It’s Time For 9/11 Truth

February 17, 2016
Santa Rosa, CA

by Rich Scheck

Even if he doesn’t win the nomination or the presidency, Donald Trump
should embrace the label of 9/11 truther proudly and do everything he
possibly can to tell the world what really happened on that fateful day.

When someone like his opponent, Jeb Bush, attempts to insult him by
calling him “a border-line-9/11-truther” Trump should respond boldly by
saying: “I guess that makes you a 9/11-liar!”

That can drive the point home that the Bush family has a lot to hide,
not just about 9/11, but about being a decades old crime family:

The country is in a mess and things are getting worse. One of the main
reasons for this is government secrecy that provides cover for the many
lies used to manipulate the public into supporting wars of aggression
around the planet that they can justify by blaming someone else.

It’s called a false flag event, a well-established technique used countless
times in history by those intent on obtaining and maintaining power.

Few in public life are courageous enough to challenge the alleged
perpetrators of these treasonous acts. Even the few in Congress like
Walter Jones, Steven Lynch and Rand Paul who call for the release of
the 28 redacted pages from the 2002 Senate Intelligence Report on 9/11
abstain from reading it into the Congressional Record.

Trump has brought the issue into the open in response to Jeb’s stupid claim
that “my brother kept us safe!” Not really, Governor!

Now he has a unique opportunity to help rewrite history and provide a more
truthful narrative to replace the lie-ridden one that emerged years ago.

It’s long past time for 9/11 Truth!


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