Message To Those Who Hate The Donald

Sonoma, CA
February 14, 2016

By Rich Scheck

Donald Trump is an easy man to dislike!

He is un-endingly self-promotional, i .e narcissistic.
He has an enormous ego and is VERY thin skinned.

He is so insecure on some level that he needs to flash
his name all over the place, like a teenager.

He is bossy, authoritarian and often crude.

I could go on, but I think you get the point and
probably agree.

Trump is definitely not my first choice for President.
As things now stand, he is not even on my short list
of whom I would ideally like to see running the
country during this time of extreme crises.

BUT, because we live in a country run by two
totally corrupt parties who have bankrupted our
nation economically, politically and morally while
leading us down the road to endless wars, and
because only a handful of people currently have
even a slight chance of being the next Commander-
in-Chief, I am forced to focus on the only one who
ever says the things I want to hear.

Trump fits that bill in the key area of my concern:
foreign policy and national security!

He is willing to say George Bush lied us into war!

Bush did lie and everyone knows it. Yet Trump is
the only Republican now left in the race who has
the guts to state the obvious.

That is why many Americans will support him and
why many of us who would otherwise find this loud-
mouth, self-serving, son-of-a-bitch unacceptable,
instead find him a refreshing addition to the current
election campaign.

Bleeding-heart Bernie won’t say it. He meekly says
he voted against the Iraq invasion (YES!) and then
goes on to support every intervention and abuse of
the war powers since 2003 along with Hillary Clinton
and a large percentage of the Congress.

Trump also has the cojones to mention 9/11 and raise
the possibility for those who reject the official explanation
that provided the pretext for invading Iraq that we may
one day learn the truth of what really happened.

Trump also is the only candidate who may reside in the
White House next January “sane” enough to say anything
encouraging about how to deal with Putin.

The rest, including Sanders, have bought into the
Neocon-inspired demonization of the Russians bringing
us decidedly into a new Cold War and possibly into a
Third World War if things continue down the path we are
on in Syria, Ukraine, the South China Sea and elsewhere.

So considering how things now stand, I am pleased
when someone running for president can boldly take
on the leadership of both parties who have mindlessly
supported these expensive, criminal adventures in
search of Pax Americana and full-spectrum dominance.

What an incredible irony that the chauvinistic Trump is
the only one articulating the kind of “humble” foreign policy
that some folks might remember Bush, Jr. promising us back
in 2001.

Will The Donald make the same mistakes and forget his
own promises? Very possibly. But during such dark
times, and with so few rays of hope to cling to from this
group of political losers, I am open to him somehow
prevailing in this election.

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