Sanders vs Trump

Rohnert Park, CA
February 12, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Please pay close attention, folks: I NEVER hear Bernie say anything like this from Trump:

Unlike, Trump—narcissist that he may be—Sanders never created a job in
his life (me either, friends)!

Minorities and many Democrats will vote for him in the general election
because they respect his forthrightness, apparent authenticity, guts
in challenging the establishment AND their belief (HOPE!?!) that he
will create enough decent jobs “To Make America Great Again!”

Yup, it’s Hope and Change all over again but this time from a successful
businessman who has a proven track record in that arena and who knows
it’s still The Economy Stupid!

Unlike Obama, the social worker/lawyer from Chicago, who only prospered
on the government tit, The Donald’s words go beyond a mere campaign
promise to the prospect of real change and real economic growth.

Will he succeed? Possibly not! Is he authoritarian and bossy? Absolutely!
Does he fully understand the Constitution and niceties of civil liberties in a free society?Not yet………..but We The People will show him the way if he gets tyrannical in the White House.

Remember, even FDR got his hand slapped a few times during his early
years when he wanted to pack the Supreme Court and attempted to create
too many government agencies to deal with the Depression.

In a free society, where the People are Sovereign, it will be our job to make
sure The President is reminded he is not a King. That is where Congress
has consistently fallen short in recent years, especially regarding its war
powers and why I am so encouraged by the above statement from Trump.

Sanders may believe the same is true but he fails to emphasize the devastating
impact war has had on the economy where the corporate interests and bankers
who benefit from the military-industrial-intelligence complex thrive while most
of the rest of us get to fight their wars and pay for it at the same time.

Jesse Ventura understands this process:
So does Pat Buchanan:

Why can’t Sanders step up boldly and shout it to the heavens: No More
Stupid, Illegal Wars Based on Lies!?!” Donald is willing to work with
Putin to avoid further escalation and deflecting the risks of more war.

But we hear little from Sanders on this urgent issue to assuage the Russians
who are understandably angry at NATO expansion and aggressiveness.

Sanders is too busy caught up in his Socialist agenda and his goal of taxing
the Rich (Wall Street) while falling far short of empowering the entrepreneurial
spirit that lies at the heart of the American vision of liberty.

Not only will he not fight the Establishment aggressively over foreign policy,
he shows little willingness to take on the Democratic Party which is out to steal
possible victory from him and hand the nomination to Hillary using coin
flips, Super-delegates and other election tricks.

It’s great promising folks free college, free health care, and even a free
phone a la Obama. But reality is a ruthless teacher: guns and butter did not
work for Johnson and it’s not likely to work for a President Sanders, either.

And make no doubt about it, our Nobel Peace Prize President has been
very good for the war-makers even if he is not the ideal version of what
a good Neocon hawk looks like:

Sanders refuses to challenge the President for these endeavors and meekly
apologized again during last night’s debate when Hillary struck a “low blow”
against him for his timid criticism of Obama. Does he secretly support these
imperial efforts based on lies or is Bernie just too timid to risk alienating the

Either way, he would appeal to more voters if he were bolder like Trump.

For all you Sanders enthusiasts, I say: Dream On! Hate Trump if you
like. He doesn’t care and either do his followers. But please pay close
attention to this: right now, he is the only viable hope for real change in
the totally corrupt and bankrupt political and financial system the next
President will inherit from the likes of Clinton, Bush and Obama!

And finally, what are the Sandernistas gonna do when Hillary and the DNC
succeed in stealing the nomination from him?

Do I hear the name Jesse Ventura getting louder?

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