever the answer to that question, the answer to the
problem he describes is really quite simple: avoid voting
for either of the two evil people presented and vote for
someone else. Vote for one of the many current third-party
candidates on the ballot and distance yourself from any
association with the false left right paradigm coughed up
to the voters every four years.

Say NO to the current system! Write-in the name of your
best friend or none-of-the above. Stay home and boycott
the election. Call your friends and tell them to do the same!

But if none of that resonates with you, then just go out
and create your own party: “find the niche and fill it” like
a true (conservative) business person!

So what if that leaves the White House in the hands of
someone you hate like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
Big deal: that’s what you get anyway so why bother
wasting your valuable time and energy on someone you
know is going to lose despite your efforts.

The best example of that this year is Bernie Sanders.
Bernie is adored by his millions of followers. Yet it has
been crystal clear for a very long time that he was never
going to get the Democratic nomination. Besides the
fact that he isn’t even a Democrat, Sanders had too many
barriers to overcome just to defeat Hillary much less the
Republican choice in the fall.

So very decent, caring folks knocked themselves out for
months and are now faced with the grim reality that in a
few days it will be all over. What a total waste to make
some sort of statement that they care and that they at
least “tried!”

To that I say: Bullshit! You fooled yourself. You were
either too deluded or too lazy to do what it takes to change
things in a way consistent with your authentic self.

Now these folks will be stuck with the corrupt, baggage-
ridden Hillary Clinton as their choice. Her only “legitimate”
claim for the job is that it is time for a woman to have a
shot at the Oval Office.

Even if you are down with that, she presents such a
pathetic pick that many will decide to stay home in
frustration rather than hold their nose and vote for her.

How sad. I invite everyone to read your history books
and remember a guy named Lincoln whom many label
as the best President of all. He was the nominee of the
newly formed Republican Party that started only a few
years earlier in Ripon, Wisconsin.

Wow: who knew? Well, a few of us did. And a few of
us have spent years in the wilderness praying that enough
Americans would wake up and see how bad things are in |our political process.

In a bizarre fashion, this was the year that happened.
The Tea Party wing has captured a big part of the
Republican Party so that their nominee will not be a true
Republican. Similarly, The Occupy Wall Street wing has
captured a big chunk of the Democratic vote although
will likely lack the same level of success.

So we have two third parties kinda running against each
other without them having formal status and being stuck
with the corrupt, old label they pour their new wine into.

Again, very sad and a waste of energy. How much more
satisfying to work for something you truly believe in. How
much more intelligent to create an entity you believe in
that reflects your values rather than the values attached
to an entity many find abhorrent.

That is what Webster Tarpley has done with his Tax Wall
Street Party. They are not going to win any elections in
the near future but have the satisfaction of being true to
their values.

So I will end this little lecture by repeating myself: please
get off your butt; stop complaining about having to vote
for the lesser-of-two-evils; and work to create something
that is the better-of-two goods so the country has a choice they can be proud of.

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